SMASH! Committee

At long last I am finally part of an anime convention’s team; but at a very untimely moment.


After 2 applications to SMASH! they rejected my application to be karaoke coordinator (in light of what happened at Animania two years ago) and have appointed me as Online Media Coordinator; pretty nifty title yeah?


Anyway it will be my job to monitor all the Internet sites that SMASH! uses; I have them all favourited now:


Hmm, now that I look at them I suppose it shouldn’t be too rough looking after 5 different things. My job is just to monitor them and add new posts and entries when new info becomes available. Part of social side of my job is to stalk down people who post or comment on any of these sites, just to be friendly and show that we want to interact with the community. I suppose I can do that.


But part of the untimely thing I was talking about is that I’ve seemingly picked up too many commitments for this semester, particularly at church. So this could prove to be a rough semester yet again with all these things I have to do. But on the flip side it will be a good test of my ability to juggle many things at the same time. Also, just being part of any project team will simply teach me how events are actually run; the only other event I’ll be a part of is RICE.


But having said all that I’m probably not much of an anime person these days; not a die hard fan but I’ll still keep up to date with a couple of interesting series (not always mainstream and not always liked by many others). I can say for sure, though, that I will be never on the same line as any other normal anime fan here in Sydney. The sheer slowness they exhibit(ed) makes me *thumbs down* at whatever judgement and passion they have for anime – being like 2-3 years slow is seriously nothing to get excited about. If you are a true fan of anything, you should like it in the context from whence it came; which would be the country Japan and the time period “2 – 3 years ago”


I’ll end it on this: it just never surprises me at how lame Naruto fans are here in Sydney. Just the other night on Bored Aussie I came across some guy who was like: “Omg Itachi dies?!?!” Yep, tough crowd…


New Year’s Eve and Day

Well it’s that time of year again and for once I spent it better than in front of my computer playing Warcraft at night. The last 40 or so hours have been hectic as well as without rest, ie. I am dead tired at the moment so I’ll try to blog as best as I can.


Starting the morning at 5am; woke up because I was unable to sleep, which is not a good thing considering I only went to bed at 2am; giving me a mere 3-hour sleep in the last two days. Anyway I got up at 8am to have a light breakfast and left the house to get out to Parramatta. Charlie invited us all to his place to watch the fireworks and do a bunch of various things throughout the day.


I got there at 10am, the time appointed by Charlie; the day was beginning to grow hot at this point. Yitian came soon after followed by Tim, Joseph, Matthew and Fred. Eric dropped out at the last minute for some reason or another and so in the morning it was just us 7. We went off to a Net Cafe just for one hour at $3, although I do highly doubt much can be done in an hour. We spent 45 minutes playing DotA since it’s been a while since we’ve all played together. I’m no longer going to make commentaries on the match but I guess it was good to have everyone playing against each other again. We spent the last 10 minutes trying to start a game of Castle Fight but that didn’t go far so we let that go.


After that it was about 11:40am so we went up to Greater Union to pick up our tickets to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Keanu Reeves, that Charlie has ordered online. I didn’t see the point of ordering online because I never thought that any movie is ever going to be sold out, especially when it’s not the first screening. A lesson to be learned next year, this year. I’ll write my review after this maybe but bottom line is: “Crap movie, don’t bother considering watching it, unless you really love Keanu Reeves”.


Jack Ding met up with us for the movie and Matthew decided to take Eric’s place to watch the movie. Charlie had booked too many tickets and Matt had already seen it with Kelvin in Hong Kong. He agreed to pay half the price of the ticket. Is it right to ask Eric for $7 because he cancelled at such late notice?


