SMAC Camp 2010

I’ll try to keep this post relative to the length of our camp, which somehow seems to be getting shorter every year, or so it seems. Anyway I was at least glad this year I had a camera to take photos with; much better than last year with my pathetic phone camera, which did it’s job relatively well. Our theme for this year’s camp was “The True King of Israel” – though this was not the actual camp title, this one sounds better. We looked at the book of 1 Samuel and our speaker this year was one Benjamin Ho who graduated from Trinity Grammar and previously went to St Paul’s Anglican along with Kenny and Billy.



My personal Friday began with lunch when Jie came and picked up Jacky and me for camp. We went down to Carlingford Village and ate at Hong Kong de Cafe (as per usual). I lose of track of who owes me money now, we always have a problem when it comes to paying the bill; and then in light of the mid-sem break last week I have completely forgotten who owes me money; I’m more certain that I am owed money rather than the other way round.


Anyway after lunch we walked around Carlingford Court, bought a bar of dark chocolate from Coles (which we didn’t end up eating by the end of camp which kind of sucks) and then we went to pick up Jess and Marcus because we were asked to take them at the very last second – how troublesome! Anyway their company was much appreciated; we pumped a variety of music while Jie drove, guided by his GPS, music from Backstreet Boys to Girls’ Generation. Jess was partially annoyed at the way we’d sing some English songs with an Asian accent.


The car trip took about an hour and a bit. As we got to the camp site, there was a gate blocking our way. We drove up to it. It didn’t open. We tried to give Jess (the co-ordinator) a call but she didn’t pick up – inconvenient. So we drove back to a McDonald’s we saw a couple of minutes back. We took a quick toilet break but didn’t buy anything to eat. Then we finally found out that the gate was automatic, although for some reason it didn’t open when we drove up to it. Regardless, we drove back and saw Ken’s car go past us; everyone was catching up. We got back to the gate and after driving a little closer to it, it actually opened T.T” Bad luck. Ken still mysteriously showed up 10 minutes after us.


We mucked around for a while until the sun set.


SAM_0641 (960x540) SAM_0650 (960x540)

Skip the food (it wasn’t anything special, but it was prepared by like 2 people which is fairly amazing), we began our night session around 8:15pm, about 45 minutes late. Some of the tech equipment wasn’t set up entirely well stage-wise but that would have to be fixed the next morning. We had our intro and then our first talk. Our speaker, Ben, decided to give the Old Testament Bible readings by depicting them in a video with some actors. He picked UNSW as the stage haha! The New Testament Bible readings were done by Athena, as usual.


Oh I missed a bit, we played a game (that we’ve played too much now) which involved getting into groups of people and having a specified number of certain body parts touching the floor; some number of arms, feet, head, etc. I took the chance to grab more photos:


SAM_0657 (960x540) SAM_0660 (960x540)


After the night session we finally settled down in our rooms. Luckily there was wireless here so we YouTube-ed a bit until around 12:30am and then we slept.



The Campsite

Okay now we can move onto the camp site itself. It was disappointingly smaller than our normal camp venue, Point Wolstoncroft; I forget why we’re here this year. The cabins were quite small and cramped which wasn’t all too pleasant. They were cramped in that there was little floor space to put stuff down and actually walk around the room on.


Toilets were quite appalling although I will say that they were better than the KCC ones, the showers at least had hot hot water and were fairly large, and weren’t like bug-infested overnight. But this was not the only “controversy”. I am of course talking about the gender inequality in how the cabins were distributed. At the back of the camp there was a block which was obviously newer, it had air conditioning and the toilets were located inside the building. The girls were offered their “luxurious palace” while we were given the tight-spaced cabins with a toilet block that we had to walk out to. The girl’s rooms were significantly more spacious; significantly. Well of course I’m not pleased, it’s quite unfair that half the campers had better treatment than others. It would be awkward to put everyone inside that nicer block, yes, but everyone could have been fit into our cramped cabins; there was easily enough rooms and beds, the guys didn’t even fill up half the camp site. And it would not be awkward to put guys and girls into the same block, because there were four sets of rooms (A to D) which then led to 3-4 more rooms; clearly our dodgy block was sectioned off in a well manner such that there shouldn’t be any guy-girl tension. I’d argue the same way if the situation had been reversed and we had gotten the better dorms. I’m happy to have a less comfortable room if it creates equality. Besides, these physical barriers I’ve suggested are exactly the case with our pervious camp venue.


Other than the the camp site was quite small, nobody else was there so we sort of had the entire area to ourselves. There was like children’s play equipment which we all mucked around on (see the swings in the photo above) but that may be because it was more of a venue for primary school camps, rather than teen-adult camps T.T” There was a main hall where we had our talks and games and such, fitted with a table tennis table, and a pool table, which was quite a nice addition to things we could do for fun. Naturally everyone made good use of these facilities.




To be continued…


next gen ‘10 – Friday

Last day. Our snorer funnily kept shifting his sleeping patterns so at times he was snoring lightly and other times he was snoring heavily. I still slept fairly decently. I think I’ll just quickly get through Friday without any subheadings.


Skip breakfast; morning session we had our final talk on Jeremiah which reminded us how generous God is and how the “story” ends with us having this promise which finds its fulfilment in Jesus and is something we can look forward to today.


Athena was nominated to do the Bible reading today, which was pretty awesome for her:



Couldn’t get a good shot of her, so I just aimed at the projector. She read over her passage last night, which was when she was asked to do it; she read it pretty well as should be expected of our weekly Bible reading girl.

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HK Chronicles: Part 3


Okay here’s the big section probably just on shopping. Firstly I will say that I didn’t really buy everything I had wanted to; but then it’s not like the list of what I want has an end. So what I managed to buy this time round was more than enough. Money-wise we didn’t spend all too much but dad did transfer over like $1.5K AUD over during like the last week.


Okay; the first and foremost topic related to shopping was travel. Since we lived in Tuen Mun, we are far away from like the rest of Hong Kong, which is a huge drag. Catching a bus to Tsuen Wan takes 30 minutes far out! So you can imagine what  it would be like to say get out to Mong Kok. So usually our days were long BECAUSE a lot of the time was spent travelling. I suppose this can help me get used to travelling to university Praise God for the MTR and Octopus cards; which when compared with Australia’s transport system, makes Australia look like a turtle flipped on its back. So even though travelling did take close to an hour, it would’ve surely taken two back in this country.


We mostly went out to Tsuen Wan to buy clothes and other houseware. Computing stuff I went down to Sham Sui Po and anime stuff at Mong Kok. I guess I sort of have like an entirely new wardrobe now; I’ve got like nearly at least 3 of every type of clothing: shirts (long-sleeved/short-sleeved), pants/trousers/jeans, jackets/hoodies. It’s hard buying clothes with my mum sort of because they have to meet her standards first before I’m allowed to make a purchase, which kind of sucks. And of course the counter problem is that I keep saying “no” to my mum when she tries to pick clothes for me; the old and the young have different tastes duh.


Funny how I myself was not contempt with the number of clothes I bought there; I think I’ve developed that shopaholic nature where it’ nearly became one purchase after another for me, not a good thing to pick up haha. But yeah I think I have enough new clothes; and if I don’t I will not buy any here until I go back to Hong Kong (obviously), since I’m near flat broke now T.T”


Apart from clothes I bought a few anime things, nothing particularly special; just random ornaments and plushies and other novelty anime-based items. I think I should’ve gone for one more plushie but then I was afraid that we’d run out of space in our luggage so I didn’t. But yes in the end there really was no more space so I guess a third plsuhie wouldn’t have fit anyway haha.


Tech-wise I have a new phone now, thanks to my uncle (the uber rich one and dad of the cousin closest to my age). He said he was trying to find this $1700 laptop (HKD btw) which was apparently made in Taiwan. But they had run out of stock when we came back so he got me the phone instead. But still, the hope that a $1700 HKD laptop exists is hard to believe, but I guess I trust his word. I also walked through that giant computer underground area in Sham Sui Po with my cousins; I didn’t really buy much but I guess that’s because I have no need for much stuff.


And well at this point it’s been two weeks since I’ve come back from Hong Kong and I’ve been so overloaded from university that I can’t remember what else I wanted to blog about  my trip to Hong Kong. I guess I wish I can go back again at the end of this year; hopefully after I get a job and have earned back something.and yeah next time round I’ll be more directed in what I want to do there, what I want to buy and stuff.



The Core

Actually,there is still one more thing I could talk about. My original purpose in going to Hong Kong was to get time apart to think on stuff. Well I didn’t get much of an opportunity to do so  But I think I can to a resolve after I came back. It’s not the result I wanted but I guess it’s the best course of action for now. Trying to figure out how to better my life; I can see that it’s very hard to and to do so would be to really put in like all of my energy which I know is a bad thing to do. Putting in my all at a time like this is fairly detrimental to my health.


First off I realize that the major burden in my life is my parents. As shameful as that is it is the truth and somehow I just don’t believe the fault lies with me. I know that’s arrogant thinking but this is the thought they imposed on me: that everything is always my fault and never theirs’. I can’t comprehend that type of logic and I guess they’re both becoming of age and are attaining senile logic which is messed up. But now as of Friday, tonight, I have worked out with justification that living in obedience and harmony to my parents is too rare to be possible and that it shouldn’t be a priority.


I remember my mum saying in Hong Kong that my dad said this when they got married: that he never had any intentions to have children and if they did, it would be m mum’s responsibility. And so therefore if my dad never wanted to be my father then I should do my best and change circumstances so that I do recognise him as my dad; if he’s going to have that attitude since the beginning then I’ll love him and let him have the consequence of it because it’s what he wants obviously.


And my mum, wow, her IQ is way below 100 and it just stuns me whenever a word comes out of her mouth. Tonight I told her that I needed to go to the city next Saturday to attend the child protection course which is necessary for my leadership role at church. What was her response? “What?! If you’re going to have to go to the city for that then just don’t be a leader anymore. What’s the point anyway? Just attend regular church and just leave it at that.” And it is finally now that I can confidently say she is a hypocrite as a Christian and hence neither of my parents are Christians and hence I never grew up in a Christian environment at home. Well I guess now you can look at me as a person who didn’t have much of a Christian upbringing except which I managed to attain myself; through no effort from my parents. What is this bulls*** of giving up my leadership role? My parents always work hard to shatter my interests, whether it be anime, games or even God as it seems.


Today I asked my dad to drive me home from Pennant Hills station at like 2:45pm. And he was like: “Nah I can’t be bothered, just wait and I’ll pick you up and then your bro from school.” Man I just wanted to get home and sleep and I get this lazy crap from him. It takes like 10 minutes to get to Normanhurst from my house by car, and yet he wanted to drive me all the way out there, wait for my bro and then drive home. I just wanted him to pick me up take me home and then go back out, was it too much to ask. “Oh no, I’m not making two trips.,” was his reply. And I also guess now that I have to learn to no longer depend on my parents for anything because frankly they are both hypocritical arrogant dicks who can’t do anything. To be obedient to them and do as they say is like suicide and yet to disobey is a sin against God; is God giving me a situation where sin is imminent?


Both my parents are very detrimental to my integrity in Christ. They always tempt me to sin by giving me stress, always making me feel bad and all. And my mum pestering me about my face everyday: “Omg Jason you have another pimple! Tsk tsk far out!” And it comes in day after day. And what does that create for me? A simple response: Yes I know I’m f***ing ugly alright! I know I’m so f***ing ugly that no-one can love me ever! and that is the mindset that gets instigated. All of that low self-esteem nature, all the negative thoughts and emotions in me, it’s clear now they all stem from these worthless human beings who claim to be my “parents” but hardly act like them. And what can I do?I shudder everytime I go home from school, knowing I’m going to come back to a place where within 5 minutes some old people can p*** me off majorly over something so small even Michael Jackson wouldn’t even consider “doing”.


But I want to break free from my parents’ grip. The only thing I feel I can do is try my best to lend support to people around me. I don’t like to boast about it but I do feel that I know, to a greater extent, what pain is and because I know how bad it feels,I don’t want to see the people I care about go through the same thing. I guess my resolve has always been that if I can’t live a happy life then I should try to give everyone else one. And so from this point on I still want to try and be as strong as I used to be, always putting on a smile, and always trying to lend as much support as I can. I would really hate to show weakness such as right now, but if I didn’t I would somehow break down crying in public and I can’t afford that.


I don’t know what I can do for others but I guess it I give my best into this then I might be able to leave an impact. But I guess I want to try and keep pressing on to give support even when I reach my limits because then to push past my limits simply means to be pushed over the edge, at which point hopefully my existence will become nothing more than a memory. I guess it’s hard to pretend everything is normal, and to fake it at times really tugs at the heart but I guess somehow I just want peace; and if I can only find it through death then I would rather die this way: supporting my friends as best as I can because even the Bible says that there is no greater love than when one lays his life down for his friends.

Double Take

Hmm…I think I should re-evaluate my first university experiences over the course of the entire week, as opposed to the first day. Having been through the first week I can see what university life is like now, and I can sort of project how future weeks will seem. So I think now would be a better time to put some real thoughts down.


First off, the whole waking up early concept is going to be a hassle over this semester; waking up at 6:15am every morning is far from cool. But purposely picked it knowing that I would have a hard first semester, but that I would also learn to get used to a “worst case scenario” so I can better adjust for future years. But yeah, it sucks having to wake up early because that means I need to sleep early; which therefore limits the amount of stuff I can do at night. But I suppose the heaviness of it all is also to do with the transport required. I’m looking at about 1.5 hours worth of travel time for one way, and just over an hour on the way back when it’s not peak hour. I’m glad I’m getting used to taking public transport because I never did during my high school years and hence I was nervous about it. And I suppose I’m getting used to being crammed on a train or a bus; it’s not so bad as long as you get a seat.


But anyway I guess my week was sort of like a rollercoaster; it started off well but then I hit a major down point by Wednesday but I guess now on Friday things picked up to where they were on Monday. I can’t believe that in the first week we were already expected to have done a fair amount of math homework from books that we have yet to buy. It’s not cool already being behind on the first week; and I still am but I estimate that I’ll catch up by this weekend so things aren’t as stressful. But earlier this week I was really heavily stressed by Wednesday because for three days, including Wednesday, I knew I wouldn’t have any time to do any sort of work, not even read over my lecture notes, or the course outline and stuff. I hadn’t a clue as to what I was to do at university so I was simply lost. And the reason why I didn’t have time was because I had church activities on for two nights straight, lasting 3 hours a night for two nights but simply killed off my entire night anyway. Having MLM on Tuesday and then Crossfire leadership on Wednesday really taxed on my working times at night. I kind of figured church would tax on my studying but somehow this week seemed so vitally important to me that I got stressed at forcing myself to attend these meetings even though somehow university became a higher priority for me during this week.


I think that the most important thing to think about is how you manage your time, and that means taking a stock of all your spare time, knowing that you need to devote some of it to studies. But think about it: you have your hours at university attending classes (for me that’s 18 a week); then you have idle hours spent on campus in between classes (for me that’s 6) plus your travelling time (that’s about 15 every week), sleeping time (30 hours for weekdays). and I guess after deducting other things then you can see how much time you have for leisure activities and stuff. I don’t have a job like others, although somehow my ministry at church counts as my job, shame there’s no income on it. So I am going to go through uni knowing I’ll be spending a major part of my spare time involved in church matters;I mean think about it: church coordinator, youth group leader, young adults group participant, and now RICE leader, I swear that’s more work than most other people have at the moment. But I won’t get the opportunity to tutor people for income I reckon; I don’t know. I’m still not sure how much time I can devote to another activity.


Anyway these were my primary concerns that stressed me out over the week. I didn’t have much problems finding my way around the campus even though I never went on the tours; but I guess now there’s less of a need to. I’m getting the hang of how we’re meant to learn here: it’s just sit through the lecture with notes and textbooks. Frankly with these additional sources to the lecture, I don’t really see a need to attend. I guess this is where the whole skipping lecture thing comes into play and I might consider doing it haha. Tutorials on the other hand aren’t much informative either in a sense; it’s more to do with everyone being involved in a discussion which isn’t too demanding I suppose. Well this is true for general university courses. However, I will testify that maths courses are slightly different. It’s all just math work all the time, even during tutorials; there’s no discussion. Tutorials for maths is more like telling your tutor which questions you want him/her to go through, that’s it. No discussion involved.


But other than that I can sort of estimate what my workload will be like so that’s why I’m slightly more relaxed at the moment. But I want to devote time to life outside of university; that’s why I joined clubs and such. Most of my other time is spent at CBS (Campus Bible Study) and through that I’ve met so many new people which unlike in lecture halls I’ve actually seen several times over the week. And then there’s the anime club (of which I shall become president over one day haha!) I’m not too involved because they aren’t running too many things at the moment. Actually they had a kick-off night tonight but because of work I elected not to go; that’s fine by me. Butt they do have gaming sessions every Tuesday afternoon, so that’s where I’ll be then.


And on the topic of meeting people, I personally don’t feel the need to socialize as much and make new friends and such. I’ve already met like 5 new people from CBS and have chatted to them over the week; and then I’m recommended to make more friends from lectures and tutorials? I don’t see the logic of it, especially in lecture halls because you’re bound to never see the person next to you ever again. And during tutorials you usually only see that person like one hour a week; what’s the point? Well I guess it’s not that I’m against doing it but I personally just don’t see the need to put my priority in that. After all, most of my high school friends are here anyway, particularly Yitian who I see for 8 hours a week at least. Who knows? I guess if an ideal situation to make friends does come, of course I’ll take it I guess I was too stressed this week to bother.


Other than that I also need to buff up a bit because the weight of my bag is sort of becoming an issue. This is probably due to the fact that I’m bringing my own lunch in a thermos tin haha; probably accounts for like half the weight of my bag, maybe. And then I might have to bring in some books to tutorials; I don’t at the moment an am surviving quite well off a single pad of  paper (that belonged to high school haha!)


Things haven’t yet flourished in my university life but then again I am still settling into this lifestyle after one week; still so much to do and such *sigh*

Another “First Day” Post

Ah, how many times have I posted “It’s the first day of…”? There was year 12; and then the HSC; and a bunch of stuff from past years. And although the first day of university is a big thing, I suppose the first of anything nowadays has become slightly overrated for me. But I guess my first day at UNSW had it’s troubles and surprises; quite interesting for a first day.


Well let’s start with travelling. Catching the train at 7:27am was slightly hard because I had to re-adjust to waking up early, like at 6am. It was always hell back when I have 4U in the morning. But now I’m going to have to do this everyday so it’s surely a change in lifestyle for me. The train was packed, as I expected; but the atmosphere was kind of bad because of the rainy weather since dawn.  Jacky and Jeremy somehow also got the same train as me, in the same carriage as well. They didn’t see me of course but I saw them.


I was glad to have caught that train because by the time I had walked out of Central and to the bus bay; the queue for UNSW express buses was packed very far back. Think back to the queue at Animania and then multiply that by 5; that was how many people were in front of us. However, within 10 minutes, all those people in front of us had moved onto buses and we were on a bus too sooner than we expected. Yet as the bus rolled away from the curb, we could see that the queue had doubled from the point we originally stood at; which just means I can’t afford to catch a train later than 7:27am T.T”


The bus ride took almost 20 minutes as well because of traffic; which really does set my travel time at over an hour, just as I anticipated. The fist surprise for the day was when Jeremy was deciding to get off the bus towards the back of the university campus, even though our Actuarial Studies lecture was meant to be at the front. It was then he told me that they changed the timetables at a later date (after I had printed mine out) so instead of the Chemical Sciences building, the lecture was held in the Biomedical theatre.


Ah, my first lecture was interesting in a way and yet boring in another. I would have never thought that 2 hour lectures were that long and arduous. It was interesting because there were two speakers, giving a 1 hour lecture each; one on Algebra and another on Calculus. Halfway through the lecture, people from the Actuarial Studies society came and told us about what their club does; and also that we become automatic members because we’re doing Actuaries. They also held a free barbeque today although they were slow in cooking; we did come for the free drinks though. But yeah, almost fell asleep in my very first lecture because I either had a long night, or that 2 hour lectures are too long for my attention span.


I had two hours free afterwards; interesting that I share the same breaks with a few people like Yitian and Kelvin; Andy also popped by randomly so we all hung out together. Yet it waskind of pointless because we didn’t really do anything. We just chatted and stuff;  didn’t like play anything or such. Iguess we might bring cards next time. Our lowest option would be to find a sport and play handball like we always did haha, although we might get a o.0” expression from everyone around us.


One thing I have not grasped is: what are we meant to do in our frees? It’s not like we can study, right? Well maybe I suppose but like what else can we do? It’s not high school where we still have a playground to do whatever we want. I guess the only activity people do is simply talk; that’s not bad but I guess our group was more accustomed to something more physical. But I guess when you think about it: just how much free time do we actually get? Most of our time “should” be spent outside of university and so therefore there shouldn’t be a need to find something to do during free time there because we simply shouldn’t have much of it. I would hope university is simply: get your classes done and then leave to do social stuff elsewhere.


I guess more lectures passed on by and we learned more about each course, got to know our lecturers a bit and also which books we didn’t need to buy; thus saving money ^^ I actually like my Discrete Mathematics lecturer; he’s an interesting bloke because he’s younger than the other Asian lecturers; and also that he has a lively attitude even though he spoke fairly fast. But at least he kept his 1 hour lecture from seeming boring, it was the only thing I stayed up entirely for.


I’m bringing packed lunch everyday now to save money. I don’t really want to waste money on the food at uni because it’s expensive and simply not worth it. Of course this adds extra weight to my bag but I guess that can’t be helped. We found the roundhouse a fairly pleasant place to sit and have lunch because there were large tables and chairs, few people, and also there was a small arcade in one small corner of the room.


Monday is by far my longest day and by my last 2 hour lecture I was really tired so I kind of fell asleep a few times, which was not good but at least the massive 450 person lecture on Accounting and Finance wasn’t all too informative for the time-being. Afterwards I caught up with Grace; funny because she lost her travelpass as we headed out for the bus and then I remembered seeing a train pass on the ground as we started walking. But there was no chance it was hers right? Must’ve been some person who threw away an expired ticket. But because I hate to see people losing money like that (travelpasses are expensive), we went back with that glimmer of hope. And by an act of God that ticket I saw on the ground happened to be Grace’s travelpass. A miracle first off because I noticed it as we left and secondly that no-one had taken it because about 10 minutes had elapsed since we left that place. That incident was rather interesting for a first day.


On the train back I happened to luckily meet up with all these Baulko people: Yitian again, Lillian, Alice and Angela. And then at Redfern, Christina got on and we all had a chat. Me and Lillian took another train along the Northern Line to get home; had a chat and yeah.


So that was my first day at university. A rather interesting experience I would like to learn off; hopefully I’ll be more used to the lifestyle as the week progresses. Probably should sleep now because it’s past midnight and I need to get to university in 10 hours T.T”


Charlie gave me a late call on Sunday night and before I knew it, Monday morning we were heading down to UNSW to pick up our student ID cards. Don’t really know why Charlie wanted to call us out at 10am so early but whatever. My dad dropped me off at Hornsby while driving my bro to school. Funny because I saw Marcus from church as I walked back to the train station to meet Jacky from primary school. We loitered around for a bit up in Westfield because I needed to buy new headphones.


We caught an express train to Central and met up with Matthew, who luckily also caught the same train at Epping. And as usual Charlie was there, somehow always early despite the fact this time we were slightly early too, before 10am. Later on, Julian showed up, and then Jacky Murong. The 6 of us headed down to the buses, where Julian told us of how he’d actually just slip onto the bus without paying. Like for the ticket machine, you have to walk past the bus driver and then insert your card into that thing. But if someone paying cash stands in front then you can slip past without the driver noticing, although come to think of it, how do you avoid the stares of the other passengers?


Anyway we got to UNSW and then spent time walking all the way to the Matthews Building;it was actually quite confusing with Jacky M. leading us there with his map haha. The day was beginning to grow hot and already we were getting tired from walking around to nowhere. Eventually we got there, lined up and got our ID cards.


Now if you are careful at reading this (and not just skimming through), here is some details regarding this that you should probably know:


1. Head over to the Matthews Building and look for FM Assist or whatever; it’s on level two up a flight of stairs.
2. Line up in the queue until it’s your turn.
3. Ask for your student ID card and give them some sort of identification like your driver’s license.
4. They’ll ask you to sit down on a chair to take a picture for your ID card, just like at the RTA.
5. You’ll get your card then; it also serves as a concession travel pass for transport, only for one year though. You’ll have to renew your concession pass through some form over at the desks on the side,next year.
6. The ID card acts like ID cards from schools, accesses the library and photocopiers/printers, etc.


Afterwards we went sight-seeing. First we went to the library which was humungous!. The computers section was weirdly arranged; I don’t think we can game there haha. The computers are sort of like the ones at net cafe, they have a one-hour limit  for each session, which you simply just login with your the details you used to enrol.


We then went on to explore the rest of the library, which has 9 levels, even though the lift has buttons up to a “14th” level, which doesn’t exist so the button does nothing. Each level was filled with books, duh. It was an entire non-fiction library, each floor with like books for 0-11, then 100-200, something like that, then on-fiction code thingy. It was huge. Some floors were under construction so we had to walk up past them, or catch the lift.


When we got to the 8th and 9th floors, they were empty and under construction; so some of the guys decided to try and keep going stairs to get to the “14th” floor. Me and Charlie stayed back because they were heading up the fire exit stairs; and as I learned last time, the only door that opens is the one at the very bottom. The fire exit on the 9th floor was barred open so that’s why they considered that option. 3 minutes later the boys came back realizing they couldn’t reach the “14th” floor and then we took the lift back down.


Afterwards we went exploring at the book shops and other places that were open; weird shops all of them. And later we visited the sports centre and the fitness centre; wow so much stuff I want to do now. I guess after much consultation and thought I’m probably going to join the Soccer club and either the Basketball club or Tae Kwon Do club. Not so sure about the last two because Basketball is at night and I don’t really want to do Tae Kwon Do as much, though it’s at a very convenient time. But yeah a good time for me to pick up some sports I guess.


We also had a look at a list of “societies” or just regular clubs. There’s an anime club haha! I am so part of that =) Although my illegal J-Pop activity might negatively sway my position in that club.There’s a bridge club also, I’m there too. Kelvin join bridge club! Bridge partners! xD There were also weird clubs like for each subject that can be studied, like an Actuaries society, and a medicine society, etc. No point joining those random Christian groups listed, like the Catholic society, because we already have CBS haha! Wow so much stuff to be a part of this year at university alone T.T”


Well after that we left and had lunch at Chinatown food court. After that we went home. Yes I have a concession card now…no more stupid adult fares form, not that I buy adult tickets anyway =.=”