06. next gen ‘11 – Reflections

Well I guess in reflecting over the course of the week spent at Next Gen, I think I would have to say there was much to be learnt apart from just skills in being a leader; that is, I got a lot personally out of the talks and also the workshops. This probably won’t be a super long post, but I guess I do want to highlight the importance of being trained in Christian ministry. We in Australia definitely are very privileged to have so many resources to be trained with. When Raj was talking about Next Gen in Uganda, you can clearly see how under-resourced those people were; and yet the Christians there received the Bible so joyfully it nearly makes me feel ashamed for not feeling the same way about what we have here.

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next gen ‘11 – Friday

Well, this is it, the last day. Thursday night was actually really long. Although everyone stayed up in the dining hall to finish their strand material, we all got kicked out and were forced to continue doing our homework in our cabins. So naturally all the cabins were quite lively around 12am. Not only so, the NSB/NSG ISCF group were trying to all stay up all night to watch the sunrise; that’s what you get for going to those schools. I remember they were quite loud, Quentin had the nerve to go out at night to tell them to be quiet. And then you had my cabin, who were just playing games haha; yeah I confess I had gaming withdrawal symptoms so I played until 2am. At the same time William was on the phone with a couple of girls that night, as well as trying to do his university timetable over the phone at midnight?! Well, that’s what you get for going to North Ryde TAFE, aka Macquarie University haha! (Apologies for those who do go to MQ – it’s actually quite a respectable uni)

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next gen ‘11 – Thursday

Okay, we’re well into next week and I’m starting to forget what happened play by play. I remember I had the Wednesday post done by like 11:30pm so I slept, however I only managed to post it just now. Either way in the morning the weather started to get wacky, and there was a fine atmosphere of fog in the morning air:


SAM_2421 (960x540)

Sadly for breakfast we only had the same things as we had for the last three days: toast (on non-white bread), cereal, that’s it. In fact even on Friday there was no meat at all, not even egg or even fake egg; breakfast was really bland at our site this year.

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next gen ‘11 – Wednesday

So as from the previous post, went to sleep at about 12:30am and woke up again at 7am. Something I didn’t mention last time was that I like to take two showers a day during camps. I guess it’s because of my upbringing at home. My parents are super-hygienic and so I kind of need two showers to make me feel “clean” haha. So one shower in the morning just as I wake up, and another one in the afternoon or at night. Somehow at our campsite there aren’t many people lining for the shower at any one time, or not that I know of anyway.

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next gen ‘11 – Tuesday

I slept at 11pm last night, which was perhaps the earliest I’ve ever slept recently. I also needed to recharge my energy and so I retired early in the night. The good thing about smaller cabins is the smaller chance of having people who snore. I guess in my cabin is one person with heavy breathing, but at least it’s not snoring; it would definitely suck otherwise.

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next gen ‘11 – Monday

And so my third year of next gen has finally arrived. After this year, I will have completed all 3 strands from the Katoomba Christian Conference; which will probably mean I’ll have to go to National Training Event to do the final two strands. I’ll try to be blogging this on a daily basis while everything is still clear in my mind, although I can’t make any promises on doing so.

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