NTE Mission ‘09 – Sunday

Well it’s the last day, and we’ve just about run out of stuff to do. So today we just had the regular Sunday church preparations; some people to do music in the Chinese service, and pretty much the rest into Sunday School. I got scripted into this, though I knew it was going to be a rough experience; I’m surprised I held it together for Sunday School. I mean, I did pick youth ministry for a reason; children ministry is just *shudders*.

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NTE Mission ‘09 – Saturday

Day 4; with Brandon as an addition to our forces, we had stronger numbers again. Josef snored quietly this night and though I was awake most of the night, it was still better than the other nights.

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NTE Mission ‘09 – Friday

Okay day 3. Last night’s shenanigans include the following: By 6:30am the sun was already streaming into our room, and for one reason or another, Josef wakes up and in a loud voice declared to the heavens: “Hey guys! Wow it’s so bright already, I wonder what time it is? Oh, it’s only 6:30am, well let’s go back to sleep.” But what the angels can hear, me and Ben could hear too, so we were woken up to no avail. But at least there was no snoring at night haha.

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NTE Mission ’09 – Thursday

Okay, now we have the official start on NTE. The morning, or night rather, wasn’t so great for me and Ben. As much as Josef’s voice carries when he talks, you certainly don’t want to hear it in the middle of the night in the form of snores. To reiterate, Josef snores as loud as he talks; well he snored that loud on the very first night. Funnily, me and Ben were awake at the same time and I heard Ben mumble out: “Is Josef snoring?” To which I mumbled back: “Yeah…”


That was night 1.

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NTE Mission ‘09 – Wednesday

As said before, NTE officially was on in Canberra since last Saturday, up until Tuesday, or Wednesday lunch really. After that became the mission component of the “camp”; 4.5 days to put into practice what we have learnt into tangible service to God. Of course we weren’t really the ones who went through the training and such through camp, so we wouldn’t have the special motivation but it should be okay.


Why didn’t I go to the NTE conference? Because I opted to pay only for one camp (out of NTE and next gen) and pretty much there were more people going to next gen in general, but also that my church is going there, might as well stick around the youth that are just getting started. So yeah I made my choice, whatever.

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