Five Day Weekend

Well, thanks to Labour Day, this week has provided me and many other people a five day weekend, which is pretty cool; it’s almost like another mid-sem break. No uni from Friday all the way to Wednesday. I took this as an opportunity to have some fun and obviously catch up with other people DESPITE the fact that the smarter thing to do would’ve been to catch up on work that I’ve left behind because of all those exams in the past three weeks. Oh well; that’s what happens when you’d rather have fun now.



On Friday I went out with my high school group; most of us came, only a few decided not to turn up; half our group was free that day while the other half was free after lunch time. At first it was me, Matt, Tim, Chris and Jono who met up and headed off to North Sydney in the morning to Ryo’s Noodles, which has the best ramen in Sydney, or so Tim and Chris say. So we went to verify that fact; took a train to St Leonard’s and walked the rest of the way; it did talk a while to walk but obviously not long enough for Matt to finish chewing his long bread roll he got at Woolworths prior to lunch.


The restaurant (soon to be reviewed by Chris – I’ll add to my blogroll) was a tad small and had limited seating capacity, it also didn’t look very fancy but then that’s fair if you consider such a place to have good food; it should not be easy or quick to replicate. The prices went a bit higher than what we originally anticipated but the food definitely was good. It does come at the top for the best ramen but not by that much. The restaurant was out of the way and the quantity per serving wasn’t all that exciting. What made the ramen good was the soup and the noodles. The soup was nice and rich with flavour and rather thick, like proper soup, not like water. And then the noodles seemed to have been made more delicately, and didn’t seem to have come from a packet or something, like other restaurants haha!


After lunch we went back to the city and met up with the rest of our group and we all went to net cafe; we haven’t gamed together in a long time and we’ve all turned to different types of gaming yeah. We played DotA and I would still say that I still stand second to none in my group. Regardless of what they may all say, to identify the exact skill of a player cannot be done solely by seeing the teamwork. Being an all-round player for any game is being able to play every role as well as each other. We played UT and also CoD4, CoD is pretty fun I wish I could practice more at first person shooters but at the moment my laptop can’t handle the newer games and I’m still waiting on a new desktop once Windows 7 comes out.


We gamed for a good 3 hours, played a lot of games; it was okay although we were all seated in different places. It was 5pm then and we couldn’t decide what to do then. It was too early for dinner and yet it didn’t seem right to go for 3 hours of karaoke, 1 hour seemed too little as well. But fate helped us decide when we found that Big Echo was full at the time so we went for dinner. Went to the Japanese restaurant across the street, where we were joined by Diana and Arthur o.0” First time we actually went out for dinner together as a group haha.


Afterwards we weren’t satisfied for the day so we added another hour of karaoke with that; Big Echo was full again even after dinner so we went back all the way to K-Squared. Too much karaoke in the past 4 weeks T.T” And it’s all too repetitive as well: Love Story, Viva La Vida, and a bunch of Linkin Park voice-wrecker songs. It was still fun but for one hour we really had to be time efficient between 8 people. The night ended with a huge storm just as we got on the train; somewhat glad we left the city before the storm got worse at night. It was quite a fun day; very long, very expensive T.T” but fun.



Saturday & Sunday

The weekend was just as long; stuff day in and day out. On Saturday we had our church meeting at Kenny’s house. Met the entire day and afternoon to reflect, go over plans and such. Quite a lot to organise, lots of things to fix up and stuff but generally our meetings are a waste of time in that we achieve so little in so much time; very inefficient T.T” But I guess sometimes that’s bound to happen, we just have to put up with it.


Later that night we had our Mid-Autumn festival. I didn’t actually stay for all of it; just for dinner and then had Quentin drive me back home. Feel utterly pathetic still not having my Ps while he’s had them for more than half a year now T.T” How pathetic indeed *sigh*


On Sunday we still had youth group and had to come up with a game the night before; so that was last night out. We had a Trivia activity with all these bogus questions from Jess; they were all fairly random like “Name the four Wiggles” and “Which two words have no other rhyming words?” and even “Who was the first person to go out into space?” It’s those sort of o.0” questions which you would consider quite random. “But I know the answer to the,” says Jess. Weird.


Had to plan a few things in the afternoon for Monday and I guess somehow the night just wasted away and once again I got no work done.




Today I went out with Sharon and Erica to watch “Up”. I think Sharon was the one who raised the idea; but then I had to drag the nearest guy, Ken, into this because it’s kind of suss having just the three of us wandering around Towers yes? Not to stranger, no, who cares what they think. It was just in case people I knew saw us. Of course Ken was sort of out of place in terms of age but then if you consider us as a church group then it’s okay haha!


Finally took advantage of the Monday Student deal offer, $7 tickets wow! They are awesome I’m glad I watched a movie today because of the value haha. One problem we had today was that Ken didn’t have his car, and me and Erica can’t drive. Which meant that the only driver available was Sharon; thanks Shaz you make a good chauffeur haha! So she had to come round and pick each of us up and then drive us to Towers; we had plenty of time but the cinemas were pretty packed today considering it was a public holiday.


