next generation 2009 – Friday

Well last day and Thursday night’s sleep wasn’t too bad. I managed to wake up early somehow; probably because of wanting to get my timetable (or Jess’ timetable really0 done as soon as possible. And here is something really strange in the morning: Throughout the last four days at camp; I’ve been using the shower second from the left every single time; morning night showers, always that shower second from the left. I walked into the bathroom this morning and there were a number of people there; so I just walked into the far right shower because it’s the first one I walked past.

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next generation 2009 – Thursday

Okay Thursday and I guess I had a fair amount of sleep from last night. I tried to continue my timetable selection at breakfast but I didn’t get far because I was so confused at what courses I was meant to pick; there was no freaking list on the UNSW handbook telling us what we should be doing each semester. Can’t remember what breakfast was because I was too focused into my task at hand.


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next generation 2009 – Wednesday

Alright Wednesday morning, well you know how it went for me if you read the end of the Tuesday post; yeah rough night. And once again the Caucasians in our cabin snored but last night somehow I sort of got used to it and I actually went to sleep; racked up about 6 hours of sleep, ignoring those moments when I went out to do my business.


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next generation 2009 – Tuesday

Okay day 2 and as I said for Monday night, I had a really bad night with no sleep. So I woke up like minutes before breakfast at 7:30am and I was so dead I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast. I think it was our leftover pasta from last night and some toast; that’s about all I remember. There was cereal as well but I didn’t bother. What I wanted especially was the coffee; had a latte mixed from powder and also come coffee that Kenny brought; surprisingly it was more than enough to keep me alive for the day, so yeah, go coffee!

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next generation 2009 – Monday

As most of you should know, I have been gone the entire week on a Christian in Katoomba. KCC, Katoomba Christian Conference organises several functions throughout the year. This one in particular they newly named it “next generation”; which is a 5-day camp aimed at year 12 and above Christians who are leaders or will be leaders of a church group or something.


Anyway, the last 5-day camp I’ve ever been to was iLight back in ‘07 and those were perhaps the best 5 days of my life ever. Nevertheless I will try to match blog lengths here; slightly remembering that back then I had about 1500 words everyday, bringing a grand total to a 7500 word blog. This time round I will split this camp into a blog per day to make it easier.


Please feel free to make large comments. To do this just click “add comment” at the bottom. This way you can read the post and then add comments at the bottom whenever you feel like it. Okay so without further or do, here we go.

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