Macau Chronicles 2012: Part 6

The last section of my trip comes to you not from HK but rather from Macau. To be fair, I was only in Macau for a day but the last week of Hong Kong was boring to the point where there wasn’t really anything fun worth mentioning.


I needed to look back through my photos to recall what I actually did in Macau. Most of it was just sight-seeing and to be fair there wasn’t really anything interesting to do in Macau anyway; well on the normal residential side of town. It was good to finally not be in a crowded place. The streets of Macau are mostly paved with stones from the Portuguese who were here…okay don’t ask me about history; but pretty much there was a lot of Portuguese-style architecture there, just as you would find British architecture in Hong Kong.




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Christmas Eve House Party

What better way to start season 6 of Divine Iniquity than with a Christmas Eve house party over at Jia Qi’s? Jia Qi kindly opened his house on Wednesday to a number of people from our grade, mostly from our school(or formerly from our school but then transferred to that God-forsaken school Ruse) and also some people he knew back from primary school; your typical house party.


Our group isn’t exactly in touch with theirs but I guess we fit in well nonetheless. From our group, me, Chris, Joseph, Eric and Charlie went. And there were a number of people from other groups too numerous to name. There were more than 20 people who attended I think. Jia Qi offered a number of activities, nothing all too different from what our group would normally do. But Jia Qi does have the bigger house, and is also right opposite James Ruse, which means free access to their grounds for sports ^^.


There’s not much need to describe in detail the stuff we did there. It was a combination of Brawl, SingStar, EyeToy, Poker, Table Tennis, Piano, simple chatting, and various ball games. One thing that might’ve encouraged a few more people to come would have been Jacky with his SingStar emulator (Vanessa I’m more referring to you xD). And it does make sense since there’s already a DDR emulator called StepMania (I have more than 0.5 GB of anime dances :P) so naturally it should be right to assume that SingStar would have it’s own [illegal] counterpart. “UltraStar” if anyone wants to do research into it. I want to set it up but I’ve already come across a few problems so I might leave that till I get a new computer or something. Jacky had every SingStar and more songs all stuffed in that laptop of his; of course that sparks interest in us who are fans of SingStar. More so for me because I have the same opportunity as obtaining that “power”. It’s going to take a few months before I actually match up where Jacky is. He refused to give me everything he had but even if he did there’s no guarantee it would work on my computer T.T”


Food-wise Jia Qi disappointed me. No meat…enough said. But apart from that there was a lot of noodles and pasta and other related dishes. There was probably enough food for everyone and I suppose that is a lot of effort from his mum so still kudos to him for that. There were more than enough drinks to last everyone so that was a plus. I can’t remember doing much other than playing Brawl and SingStar. One memorable moment was when Jacky was already tired from singing and still pushed on with a hard song. His voice totally gave way. He still hit the high note at a cost of fully breaking his voice, it was hilarious. Oh by the way, “UltraStar” supports Japanese songs too if that interests you Vanessa; it’s all a matter of finding it.


The day lasted a long time and we all had the chance to catch up with one another. Ivan and Esther came; it’s been a while since we last saw them but they’ve both grown a fair bit. Esther’s heaps taller now, though still somewhat short. Even Eric is catching up to her haha! But she’s just as shy as ever, which kind of sets the party down a tone.


“Esther play SingStar with us!”
”…Umm, no? That’s okay.”


People eventually began to leave once it hit 3pm but the party was still going. Others preferred to sit and chat, the more mature thing to do after high school haha; especially when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. But overall the party was rather fun because there were so many people there and heaps of space to do whatever. A good start to the holidays!