Felt a bit sad that everyone who walked into the movie was a kid; whereas you have us grownups, oldies, whatever, walking in and watching it haha. I think we laughed just as much as the kids too. It was a pretty good movie; it wasn’t all laughter at every point; it had a few grown up elements in it too, like all Pixar films, which was good. We had lunch afterwards. I chose not to conform to having burritos but I guess I’ll probably try one next time T.T”


We walked around afterwards and went clothes shopping; guys follow girls >.<” Does it always come to that? It was alright I guess, except for that bit when Erica was trying to make me try on high heel shoes. I reluctantly gave in, just to not be a spoil sport, had trouble fitting my fat male feet into them so I did eventually give up. I guess that’s why they have a girl and guy section in most shoe stores because there’s a difference in the shape of the feet? I don’t know. We walked around for a good hour as Erica went hunting a for a good dress to the formal; visited a lot of stores. It was an interesting afternoon, just to cut it there without saying anything more. Sharon drove us home before that huge storm came which blew the power for a while.


And there you have my long weekend, well there is one more day tomorrow but I swear I really have to use it for work otherwise I am going to have wasted it (for a good cause – the word is “spent” then), but I have no regrets having fun with my friends; just really need to get back to work T.T”


Net Cafe and Karaoke

Well today  marks the beginning of another clump of action in my life, which I guess I am glad for. Today our group went out to the city for gaming at a net cafe and also karaoke,: 3 hours and 2 hours respectively. Though it does seem we did little, it took a lot of time to do.


Okay without much delay let’s jump into behind-the-scenes on the train in the morning. Can’t believe Kelvin wanted to drag us all to the city at 10am, which means I have to wake up early, but I guess I have no regrets for net cafe, it was fun today. Anyway one thing nobody saw on the train was this incident: I was on the train and there was this Asian chick perhaps in her early 20’s sitting in front of me (the important thing was that I could see where she was sitting really). Anyway a few stations later 4 Curries got on, 3 men and 1 woman. One guy sat next to the afore mentioned Asian chick, another sat in the same row on the other side, another in front of the first guy and  another not too far. Anyway the Asian chick decided to take a nap on the train and the Curry’s saw this as an opportunity for some major perversion. Particularly for the Curry guy sitting next to the Asian chick, they all kept looking at here once a while, just looking up and down her in that sick way that made me feel like shouting “F*** off you f***ing Curry perverts!” which they clearly were. Seriously, you hate to stick to stereotypes but an educated guess can conclude that a number of Currys are sick f***s who can’t be trusted, which is a shame in this world that there iss o much distrust. The Currys got off at Redfern while the Asian chick stayed on. Was my guess about them wrong?


Now for some gaming commentary. I have headings this time so please feel free to skip if you don’t want to read about it.



First of before I start, we decided to go back to that stupid City Hunter place because there arguably do have the better computers in the vicinity. But this time I decided to up my resolve and make sure we didn’t go over time. And luckily today we didn’t encounter any such problem. We only played one match of Dota, and then many other things.


Mode: All Pick/Easy Mode



Me (captain): Invoker
Charlie: Viper
Chris: Clockwerk Goblin



Kelvin (captain): Admiral
Nick: Ursa Warrior
Joseph: Shadow Feind


To begin, let me introduce my “captain” thing. I suppose for DotA or any sort of team game, all players end up looking up towards their strongest player, one with more experience and who should play better on the whole. It would therefore be the captain’s responsibility to look after their teammates and make decisions that involve a team effort. In the case of DotA this would include team ganking and team pushing as well as lane management and scouting.


Okay, well let’s no worry too much about team line up at the moment. I was farming against Joseph in middle lane. Now I’m only a novice Invoker player at the moment so I used this opportunity to practice; still need a bit more work though. I failed to kill Joseph at any point in the early game but Joseph also managed to hold his own ground most of the time. His Shadow Raze was fairly accurate, not that I was afraid because he only kept it at lvl 1, a mere 75 damage which I can recover in a few seconds. But due to Joseph’s novice play he failed to farm well and obviously he let me work up my income and exp.


Meanwhile over in top lane was Chris against Nick. Now let me stress that when you have equally skilled players playing against each other, “Ursa > Clockwerk”. In fact most of the time “Ursa > a lot of things” so it was particularly surprising to find that Chris as Clockwerk scores First Blood against Nick as Ursa. In fact not only then but Chris scored maybe two more kills on Nick after that. I never had a chance to see how it happened though, although I do suspect that Nick only died because of a failed attempt to kill.


And finally in bottom lane Charlie took on Kelvin and I actually found it impressive that Charlie didn’t die early against Kelvin. But thisis fair. Although Admiral is a fiesty hero, Viper has such annoying dps (damage per second) that it should also annoy a lot of heroes. But I suppose neither player actually plays offensively so it’s fair to understand that neither of them died till a bit later, after Chris’ 2-3 kills haha!


Anyway I wasn’t much of the lead player for a long part of the game because let’s face it, Invoker isn’t one of those “kill on their own” heroes. If it ever came down to a 3v3 showdown then of course my help would net some of the kills. But until then I stayed passive and just moved around farming and harassing whenever I got the chance.


Chris and Charlie started working together without me saying and the two of them kept exchanging blows with Kelvin, Joseph and Nick. Chris started dying occasionally, Charlie got up to killing spree while everyone else had their share of deaths. I guess I could’ve prevented Chris from dying if I had been there rather than on the other side of the map happily jungling. Charlie lived because of several unsuccessful attempts by Kelvin to kill him. In my eyes in was kind of funny; both players deserved to fail: Charlie in his escaping and Kelvin in his chasing. First off Charlie was clearly farming in dangerous territory. As a general hint, crossing the river in the middle without knowing where your opponents are is extremely dangerous and asking to get ganked. So as expected along comes Kelvin to deliver the kill. Unfortunately he fails to finish Charlie off on account of being unable to chase him down, which can happen but shouldn’t be likely. One factor of this may have been because Charlie was going for Sange & Yasha, which as a rule is off limits to any hero that has an orb skill, it’s just stupid. But somehow it served to help Charlie from dying out of misjudgement several times, wow.


As the game progressed on further I actually died once because I was roaming too freely and tried to kill at the wrong time; bad judgement on my behalf about Invoker’s strength. Although actually I could’ve killed Kelvin, I was running away for like 10 seconds while my two lava spawns were hitting him. I just missed out after I died and Kelvin got away on a sliver of health; he would’ve died ages ago had I made the resolve to get a kill and die, rather than simply run for it. This happened several times more where Kelvin got away on a sliver of health. I always kept playing to stay alive, rather than try for a kill really, it’s my conservative play I guess which I use for heroes that I’m not too confident with.


But on Invoker’s play style, I find that he’s rather versatile if you’re willing to put in the finger work. For example: Quas offers 0.75 hp regeneration per level per instance. So early on if you were farming and were on middle health, you could toggle all three instances to Quas for health regeneration. Wex is 1% IMS (increased move speed) and 2% IAS (increased attack speed) per level per instance. What I’m interested here is the move speed bonus. A number of times when I was running away after seeing that I’m losing a fight, I’d quickly toggle my three instances to Wex and start running and you find the bonus is rather helpful, I escaped easily many times just by bothering to toggle to “escape mode”. Finally Exort is 3 damage per level per instance and is the primary setting most players have, more damage is better on the offensive play. But of course to fully utilize Invoker you should be willing to toggle between the other two skills whenever you deem necessary. And that’s a general overview of how to use Invoker and how I’m learning to play him as.


Eventually my hard farming paid off in the form of massive items, again though just testing item builds and seeing which items would suit Invoker. Eventually I started picking up the pace and ended up having the largest score at 9-1, a fair score considering I’m not the “carrier” hero in the team. But now we go onto line up. Invoker is a great support hero so that’s why I realized I couldn’t kill anyone with say 4-5 hits, it’d take a bit more. But Kelvin’s heor is a carrier, Nick’s Ursa is considered a tank more-so but sometimes a carrier if the item build is right. And of Joseph’s Shadow Fiend is a deadly hero as well. Team-wise, they had the advantage. But whatever, without much detail needed we eventually won and that was the match.




After playing DotA we moved onto one match of StarCraft. More of us were novice at this game, compared to the numbers in DotA, but okay we’re still willing to play. I’m not sure how professionally we played because there seemed to be a lack of action for a long part of the game.All I can say is that I am nowhere near good enough at this game; still have time before StarCraft II comes out I guess.


The teams were me (Protoss), Charlie (Terran) and Joseph (Zerg). The other team was Nick (Zerg), Kelvin (Protoss), Chris (Terran). Wasn’t really watching Charlie, but I did notice that Joseph just massed zerglings, which I think is not recommended in a single 1v1 match but in a team game it’s kind of okay. I’ve watched a number of games so I thought I’d just go and rush Dark Templars. But I guess that’s not as effective against Nick, since he had so many overlords patrolling his base. Kelvin made a fool of himself when he built his pylons together in a clump. After I had reached Dark Templars the game fell apart for me and I forgot to continue teching to cruisers. Whatever, I don’t even know the tech tree and I was lucky to have guessed right for dark templars.


Nick made the first attack and ransacked Joseph’s base which had no defense against Nick’s mutalisks. Good job to Joseph for never considering an air assault. But after a while Charlie’s came in and cleaned up that messed and then we moved in to finish off Nick’s base which kind of spelt “good game” for their team. Something happened to Kelvin already and he in capacitated. So all was left was Chris. But yeah we didn’t bother to play that far, we knew it was over.



Unreal Tournament

With about 1 and a half hours left before we were due, we started playing Unreal Tournament (2004 edition). I think we found a balanced game for everyone to play because we were all roughly at the same skill level so the game was very even and kept us all at even lengths with each other. There were many hilarious kills during the game; I remember many times when I’d nuke Kelvin without him noticing and other times when he did the same. Of course most hilarious I remember was in the second game where I rounded a corner just as Kelvin came in the opposite direction. We both met at point blank and I fired my flak cannon into him…”what the?!” totally unpredictable haha!


I won the first game: 25 kills while 2ndplace was Nick at 20 kills. In the second game Nick won but I came oh so close at 24 kills. In fact I had 10 seconds to hunt my final kill but Nick got there faster. So damn close haha! Afterwards we played a few rounds of capture the flag, 3v3 is sort of good arrangements yeah? The first round it was like Me, Charlie and Nick versus Kelvin, Nick and Joseph. We won that one 3-1. But the game was hectic nonetheless. Chris was very accurate in sniping and kept us from pushing. And then you’d have Joseph somehow sneaking from the side and taking our flag; he’s a fairly good player I’ll have to admit. Kelvin took it in himself to defend the flag but that didn’t suit him well so he resumed an offensive stance.


Second game, Nick and Chris switched sides and we won that 2-1 with a timeout. The map was a cool Chinese versus Japanese landscape, with two large castles of the Chinese and the Japanese. There was one point in this match where both teams had each other’s flags. It was me and Joseph and both of us went into hiding and it was up to our teammates to find the flag bearer; that took a good 5 minutes nearly but eventually Joseph was found and our flag returned so I immediately scored for our team.


In the last match we didn’t play to the end because time was out but yeah roughly the same thing happened and the score was at 1-1. Net cafe was rather fun this time round and luckily thanks to my care, we didn’t go overtime and have that stupid , selfish jerk try to charge us for going overtime by like one minute.




Humph, I’ll keep this short but I had some rather pathetic ramen in Market City; far out that place was a rip off. A small bowl of ramen was $8.50 and it didn’t taste anything special. Now the place back in Hornsby, Tokyo Ramen, they charge you like $2 extra at about $10.50 for a bowl of quality ramen with great soup and nearly twice the the size of what I had today. Perhaps there is no better place for ramen than Hornsby. There’s still one other place I’m meant to try but I can’t remember where but then again, chances are they’re still no match for Hornsby. Everyone else had Chinese food while Kelvin went for unhealthy fish and chips; unhealthy far out, I guess it’s okay to have them say once a month but unhealthy food stacks up if you eat a variety of them.




Went to K Squared for karaoke; I heard it was a good place through advice from uni friends at church. I guess they’re right if your aim is Chinese music. It kept everyone very happy for the two hours we spent there. And for the first time I was clueless at what they were singing and all, but that’s probably the same view they have when I sing Jap music. Speaking of which there was barely any Japanese music that I knew there. After much assessment I realized they were outdated by 8 years which is so not cool. I know some music from that many years back but nowadays I’m into what’s recent. I think I’m good for most music from 2006 onwards. So for this afternoon I didn’t get much of my share in songs, by that I had wanted more Jap songs to sing; only had 1 that I suppose I was sort of willing to sing, there were a few others I knew but they\re so old and overdone there’s no point in singing them anymore.


K Squared is an okay place I guess, $12 for 2 hours and a drink isn’t bad. Although I had kind of wished they had songbooks for us to look at, rather than a digital interface; which I have to admit is the smarter thing to do because it’s easy to update but then it’s harder to see all your choices on a computer screen than on a piece of paper I reckon; well actually my English tutor Carol taught me that. Besides, I had so much trouble reading the Japanese names of artists that I just gave up; probably too old anyway.


They had a poor karaoke system; wasn’t even like SingStar where you get scored. Basically, it was just them slapping together an instrumental track onto the video clip and then adding rather shotty lyrics on screen because they were timed so poorly. The video clips were very poor quality; wink wink I know where they get them from duh. There was no scoring, just sing along to the video clip for fun. Ha!I could do that too if I bothered to properly learn to add karaoke subtitles to a video clip, and if I had the time to make them. Oh well; it’s a shame.


I was confined to mostly English songs, just the ones my friends picked. Even chucked in a High School Musical song for the sake of it; just pretend they’re Disney music and it’s all fine. I picked “Breaking Free” and was surprised as we entered the room initially to find a Mandarin version of the song playing in the background. I downloaded that song now; it’s weird.


Just to name one other song I wanted to do, it was that “Piece of Me” song by Britney Spears, it’s strangely addicting in my opinion, most of her songs are. But in particular for this one, I got attached to it because comedian duo Hamish & Andy did their own versions of the song; they had to create like 30+ seconds of the song using only their mouths, so all the beats and the bass rhythm, everything, it was hilarious so that’s why I like the song now.


Tim was trying to cheat the place by playing a Wong Lee Hung medley at the very end of our 2 hours. It lasts 12 minutes long so in a  way we could actually get an additional 12 minutes in the room. But we sort of mistimed it and when we were 30 seconds into the song one of the staff came into tell us to go out. And we tried to say: “Umm…after this song…” He gave us a dirty look and Tim reckoned that he realized we were doing that 12-minute song. So out of guilt we left a minute later haha!


But yeah overall it was a long and fun-filled day; something to clear our boredom which was good. Tomorrow is next gen ‘09 and I’ll be away for 5 days. That just means a huge blog post to follow after camp haha! See you all later!

The High Tide

Well I haven’t blogged all week so might as well give an update of things that have happened; albeit not overlooking that the last few weeks of my life have been oddly upsetting for me. Anyway before that let’s re-cap the week:


Tuesday we had our uni info days. It was a split journey between UTS, UNSW and USYD. Each uni was offering free food of some sort. The talks at UNSW were quite boring and surely nothing new that we needed to hear. Tuesday was a waste of time because we weren’t going to change our preferences anyway so maybe it was merely an excuse to get out of the house. At least we had free food, where Matt and Yit kept stealing drinks: bottled tea which wasn’t so nice. And we also saw some familiar faces, some Ruse people, Esther and other people from our school.


Afterwards we decided to go net cafe. We went back to City Hunter because we knew it had the better computers but the service was shit. Nevertheless we spent the afternoon playing, a bit less of schooling from me which was good to see; which means everyone has still got potential. Anyway long story short, after gaming I got charged again for an extra 50c for going 1 minute over. Seriously, f*** these Mando c***s; we asked them to tell us when time was up. Oh but no, just wait for 1 min over and ask for more money. Gosh, such a rip off. A few other people faced the same situation as me but they argued and got away. I wasn’t in the mood for their bulls*** so I didn’t bother.


But on this note, there are net cafes that aren’t like this. Some net cafes rigged their systems so they kill your computer when time runs out, which is perfect, exactly what we need. That way there’s no fear of going over time and paying extra. The only reason City Hunter does it their way is so that people who want to stay longer won’t get disconnected halfway through, which is respectful but let’s come down to the huge issue: Lots of people in this world HAVE LIVES! No-one will be f***ing sad enough to game all night long in a f***ing net cafe. Seriously if they were they’d rather do it at home where they can “remove their waste products” in the leisure of their own home.


Oh well. Bottom line is, if we go there again either we be extra careful and sacrifice a few extra minutes (because we’ll be checking to see if we go overtime) or to simply not pay extra ever and walk away. Come to think of it, if we go for the first alternative we should get a 50c minimum refund, considering they have the nerve to charge us 50c for 60 measly seconds.


Okay come Wednesday, no wait forget that. Let’s go back to Tuesday night. On Wednesday we were planning on going to Karaoke in the city, with more gaming. I come home after net cafe on Tuesday and the first thing I hear from my parents is: “You can’t go out tomorrow because you need to get your passport ASAP.” My passport thing was a background issue at the time I thought. I had plenty of time to get it before going to Hong Kong next month. The thing I hated was that my parents said I had to go on Wednesday because I desperately needed it. And  I’ll admit I was excited about karaoke because I haven’t been in a long time. My parents knew I was going on Wednesday. What about Thursday? Oh no that’s way too late apparently. So they found it in their best interest to f*** up a day I was looking forward to; great parents huh?


What’s more, I didn’t  see why they managed to leave my passport until the very last moment; this wasn’t like them. And yet whatever the reason was for their delay, I was to pay for their mistakes. Slight injustice here. Why am I paying for their incompetence? Sure it’s my responsibility; just tell me to take care of it and I would’ve finished the application ages ago. So it would seem my Wednesday plans were ruined and I’d be getting that feeling of being left out which totally messes me over nowadays.


But thank God because somehow the event got cancelled for some reason or another and I suppose luckily things fell into place. Though one can’t help but think it may have been passively my fault for not being able to make it in the first place; never mind,, it’s complicated mechanics here. But anyway come Wednesday I had to organise everything to desperately get my passport. I called the passport office up and guess what? I was not eligible to receive my passport urgently; what a f***ing waste of my time and frankly if Wednesday’s plans had gone through, I would’ve missed out in vain because of my parents mistake again. It’s still a month before I leave and you need to leave within 3 weeks to receive your passport on urgent notice. I just needed to get it the normal way. And so I went down to the post office that afternoon to hand in the forms;just to get it over and done with. And guess what? The photos my dad took were no good. I could not believe it, a third incompetent act on my parents’ behalf. This is ridiculous. Apparently my glasses were crooked (and they are) and they partially covered my eyelids. My dad wasted a lot of my time beforehand taking passport photos and all that effort for naught; I just couldn’t believe how much of my time they’ve actually wasted just for a simple passport. My mum took me to a camera shop nearby and we had the photos re-done for $10 and 15 minutes; that’s all it f***ing took, but my dad’s so arrogant he thinks he can do it himself; guess he couldn’t.


I still hadn’t finished lodging in my form yet. We needed a third person to sign the photo to authenticate it. Kenneth Leung our church minister was the person we selected and so the fourth hassle was that after dinner I had to pop down to church and get his signature; he was at church conducting an adult’s Bible study. Man, to just walk in and interrupt him; lucky I arrived early. And then a final bit of trouble was having to wake up early on Thursday morning to re-lodge my application. And all that effort which was unnecessary but stupid parents obviously make you do stupid things huh?


Friday our youth group was meant to have a get-together and so something social. I was going to organise sports at a park although the weather seemed bleak on the day. But the thing was that no-one came or wanted to come. They all had plans or something. And it just s***s me to see my plans fall apart like that. Last time when we did SingStar that was a fair success and suddenly I get this crap from everyone and no-one turns up except the kids in year 6-7 who I’m supposed to be the leader of for this year when they graduate to our side. So somehow I guess God may have set this up so I could get to know my group but that’s sort of hard since I’m in this fleeting state at the moment. And to make things worse I’m organising ice skating for next week and already I have a lot of negative feedback with people not coming. It just s***s me over when things fall apart and it looks to be my fault. I rather not try with everyone “having plans” or whatever s*** excuse they want to give me.


And on this topic church today brings back memories of the bad weeks I’ve had there; it seems they’ve been bad for some consecutive weeks now; after a chain of good weeks which contrasted largely with nowadays. Hmm, all this time I’ve been thinking of changing churches. I’ve always wondered if I ever belonged with those people and frankly I remember more weeks where I don’t belong than those where my place was with them. I had plans to move of course, incomplete plans. I’m sure Livingstone would easily let me in but yet I was held back by the fact I “abandoned” them after AWANA got disbanded at the end of primary school. But had Mandy recovered enough to go to church, I would’ve gone with her and then I would’ve have hopefully lifted the problem. But I guess I’m stuck now, no hope of getting away. I’m bound by service to my church in that it’d be rude to just walk away; and still my plans to move are incomplete.


But nowadays I do feel  inadequate for service. I barely hold any place amongst the people there; no-one talks to me. And you’d think that somehow I would need to be bigger man and initiate the conversation and all. Oh but with how f***ed up I am these days that’s something I fear; dam anti-social fear. So they won’t talk,I won’t talk, we’re caught in a stalemate then,yeah? Simple. And it really makes me wonder how strong I am as a Christian anymore; it’s no longer within my mind to encourage everyone else in Christ, it seems to be the other way now; that is to say it should be the other way, though nothing actually happens.


But on that note of feeling weak I am nearly clueless at why I’ve been feeling so s*** these days, why I’ve seemed to reach “the high tide” of my days. It happened a while after HSC finished and somehow maybe it will fade when uni starts. But somehow I suspect it’s been caused by my hope in other people. I guess I was always told to try and let other people “help” me which does seem logical but something always told me that no-one can. And thinking back on these last few weeks; it seems I was right even though I wanted to try and see.


I suppose the support I received from people I tried to confide in was nice but somehow it seems far from anything that can "help me. What I’ve come to dislike is the mere use of words where action was more appropriate. I guess for everyone it’s always nice to hear words like: “Hey I’m here for you, man.” But in the end, words are words and they don’t do anything. Well they can if they come in the form of reasoning and all. But I really don’t like hearing that s*** about people “saying” they want to help me because it means jack s*** to me. You cannot voice a feeling through words. True feelings come from the heart and unfortunately we are human and we cannot see the heart. God can, that’s cool, but we can’t.


But perhaps the fault lies with me. Perhaps I had expected too much of the people around me. I guess I assessed their potential based on feelings rather than thinking logically what they can do that’s practical. Having that feeling that someone is able to catch anytime and anywhere is nice but one needs to stop and think whether the person can actually pull it off. I suppose the same applies for me. I guess I need to learn to be a practical friend as well, as soon I can get rid of this s*** feeling in me. But yeah  I want to believe that the people around me can offer more than mere words and I still do. But perhaps the time is not right to expect something so much from them. And it lies in my fault to raise my hopes so high based on a feeling which could not be transformed into actions.


So all in all I would be living in the time of broken hopes and these days I’ve been trying to shoulder all of that burden on my own again now, since trying to share it was a big mistake. So once again I stand alone and I probably need some time on my own to get that concept back into my system; to give up that hope and embrace that despair, it’s called reality. Luckily I have a trip to Hong Kong next month with just my mum. No distraction from technology, a fair amount of isolation; a good chance to recuperate.


Waiting for the high tide to settle down now.

New Year’s Eve and Day

Well it’s that time of year again and for once I spent it better than in front of my computer playing Warcraft at night. The last 40 or so hours have been hectic as well as without rest, ie. I am dead tired at the moment so I’ll try to blog as best as I can.


Starting the morning at 5am; woke up because I was unable to sleep, which is not a good thing considering I only went to bed at 2am; giving me a mere 3-hour sleep in the last two days. Anyway I got up at 8am to have a light breakfast and left the house to get out to Parramatta. Charlie invited us all to his place to watch the fireworks and do a bunch of various things throughout the day.


I got there at 10am, the time appointed by Charlie; the day was beginning to grow hot at this point. Yitian came soon after followed by Tim, Joseph, Matthew and Fred. Eric dropped out at the last minute for some reason or another and so in the morning it was just us 7. We went off to a Net Cafe just for one hour at $3, although I do highly doubt much can be done in an hour. We spent 45 minutes playing DotA since it’s been a while since we’ve all played together. I’m no longer going to make commentaries on the match but I guess it was good to have everyone playing against each other again. We spent the last 10 minutes trying to start a game of Castle Fight but that didn’t go far so we let that go.


After that it was about 11:40am so we went up to Greater Union to pick up our tickets to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Keanu Reeves, that Charlie has ordered online. I didn’t see the point of ordering online because I never thought that any movie is ever going to be sold out, especially when it’s not the first screening. A lesson to be learned next year, this year. I’ll write my review after this maybe but bottom line is: “Crap movie, don’t bother considering watching it, unless you really love Keanu Reeves”.


Jack Ding met up with us for the movie and Matthew decided to take Eric’s place to watch the movie. Charlie had booked too many tickets and Matt had already seen it with Kelvin in Hong Kong. He agreed to pay half the price of the ticket. Is it right to ask Eric for $7 because he cancelled at such late notice?


Went for lunch at about 2pm and here’s something that was very strange. I’m not sure whether to call it fortune or not. Anyway I ordered take away Udon at some Japanese noodle shop because they didn’t have any ramen =.=” and also a small bottle of Sprite. But when it came to paying I gave her $20 in two $10 notes. She handed me back one of the $10 notes and then also gave me $7.50 change. So essentially I had paid $2.50 only. Yet, isn’t that just the price of the Sprite? She had clearly forgotten to charge me the $9.20 for my Udon. In fact, I don’t think she even charged the other woman who she was serving; and I kind of saw a puzzled look on the customer’s face when she didn’t pay I think. So yeah, very strange moment then; wasn’t exactly guilt-free myself but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to say: “No, sorry you’ve made a mistake…”


After lunch Charlie tried to take us over to the local high school to use their basketball courts. They call this “trespassing” nowadays; which therefore means I can’t do the same with Penno High, oh well. Bad luck was that the gates to the school were locked so no trespassing. Instead Charlie’ back up plan was to take us to the primary school where they had smaller courts. That school had those kiddie fences which you can easily walk over so we just used those courts, only half because another group of people were already there.


We played for a while but because it was extremely hot by this time in the afternoon, it was just too tiring to so we decided to give it up like about 40 minutes later. Went back to Charlie’s apartment and set up the Cube to play Melee, ie. set up the Nintendo GameCube to play Super Smash Bros. Melee. Again no need to go into detail for any of this.


But later on some of us got bored so we started playing Mahjong. Bah I really need to buy a set T.T” We actually spent a lot of time playing Mahjong throughout the night. Kelvin showed up at about 5pm with his new highly acclaimed uber thick black-rimmed glasses *cough* fob *cough*, along with a few other accessories he bought in Hong Kong. Personally I shall be going to Hong Kong in February, not the best time to go but my mum wanted to go then and I guess I wanted to follow just for buying stuff yeah. Not exactly going to be a good two weeks because we don’t really any place to stay and the obvious fact that everyone is back from HK, so I’m just there to pick up the pieces.


I’m getting better at Mahjong, being self-taught is somewhat rewarding at times. I can usually make about 5 farn with decent hands, otherwise I don’t even bother finishing. But hey, there’s still a lot of experience that I need. Sharon! Mebbe this is where you can come in >.<” ah the heat is getting to me, typing deliriously.


Anyway, we had dinner around 6pm: fish fillets, crumbled chicken sticks, sushi and good salad. Charlie provided ample diner for all of us which was great of him. The sushi in particular belongs to the sushi shop like opposite his parents’ coffee shop in Westfield. Dinner was great albeit the weird topic of conversation which was me and my love story for this period of time. Had a pretty bad night because of all the pressure those sooks gave me but fair enough I deserved it.


But it did sort of make me realise that our group aren’t very “in-tune” with women (now that most of us are over 18, the term “women” seems more applicable than “girls”). It’s like everyone seems everyone has trouble relating to women in that they don’t have close friends who are chicks. I mean for example, thinking back to the time when I invited Grace to RICE Rally, first response from the group: “Oooh Jason, is she your girlfriend?” Totally absurd hypothesis to raise considering the lack of evidence to support it. It wasn’t sound judgement. Ah well I guess it’s their time to properly grow. I’m not looking down at them but the fact that they still make such ridiculous comments just makes them seem slightly immature; as if every girl you talk to automatically becomes your girlfriend.


As night began to come full circle, we started playing more of Melee as well as Soul Calibre II (or however it’s spelt). We played like team matches against each other and I remember my beautiful soloing of a 5-man team; managed to take down 5 fighters in a row, which was very scary and obviously my only moment to shine in the night. Everyone else had similar sprees. Some of us went back to Mahjong and others to poker. We wanted to actually do something fun and interesting. But when Tim suggested “dares” we know things can get a bit messy. And yet even when being nice, we ended up with rather lame ideas. We were playing penalty poker where you can use your chips to make someone else do push-ups. Would’ve liked to have increased the number of push-ups per chip, it was at 2 chips for 1 push-up, kid of lame and un-manly haha!


We ended up making Kelvin do most of the push-ups, also because he was hasty enough to lose all of his chips first, that’s gambling I guess. We were trying to find like some other interesting challenges to impose on losers but I guess we didn’t manage to come up with any strange ideas. But that’s okay, the objective was to have fun rather than humiliate someone else.


The night went on for a very long time. And at 12am we went up to the rooftop of Charlie’s apartment. We spent a fair 20 minutes up there, including a rather lame and loud countdown where we all just screamed off the top of a Parramatta apartment building to whoever was actually listening. Of course we were off, and sort of by like a minute but oh well. We could actually see the fireworks on the Harbour Bridge from so far away, but unfortunately I’d have to say that I was largely unimpressed by it; wasn’t anything special and frankly I would’ve rather watched it on TV than trying to in real person like 20 Km away. Actually if you think about it, if we could actually hear the fireworks from the Harbour Bridge then scientifically the explosions should take 60 seconds to reach us. Sound travels at 330 m/s so 3 seconds for 1 Km and we’re about 20 Km away. I think I heard faint rumbles in the background but meh, whatever. The show seemed to last a mere 15 minutes. I thought it was meant to be better this year, and frankly I didn’t even see much of it. Well, I guess fireworks wasn’t a strong start to the new year for me anyway.


We went back down once the fireworks died down and proceeded to more gaming and such. Fred, Joseph and Jack left soon after because they weren’t going to stay the night, leaving us with 6 people plus Charlie. Kind of hard to fit everyone within an apartment so that’s why some of us didn’t sleep. Nick passed off with a mere 5 minutes of sleep around 6:30am because “he was bored”. I gave in to 2 x 30 minute sleeping periods, which weren’t too comfortable but oh well. Everyone else slept at 5am till 9am, all over the floor, the couches, even Yitian decided to sleep under the table.


On that note about sleeping; last time we did a sleepover of the sort, it was me, Tim, Kelvin and Jono at Chris’ house and in fact none of slept at all, not a bit. Well Chris did but the four of us played Mario Kart 64 the whole night; that was good memories. Man we were so wasted the next morning. But  thinking back then I was fine. And yet come Friday morning and I was hit with a terrible fever which screwed me over the entire day. it’s Saturday now, and I’m glad I’m getting better, but like Friday was so horrible for me. I never thought I’d ever get sick but then I suppose if I abused my body in such as a way then I suppose any illness is imminent. Had a think about it and realized that I only had 3 hours of sleep over the last 3 days, that’s 1 hour a day; definitely not good. It was 2am – 5am on Wednesday morning; was gaming at night and sort of got excited for the day so I woke up early and couldn’t get any more sleep. Didn’t sleep the entire Wednesday night; those 2 x 30 minute periods don’t count as proper sleep. And then went to sleep on Thursday at midnight because it was so hot it was impossible to sleep.


Well that’s one lesson I’ve learned. 3 hours of sleep in 72 hours is asking for trouble. But I’m surprised that I managed to recover fairly quickly today, Saturday. I feel like the fever is only affecting me at about 10% whereas it was hitting me at 70%+ on Friday; just trying to judge how severe it was. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that getting better and maintaining health doesn’t require medication or crap. You can find all your “medical” needs from the food around you. Fruits and vegetables really are good for you. But my mum keeps stressing to me that the most valuable “healing” substance is in fact just plain water. What tends to happen is that as water passes through your system, it picks up all the toxins in your body; the crap that’s making you sick. And thinking of a cell in biology, the water tends to carry waste products out of your body, in the form of urine. Now this might get a bit gross but next time you go to the toilet do check the colour of your urine. The more yellow it is, the more toxins that have been carried out. Now that’s a good thing but this just simply means that your body had a lot of toxins to begin with, which means you need to drink more water. Please don’t get confused with yellow urine as a sign that you’re dehydrated; the technical interpretation is that you have not had enough water to wash out all the toxins in your body. So a healthy 8 glasses of water a day is recommended in order to keep your system clean from these toxins that make you sick. And frankly that’s all I did on Friday, just drank water and I’m feeling heaps better today. So yeah, just a simple note to everyone for future reference.


Breakfast was muffins from another shop in Westfield. Had a few myself even though I was still wasted from the night. We played more Mahjong and GameCube and I left at 11am to do a bit more travelling and potential shopping. But that was our New Year’s celebrations, rather interesting and nostalgic since the last time we all did something together. Ah, but on other notes none of this really matters, New Year’s is just another day; it seems foolish to get bogged down by a day the world calls to be special, a day is a day, it has no special significance. It may be a  symbol that points to something , such as Christmas to Jesus, but that’s all it really is. Let that be a reminder to everyone. I’m really tired at the moment. I’ll see if I can do another blog tonight.


As promised here are some random photos during the night/morning: