next gen ‘10 – Friday

Last day. Our snorer funnily kept shifting his sleeping patterns so at times he was snoring lightly and other times he was snoring heavily. I still slept fairly decently. I think I’ll just quickly get through Friday without any subheadings.


Skip breakfast; morning session we had our final talk on Jeremiah which reminded us how generous God is and how the “story” ends with us having this promise which finds its fulfilment in Jesus and is something we can look forward to today.


Athena was nominated to do the Bible reading today, which was pretty awesome for her:



Couldn’t get a good shot of her, so I just aimed at the projector. She read over her passage last night, which was when she was asked to do it; she read it pretty well as should be expected of our weekly Bible reading girl.

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next gen ‘10 – Thursday

Day 4, sleep wasn’t too bad. Breakfast was more or less the same as usual. We played finger soccer on a table, with like a small sachet of tomato sauce, just flicking it back and forth with goals that were erected with cereal boxes; it was quite funny up until the “ball” burst. The video is up on Facebook.


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next gen ‘10 – Wednesday

Last night wasn’t so great. Our culprit snorer was quiet the first night form my perspective but I finally understood what Jacky and Matthew were on about. And I guess I do agree with their claims; had a really bad night and woke up feeling really groggy. To add insult to injury, this was breakfast:



I’m serious. Well apart from cereal and apricots and coffee/tea, this was it. No scrambled eggs, nothing. Just that one piece of bread; I couldn’t even get a second slice T.T” Apparently the oven was broken so we were waiting on hash browns, which eventually did come around. Anyway, take particular not at the butter to the left of my toast. I opened it and this was what it appeared as. “Hey, pretty pattern there.” Umm, no? How about the fact that the butter was of an inappropriate portion, all other “sachets” (what’s the right term) of butter were filled much more, but mine was like a reject product. I thought it was funny just seeing the odd product that shouldn’t be.


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next gen ‘10 – Tuesday

The night wasn’t too bad. I am well aware of the issue of snorers at camp, nobody likes that. It’s funny that throughout primary school and high school there has never been a scenario where I’ve had to deal with snorers; it was only when uni started that snorers became a leading issue in choosing cabin buddies. Sad to say, even though our cabin wasn’t filled with 5 Caucasian guys like last year, we still had snorers. It wasn’t much of an issue last night, I must’ve fallen asleep before it got worse, but Jacky and Matthew described themselves to be escaping the war in Afghanistan and a stampede in Africa.

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next gen ‘10 – Monday

Well the new year is here so what better way to kick things off than with the next gen camp? Nah, seriously. Anyway, it is unfortunate that because of this camp I was unable to go to NTE. Of course I already went through this last time. Oh well, take what you can I suppose. I am grateful that I was able to go to next gen again. It was particularly encouraging to see more people from my church who were interested in being trained for leadership. And especially with the new Rising Leaders strand for younger Christians, it was pretty cool to have some of the younger people from my church take an interest in serving.


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