Went for lunch at about 2pm and here’s something that was very strange. I’m not sure whether to call it fortune or not. Anyway I ordered take away Udon at some Japanese noodle shop because they didn’t have any ramen =.=” and also a small bottle of Sprite. But when it came to paying I gave her $20 in two $10 notes. She handed me back one of the $10 notes and then also gave me $7.50 change. So essentially I had paid $2.50 only. Yet, isn’t that just the price of the Sprite? She had clearly forgotten to charge me the $9.20 for my Udon. In fact, I don’t think she even charged the other woman who she was serving; and I kind of saw a puzzled look on the customer’s face when she didn’t pay I think. So yeah, very strange moment then; wasn’t exactly guilt-free myself but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to say: “No, sorry you’ve made a mistake…”


After lunch Charlie tried to take us over to the local high school to use their basketball courts. They call this “trespassing” nowadays; which therefore means I can’t do the same with Penno High, oh well. Bad luck was that the gates to the school were locked so no trespassing. Instead Charlie’ back up plan was to take us to the primary school where they had smaller courts. That school had those kiddie fences which you can easily walk over so we just used those courts, only half because another group of people were already there.


We played for a while but because it was extremely hot by this time in the afternoon, it was just too tiring to so we decided to give it up like about 40 minutes later. Went back to Charlie’s apartment and set up the Cube to play Melee, ie. set up the Nintendo GameCube to play Super Smash Bros. Melee. Again no need to go into detail for any of this.


But later on some of us got bored so we started playing Mahjong. Bah I really need to buy a set T.T” We actually spent a lot of time playing Mahjong throughout the night. Kelvin showed up at about 5pm with his new highly acclaimed uber thick black-rimmed glasses *cough* fob *cough*, along with a few other accessories he bought in Hong Kong. Personally I shall be going to Hong Kong in February, not the best time to go but my mum wanted to go then and I guess I wanted to follow just for buying stuff yeah. Not exactly going to be a good two weeks because we don’t really any place to stay and the obvious fact that everyone is back from HK, so I’m just there to pick up the pieces.


I’m getting better at Mahjong, being self-taught is somewhat rewarding at times. I can usually make about 5 farn with decent hands, otherwise I don’t even bother finishing. But hey, there’s still a lot of experience that I need. Sharon! Mebbe this is where you can come in >.<” ah the heat is getting to me, typing deliriously.


Anyway, we had dinner around 6pm: fish fillets, crumbled chicken sticks, sushi and good salad. Charlie provided ample diner for all of us which was great of him. The sushi in particular belongs to the sushi shop like opposite his parents’ coffee shop in Westfield. Dinner was great albeit the weird topic of conversation which was me and my love story for this period of time. Had a pretty bad night because of all the pressure those sooks gave me but fair enough I deserved it.


But it did sort of make me realise that our group aren’t very “in-tune” with women (now that most of us are over 18, the term “women” seems more applicable than “girls”). It’s like everyone seems everyone has trouble relating to women in that they don’t have close friends who are chicks. I mean for example, thinking back to the time when I invited Grace to RICE Rally, first response from the group: “Oooh Jason, is she your girlfriend?” Totally absurd hypothesis to raise considering the lack of evidence to support it. It wasn’t sound judgement. Ah well I guess it’s their time to properly grow. I’m not looking down at them but the fact that they still make such ridiculous comments just makes them seem slightly immature; as if every girl you talk to automatically becomes your girlfriend.


As night began to come full circle, we started playing more of Melee as well as Soul Calibre II (or however it’s spelt). We played like team matches against each other and I remember my beautiful soloing of a 5-man team; managed to take down 5 fighters in a row, which was very scary and obviously my only moment to shine in the night. Everyone else had similar sprees. Some of us went back to Mahjong and others to poker. We wanted to actually do something fun and interesting. But when Tim suggested “dares” we know things can get a bit messy. And yet even when being nice, we ended up with rather lame ideas. We were playing penalty poker where you can use your chips to make someone else do push-ups. Would’ve liked to have increased the number of push-ups per chip, it was at 2 chips for 1 push-up, kid of lame and un-manly haha!


We ended up making Kelvin do most of the push-ups, also because he was hasty enough to lose all of his chips first, that’s gambling I guess. We were trying to find like some other interesting challenges to impose on losers but I guess we didn’t manage to come up with any strange ideas. But that’s okay, the objective was to have fun rather than humiliate someone else.


The night went on for a very long time. And at 12am we went up to the rooftop of Charlie’s apartment. We spent a fair 20 minutes up there, including a rather lame and loud countdown where we all just screamed off the top of a Parramatta apartment building to whoever was actually listening. Of course we were off, and sort of by like a minute but oh well. We could actually see the fireworks on the Harbour Bridge from so far away, but unfortunately I’d have to say that I was largely unimpressed by it; wasn’t anything special and frankly I would’ve rather watched it on TV than trying to in real person like 20 Km away. Actually if you think about it, if we could actually hear the fireworks from the Harbour Bridge then scientifically the explosions should take 60 seconds to reach us. Sound travels at 330 m/s so 3 seconds for 1 Km and we’re about 20 Km away. I think I heard faint rumbles in the background but meh, whatever. The show seemed to last a mere 15 minutes. I thought it was meant to be better this year, and frankly I didn’t even see much of it. Well, I guess fireworks wasn’t a strong start to the new year for me anyway.


We went back down once the fireworks died down and proceeded to more gaming and such. Fred, Joseph and Jack left soon after because they weren’t going to stay the night, leaving us with 6 people plus Charlie. Kind of hard to fit everyone within an apartment so that’s why some of us didn’t sleep. Nick passed off with a mere 5 minutes of sleep around 6:30am because “he was bored”. I gave in to 2 x 30 minute sleeping periods, which weren’t too comfortable but oh well. Everyone else slept at 5am till 9am, all over the floor, the couches, even Yitian decided to sleep under the table.


On that note about sleeping; last time we did a sleepover of the sort, it was me, Tim, Kelvin and Jono at Chris’ house and in fact none of slept at all, not a bit. Well Chris did but the four of us played Mario Kart 64 the whole night; that was good memories. Man we were so wasted the next morning. But  thinking back then I was fine. And yet come Friday morning and I was hit with a terrible fever which screwed me over the entire day. it’s Saturday now, and I’m glad I’m getting better, but like Friday was so horrible for me. I never thought I’d ever get sick but then I suppose if I abused my body in such as a way then I suppose any illness is imminent. Had a think about it and realized that I only had 3 hours of sleep over the last 3 days, that’s 1 hour a day; definitely not good. It was 2am – 5am on Wednesday morning; was gaming at night and sort of got excited for the day so I woke up early and couldn’t get any more sleep. Didn’t sleep the entire Wednesday night; those 2 x 30 minute periods don’t count as proper sleep. And then went to sleep on Thursday at midnight because it was so hot it was impossible to sleep.


Well that’s one lesson I’ve learned. 3 hours of sleep in 72 hours is asking for trouble. But I’m surprised that I managed to recover fairly quickly today, Saturday. I feel like the fever is only affecting me at about 10% whereas it was hitting me at 70%+ on Friday; just trying to judge how severe it was. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that getting better and maintaining health doesn’t require medication or crap. You can find all your “medical” needs from the food around you. Fruits and vegetables really are good for you. But my mum keeps stressing to me that the most valuable “healing” substance is in fact just plain water. What tends to happen is that as water passes through your system, it picks up all the toxins in your body; the crap that’s making you sick. And thinking of a cell in biology, the water tends to carry waste products out of your body, in the form of urine. Now this might get a bit gross but next time you go to the toilet do check the colour of your urine. The more yellow it is, the more toxins that have been carried out. Now that’s a good thing but this just simply means that your body had a lot of toxins to begin with, which means you need to drink more water. Please don’t get confused with yellow urine as a sign that you’re dehydrated; the technical interpretation is that you have not had enough water to wash out all the toxins in your body. So a healthy 8 glasses of water a day is recommended in order to keep your system clean from these toxins that make you sick. And frankly that’s all I did on Friday, just drank water and I’m feeling heaps better today. So yeah, just a simple note to everyone for future reference.


Breakfast was muffins from another shop in Westfield. Had a few myself even though I was still wasted from the night. We played more Mahjong and GameCube and I left at 11am to do a bit more travelling and potential shopping. But that was our New Year’s celebrations, rather interesting and nostalgic since the last time we all did something together. Ah, but on other notes none of this really matters, New Year’s is just another day; it seems foolish to get bogged down by a day the world calls to be special, a day is a day, it has no special significance. It may be a  symbol that points to something , such as Christmas to Jesus, but that’s all it really is. Let that be a reminder to everyone. I’m really tired at the moment. I’ll see if I can do another blog tonight.


As promised here are some random photos during the night/morning: