MYC Overview

Well let’s take a look back at MYC (even though it’s been a whole week already), but at least now we get to look at those five days as a whole and to see just how the camp has affected me. It might be little, it might be a lot; let’s see.

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MYC Day Five – Friday

Well I guess my Friday officially started at 6am as we were leaving the prayer tower. The sun was far from up still and it was still fairly dark. On the way down we saw two figures standing there on the way; I got a bit freaked out, until I saw it was just two other MYC people. They had come out early to see the sun rise. We were intent on seeing a pillow back in our room. Most people did, trying to get that extra one hour of sleep, over no sleep. But I didn’t. When I got back, Paul was snug on my bed, there was not much I could do. So I grabbed my laptop, went out to find a spot and began blogging if you remember from Wednesday.

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MYC Day Four – Thursday

Well on Wednesday night I had like 4 hours of sleep; you can already begin to see how my sleeping patterns are deteriorating haha. So anyway I felt really dead for Thursday morning, which was why I woke up at like 7:45am, closer to 8:00 am really. I was a tad groggy so I dragged my way down for breakfast; it’s Monday now and I really can’t remember what we had for breakfast on Thursday; probably the same as usual?

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MYC Day Three – Wednesday

Okay we’re nearly halfway through camp. It is currently 6am on Friday. Why am I up so early and why of all things am I blogging? Well you’ll find out when I get to Friday’s post.


I was a bit dead since Tuesday night but I managed to wake up by 7:30am in order to go down for breakfast. Once again I had my hot shower in a certain cubicle, having noticed that certain cubicles were more comfortable to shower in than others. Breakfast this time was watered down eggs (as always), and bacon, plus all the usual. I had double servings again because I was hungry from last night’s Mahjong. Had my cup of green tea and I was pretty much good for the day.

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MYC Day Two – Tuesday

Well Tuesday came relatively quickly, considering I only had like six hours to sleep. Breakfast was at 7:30am but others wanted to wake up even earlier for say exercise or morning prayer. I was simply too tired to do any early morning activities; I only barely managed to wake up for breakfast. But as usual I had my morning shower; only at camps, and fair enough because it was really cold in the mornings; it’s just complete hell having to wake up early on a Winter’s morning.

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MYC Day One – Monday

Hey guys, relatively tired at the moment but because I was smart (or foolish) enough to bring my laptop to camp; who knows I think it might come in handy. Anyway there is no Internet at Merroo so I’ll type it up and then I’ll post it when I come back; still I’d have a pretty big job blogging all this up if I start when I get back so I’ll opt to type everything up now, but then also forego my sleep; oh well.

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