Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Friday

Following on from Thursday, I suppose many of us were determined to enjoy the last night with one another, so in summary, we stayed up all night long. Initially we were all divided in various parts of the campsite, playing games in different rooms with different faculties. Eventually by 12am we had all congregated into a single room. It was completely freezing at the time, but we came across a small group who were playing Ninja Destruction in front of the main hall. They were playing silently, as the name of the game would suggest; also because everyone else was trying to sleep.

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Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Thursday

Fourth day now and things start to become a blur because of having learnt so much over the last three days and not having enough time to sit down and let it process through our minds. The cup noodles ran out on Thursday so my breakfast was relatively small. Not a good thing considering that I really needed the energy for this day.

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Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Tuesday

Monday Night Antics

This is under the Tuesday post since the Monday one was so long (as an introduction). After the night session from last night, it was just about 10:30pm. We all moved off to have supper, I went off to have a shower before everyone else starts rushing there. For late night activities, we went up to the Prayer Tower, an isolated building sitting on top of a hill away from the rest of the campsite. We trekked up to the building which was mainly supposed to be used for prayer but we decided to play a few games on the top level. I wouldn’t call it “defiling” the building in any way, we just decided to have our socials there; the building itself doesn’t have to be used the way it’s called, nor does prayer need to be confined to that building.

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Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Monday

Following on from the Sunday evening post, the story continues with me getting to bed around 11:30pm on Sunday, waking up at 4:30am on Monday to watch the FIFA finals; it was a complete disappointment, no goals up until like the last 15 minutes of extra time. Anyway, with all that time wasted, I quickly rushed to have breakfast; Brandon came to pick me up promptly after 7am, the game had barely ended before he came.

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