NYE 2010

At last the end of the year has arrived. This year CBS Commerce has managed to set up their NYE hideout at Andy’s place in Killara. I was able to meet and thank Andy’s dad today after church at Carlo Court and I still felt kind of sorry for the noise and mayhem they had to put up with on New Year’s Eve. But other than that, we were really glad to have found a place to hold our NYE party.


Through much collaboration we were able to organise a tonne of food (though it was limited by our budget) and games to fill the night with much rowdiness. I arrived in the afternoon with Cherie to find Jacky and Brandon, and other people preparing food. So we just prepared food and helped clean the kitchen while people continued to pour in. The highlight dish for the night was sashimi, which was also the one with the highest risk of food poisoning and turning everything that night into a “night”mare – haha get it?


I think we had trouble starting the barbeque again; it was probably my fault for not using enough firelighters, but then Elon said you didn’t need to use an entire box. I only used a few blocks but Andy suggested overkill by using the whole box in one go. According to some YouTube videos, you can easily light up coal by just burning newspaper, will definitely try that next time we need to barbeque something. Commando Lam, AKA Daphne, knew how to start a fire from her training as a cadet; so she went around Andy’s front yard and foraged a bunch of twigs to start the fire, but there wasn’t enough and she gave up some time later. The fire was eventually started later, somehow.


By the time we were ready to eat, somehow I assigned myself to the gas barbeque probably because no-one was manning it. That turned into me cooking all the meat for the next hour or so. Actually for the number of people that were there, there wasn’t much meat to cook and I was able to retire from the barbeque sooner than expected. Brandon later explained that they were over budget with the food because of the cost of salmon.


After that, I retired to the kitchen to help with washing up. A lot of the girls came in surprised to see only guys in the kitchen, as opposed to all the jokes us guys normally make about the girls belonging in the kitchen; quite ironic. But at the same time it did seem loving (perhaps I’m not the one to talk though) of the guys to take charge of something we would normally (respectfully) expect the girls to do. Sadly, Jacky is a complete noob at washing up and I fear that we, or he, did not wash things up properly which may lead to food poisoning for Andy’s family in the very near future. We’ll find out soon enough.


After dinner everyone sort of kept shuffling around the house joining in on different activities; whether it was playing music with the guitar lot, playing card games, the Wii, or StarCraft II, which became my prominent activity for the night after midnight. At about 11:30pm we gathered together and as a Christian group, we broke off into small groups to pray for the things that happened this year and to pray for things this year. I’m glad we still kept Jesus somewhere in the program and that as Christians we still tried hard to encourage one another to continue living for God even though it’s so easy to slack off in the holidays.


At midnight we watched the fireworks on TV and then we went outside to play with sparklers. We managed to get a nice photo of “CBS 2011! =)” using the sparklers – yes, and that also included the exclamation mark and the smiley face. The photo is on my Facebook here:
Soon after that everyone just settled into a passive post New Year’s mood; most people just sat around to chat and pass time or to sleep.


This was the time where all the guys started their StarCraft II campaigns. We played for pretty much the whole night, but with only 2 computers, we sort of took turned but most people just watched. The awesome points of the night were when we got the girls to play. We made Bec play two full games and Cherie to play one with Bec. The one where they played against each other with no help at all from the guys was hilarious. All the videos of notable games are on Facebook as well as my YouTube account – the YouTube ones will be posted on this blog later as well.


We played up to 5am where a lot of people left to drive off to a beach to watch the sunrise. I felt it was too far to the beach and that I was too fatigued (from gaming) to drive so I stayed at Andy’s house with a few other people, who were sleeping or still gaming. Played Modern Warfare 2 for a couple hours until they came back around 8am. Sadly, we didn’t have plans for breakfast and so there wasn’t much food left for the morning. I can’t believe they left my beautiful dessert for breakfast that morning. Still, people enjoyed it and I was happy that my food was enjoyed.


We left Andy’s house soon thereafter and went to Chatswood to have breakfast at a Chinese restaurant. It turned into brunch really, but the food was really for lunch. The day turned very hot so we just went home, well I did anyway. Went home, showered, slept and tried to last the rest of the evening for New Year’s Day.


Okay, so my blogging literacy is declining very quickly so I will end the post here. Our New Year’s Eve was pretty much a bunch of random activities one after the other, all of which would take a while to get through even from within my memory. But they’re not anything special to mention, other than it was more opportunities to spend quality fun time with friends. New Year’s Eve was again quite fun this year when spent with a large number of friends. Hopefully many more good things are to come this year.


In the meantime, I will think carefully about what I want to blog about in my reflection post, and also to make more StarCraft II videos. I still find it funny that most of the guys in Commerce CBS play SC2, and so now the guys all have something common to bond over haha!