SMAC Camp ‘11

There is no better time to be doing this than at 4:30am after my long slumber since 9pm. This year our church had a 5 day camp instead of the standard 3 days (or 2 days and a bit really). Likewise our 5-day camp was about 3 full days and two half days; it’s still quite a long camp. I think I’ll condense everything into one post so I’ll keep things brief.


This will be different from other posts I’ve ever put up for camp before this time round, the camp was made more for other people rather than for me. That is to say, I was more a contributor to this camp than a consumer. My primary objective for this camp as a youth leader was to look after the youth, get to know them better and to facilitate their learning of God’s Word. So this time round, I think I’ll recount camp from a leaders’ perspective even though it’s easier to do it from a participant’s point of view.



1. Thursday
2. Friday
3. Saturday
4. Sunday
5. Monday


I was really exhausted and stressed coming into this camp on Thursday night. I had spent the full day at uni for class and campus ministry; spent the afternoon dealing with the seminar I had to prepare for camp. Our rear guard car (since we were the last ones to arrive on Thursday night) consisted of me, Jacky, Quentin and Athena; all of us were put under the same circumstances of needing to do something intellectually “rewarding” otherwise known as class (or tutoring/study). so we only managed to set off from our homes at 7:00pm-ish. Our first pit stop was Hong Kong de Cafe because we all needed to have dinner. Seemed quite unreasonable for camp to not provide dinner the first night, considering how everyone else was arriving there in the afternoon. We weren’t about to be shaken from having a decent meal. As a result we ended up getting to camp at 10pm, luckily there wasn’t any traffic along the way. Car trips are always a good time to have good conversation.


Pretty much went straight to bed as soon as we got there. Sadly I was in the same room as my youth group boys, who were quite energetic for the first night of camp. We probably made the sad mistake of bringing our nerf guns to camp because our boys were messing around with them all night long, well until 12:30am at least. It wasn’t a pleasant first night, also considering how Jie snores. I’m a really light sleeper so it affects me greatly.


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The next morning, things were quite groggy for me. Getting only 4-5 hours for sleep the first night, coupled with roughly the same amount the night before really makes for a bad start to camp. Luckily there’s this thing called coffee for breakfast. I probably wouldn’t have made it past camp without that substance. Can’t remember what we had for breakfast or what we ate for most meals. I think we were really blessed to have Loretta’s parents there cooking for us over those 4-5 days. Few people really would give up their Easter long weekend to cook for a bunch of Asian kids, but we’re really glad that they could help. And as always, Asian parents never go wrong with food; so there was never any fear that the food would be bad or anything. I remember there was a large variety of food served over the days of camp, which is why I can’t remember them all.


For the three full days, the general routine of the day was this:

8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Morning session
11:00am – Morning tea
11:30am – Bible Study groups
1:00pm – Lunch
3:00pm – Group game
6:00pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Seminar
10:30pm – Lights out


Of course there would be some free time between everything thing; most of the free time was in the afternoon. The hard part of all of this is that our free time was spent preparing things for the rest of camp. There wasn’t really any time for me to relax at camp. Today’s free time alone was spent on preparing the seminar for night, I’ll get to that soon.


Morning Session

Our morning sessions were chaired by William, who did really well at adopting a charismatic attitude and tone to play out the theme of camp. He pretty well at shouting and making things as formal as he could; though he gradually relaxed to a normal church service tone as the week progressed. Music was done quite simply: one singer (Sharon) and one pianist (Phoebe), quite effective. It’s probably better to cut back on instruments than to put too much personnel into music. Won’t sound as amazing without other instruments but it’s still pretty effective.


SAM_2960 (960x540)


All the talks were done by our youth pastor, rather than a guest speaker. And this was kind of disappointing seeing as we always hear from our pastor every week on Sunday. However, it really was difficult finding another speaker who was willing to give up 5 days of their week to go to someone else’s church camp; they would have been giving up their Easter/Anzac long weekend and the chance to relax and spend time with their family. Our pastor gave a series of good talks over the week so we weren’t disappointed at all.


SAM_3001 (540x960)SAM_3003 (540x960) 


Our topic for camp this year is justification. To save time I won’t really go over what it’s about but it was generally thinking about how justification, and justice, fit into God’s plan for salvation for mankind. All the leaders should have covered it at some point, probably during uni so it was more for the newer Christians to understand what it is about.


Bible Study Groups

After our morning sessions we moved into our Bible Study groups. Although I only had about half my usual group there at camp, we have a lot of good constructive discussion, as long as they learn stuff it’s all good. The good thing is that the nerf guns which were the bane of my sleep last night, turned out to be very useful. We used the nerf gun to play Russian Roulette. For those who aren’t familiar with it, we loaded the gun with one foam bullet, and spun it on a table. The person that it points at picks the gun up and shoots himself. If he “dies” then in this context we make them share something they learnt from the talk. So I guess for all you youth leaders out there, consider using this as a way to get your kids to share.


Our group stuck to the pre-written studies most of the time, but they also had their own personal questions about the talk, so there were many times where I decided we investigate the question they asked, rather than do the pre-written study. I tend to do that a lot haha, but then our boys had their questions answered and clarified which is more important than teaching them what we’re supposed to teach them.


I think my group become more open to answering questions with more complex answers and responses, which showed they were thinking. They started getting used to the way each other thinks so for once we actually had good flowing discussion where everyone was building on each others’ ideas; that was really encouraging to see. Of course some of them still trail off topic here and there, but that’s natural, they’re only year 10-11. I’m proud of the things they asked and the conclusions they were able to reach.



Our camp organisers had some interesting group games for everyone to play each day. Just one big game each day. We played in the same teams each day and it gave us a chance to get to know other people better. For the first day we played a giant version of monopoly deal. The interesting changes where that the property cards were changed into people, so everyone had a card of themselves, with a photo that was taken prior to camp, which was placed on a different coloured background, just like the different colours properties. in the original game. All action cards that allowed the stealing of properties involved an extra challenge (physical or mental) before the stealing could take place, which was fair. There is one whacked up video of such a challenge here:


The objective of the game was to collect three sets of three (nine cards in total), cose to what the original game’s goal was. The game moved quite slowly but it was pretty fun. I had fun “activating trap cards”. Couldn’t find anything better so just watch this:


SAM_3079 (960x540) 

SAM_3080 (960x540) SAM_3081 (960x540) SAM_3082 (960x540)


To sort of hide this next little section amidst everything else, I think I should also address the behind-the-scenes when it comes to coming up with ideas for these games. I reckon the hardest part in designing games for anything is “balancing issues”. These include rules that not only run the game but also prevent people from finding loop holes in the games; and then you also have scoring issues if the game has a winner and a loser. It really sucks to have good group games spoiled at the end with a simple “But that’s not fair! They cheated!” or something like that, I know I’m a culprit of that haha. But then again, coming up with completely original games is hard enough as is; to make the game perfect in terms of rules and stuff would just take too much effort. Clearly the game above took a lot of effort just from first glance at all the cards and such. It just wouldn’t be worth it spending more effort “balancing” the game; for a Christian camp, that effort would’ve been better spent on improving the important parts of camp (eg: the Bible Studies). But that’s my impression as a leader, and my excuse to not put 110% into games for youth group haha.


Night Session

Every night we had a different activity at night. The first two nights were seminars and the last night was a performance night. Anyway, I was really anxious about Friday night’s seminar, mainly because me and Nat were the ones going to run it, and we weren’t exactly ready or finished in time. Well we did, but it was a bit rushed and too much stuff was going round my head with uni and all. Our seminar was on trying to encourage our youth group kids to have more godly conversations at church because they just seem to have a culture of chatting about random stuff and not really using the time wisely to build each other up in Christ.


Writing the seminar was extremely difficult for me; I’m not sure how things were on my co-leader’s end. The main problem for me was that I was writing on a topic I wasn’t familiar or sure about. For example, if you’re not a Christian and you don’t believe in Christianity, then obviously it will be hard for you to talk about Christianity. So for our topic of changing the culture of conversation at our church, I was really clueless as to how we would actually achieve it. I literally made up a lot of stuff; I mean, I vaguely had an idea on what I wanted to encourage the youth in but I wasn’t sure of how to best present it. I eventually came up with something I called the “4 C’s of Conversation”, I think I’ll blog it up some time later. Essentially I thought that our conversation should be guided by four criteria (starting with C):

1. Caring
2. Constructive
3. Centered Around the Other Person
4. Continuous

Why are there four? Because I was only able to come up with four. Anyway apart from just that section, we had a few key passages to look at, such as Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 13. We also had a lot of brainstorming sessions which seemed pretty good cos all our kids contributed a lot. And at the end we had some role plays done by the other leaders so the kids could see what was good or bad about each conversation. As something extra, yes Brandon I know I said I would try to base this seminar off of yours, but somehow things turned out like this. One thing led to another and I’m really glad we managed to pull off the seminar, it had me worrying heaps. I think I really do need to sit down and write up more articles for future seminars and what not.


I retired on Thursday night after the seminar; well, after another 1.5 hours of watching random anime. There was no snoring that night, which was good for me.


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Saturday came and went in pretty much the same manner as Friday. The routine was the same, but the conversations were different. Obviously people start to get closer as camp progresses, and you finally see how much they’ve grown at the end of camp. And so, the truly encouraging things from camp are best left till the end of camp. In meantime, here’s what I did in the morning:


Memory is starting to get fuzzy now but I remember that our Bible Study group went pretty well again. The boys really enjoyed the Russian Roulette idea of getting people to share what they learnt. For once they all actually stayed awake and concentrated through a 1.5 hour Bible Study; they normally find it hard to do that back at church on a Sunday morning for a 30 minute study.


I sadly spent most of this day watching anime in the afternoon for free time. Oh right, the game. This afternoon’s game was a rendition of “Capture the Flag”, combined with some rules from “Fresher”. If you’re familiar with how each game works you’ll sort of get a good picture of how this version was run. It was pretty fun, in terms of the teamwork and the chaos. Everyone got physically tired of course. Again there were “balancing issues” but the game was quite memorable. Don’t really have any good relevant pictures for the game, but seeing as there hasn’t been a photo for more than a thousand words, I think we need at least one photo to balance it out:


SAM_3165 (960x540) 

SAM_3173 (960x540)

As I was saying, I spent the afternoon watching anime. But to try and make good use of the time, I watched anime with a number of the youth. A lot of them are into some form of anime, but I reckon we all need to learn to keep anime in perspective. It’s more than a cartoon as many people would think; it’s an art form that does reveal some rather sensitive emotions and desires that mankind has. So while I can’t say the couple of hours was used in the best way, getting the chance to talk with the youth about what they liked and disliked in anime allows us to work out how people think. Okay fine, I’m just making excuses to watch anime; but it wasn’t as unproductive as watching a movie and not talking. We were all making insightful comments throughout the things we watched. I thought the Clannad movie would’ve been good for the youth who have never watched anything of the sort, but it was a sad disappointment. And of course it’s unreasonable to make them spend (not waste) like hours upon hours of watching the anime series instead. Oh well.


At night the second seminar was kind of like the first. And while it seemed a bit redundant there’s always something to be learned. I missed out on the first hour or so, took a break after dinner to recompose myself; lacking energy really takes a toll on everyone’s ability to suppress their negativities, like frustration and stress. Had to do the same thing on Thursday night too, after presenting our seminar. Sat by the lake’s edge for an hour and a bit to just relax and let my thoughts flow. It was nice watching the moon glisten on the surface of the lake and just letting the cool night air blow past. I think I’ve done this every time we had camp at Point Wolstoncroft; just snuck away at night to sit by the edge of the lake, without a care in the world. Yeah, people were looking for me, but so what? Haha. The world doesn’t stop for anyone taking a break, I certainly don’t expect it to stop for me ever.


To compensate for a short section on this day, I think I’ll add in a funny “blog post” that one of our youth daringly typed up on my laptop. The context is that she wanted to use my laptop to “blog” though she clearly normally doesn’t. I’ll censor relevant bits that breach privacy, and this is what she ended up with:


Hey 😀

This is Bianca *****!! Today I am going to introduce myself as I said before. I’m year 10 at ***** High School. Only cool people go to this school =)

I am now on Jason Tam’s laptop. The mouse is very sensitive. He just asked me if I can touch type. Phoebe is laughing really loud at Jason’s comments. Calvin is shooting a toy gun and Sean is building a rifle?!?!

I am listening to rocketeer on full blast but I can still hear Jason and Phoebe *sigh*

They are arguing about Korean music.

There is a group to my right that is playing a card game. There is Kylie, Natalie, Joy, Kevin x2, Jess, Danny and Jason Yap. Then the next table on the right is Kenny. On my left is some boys playing a board game with miniature statures.

Now I am clueless what to write! Let me ask Jacky. He told me to write about Jason. But he is too boring to write about! 😀

I asked Jacky again. He is thinking and told me write about the lake. I am never going to ask him for advice because he has no imagination. He nearly killed me with foam bullets!!! Time to plan for revenge =)

A chess set is being set up on the table

Jacky once again nearly killed me!!

Phoebe is now making Jacky smell the texta which is supposed to me cherry flavoured.

IM SO BORED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason likes men. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA agreed =) This is no surprise.

Now I g2g because it’s time for fun and games!! I will be back to blog again.

Hi 😀 I’m back!!!

Sorry I had to go again 😀 had the awesomest night of my life!!!

We had a campfire and each group performed a 10 minute long performance. IT was amazing!! Army group did a musical but Pirates ended up winning. They won it fair and square =) CONGRATZ PIRATES!!!

Then we roasted marshmallows and made sandwiches with chocolate coated digestive biscuits


Yeah it’s really random and was heaps funny to laugh at. Honestly, I reckon only little girls have the writing style where they suddenly change into ALL CAPITALS FOR THE FUN OF IT! Ironic statement I know, but so is the one about me liking men. At the end of the day, blogging (or writing in journals) is a good thing because it shows how well your thought flow in your mind. The more articulate your words, the more able you are in translating your thoughts into words, and the more freely your thoughts flow in your mind. Will see if we can get her to start or something haha. I know I said to some of you that it would be funny if I tried a rendition on what her typical blog might look like (eg: boy problems) but it would be too mean so I won’t. Instead I’ll see if I can convince her to actually start a real blog.


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Second last day and the energy levels are starting to drop dangerously. I guess with a longer camp, this is what naturally results. Once again coffee played a fundamental role in keeping me alert for the rest of the day. Again I’ll skip the daily routines and just highlight anything that was different or encouraging. Our Bible Study group did something different today, because I said so. No, I’m kidding. The boys had questions from the talk so we spent the whole time addressing them and discussing about them. That meant we had to jeopardise the Bible Study but had some very fruitful discussion. We went over homosexuality again and whether homosexuals can be saved or not. Moved onto smokers, which was random, but I helped them make it more general (that is, smokers is one example of a larger group of people known as “addicts”, and the real sin behind all of that is addiction, which leads to idolatry). And finally we talked about living as new Christians practically encompassed, like our priorities and out attitude to money and stuff.


In the afternoon we had a trivia game, not much can go wrong there. Afterwards we all had to work on a group act for the evening. I think a lot of groups were stressing over a 15 minute act, considering how we were given less than a day to do it. Me and Julz spent most of Saturday night and Sunday afternoon writing up lyrics for our act, which was to be a musical involving ninjas haha. Our two main songs were the “Hallelujah” one from the Shrek movie, and “Breaking Free” from High School Musical. Me and Julz wrote the lyrics for the latter one. Here they are:


God’s Grace is Free

Written by Jason Tam and Juliana Chen


We’re praying, praising
There’s not a sinner on earth that He can’t reach
We’re believing, that God’s grace is free

You know that God can see us
In a way that’s different from creation’s start
Creating space between us
Till we’re separate hearts

But our faith, it credits us
With righteousness

God’s grace is free
We’re praying, praising
There’s not a sinner on earth that He can’t reach
We’re believing, that God’s grace is free

Can you feel His suffering?
Like a lamb sacrificed to make us whole
Reconciled by his dying
Jesus paid our toll

Rising till it lifts Christ up
So everyone can see

God’s grace is free
We’re praying, praising
There’s not a sinner on earth that He can’t reach
We’re believing, that God’s grace is free
We’re preaching, serving
To live renewed lives to be what God wants us to be
Now’s the time, cos God’s grace is free

More than hope
More than faith
This is truth
This is fate
And His kingdom we see it coming

All for you
All for me
Not by works, or by deeds
Faith in Christ, sets us free

We’re praying, praising
There’s not a sinner on earth that He can’t reach
We’re believing, that God’s grace is free
We’re preaching, serving
To live renewed lives to be what God wants us to be
Now’s the time, cos God’s grace is free

You know that God declares us
Justified so now we’re no longer apart


We didn’t really get time to prepare it as a duet by that’s okay.


At night all the groups presented their acts. Most groups had singing, most of them are well known songs where the lyrics easily fit into a Christian theme. The uni students would all have had experiences from having to do acts for camps such as MYC. Every group had a very unique act, and as much as I would like to recount them all, I can’t remember them that clearly, I’ll try to grab the footage from other people. One mentionable team was the Navy team (our camp had an army theme remember), and their act was completely made up on the spot. It involved a lot of actions that accentuated the lower half of the body. For example, imagine what “washing the boat” might look like if it was done emphatically. All their actions were funny and none of their act made sense, which was why it was really funny, it was just full of random. Marcus went far enough to make a joke about “sea-men”; and considering that only their team could’ve made such a joke, I more or less applaud them for making it. As for our team’s act, I pretty much put to use as many funny Naruto connotations as I could; our team was the Ninjas.


What I really liked about this activity was the way every team bonded when it came to organising the act. We had some quiet people in our team but gradually they opened up and weren’t shy in giving us their opinions. The activity really helped us build up teamwork. It was encouraging to see everyone open up to the whole congregation when they were giving the performance, especially the ones who were bold enough to dance in front of everyone. One of my boys really opened himself up that night, in more than one way too haha. That is, he was really bold in terms of dancing, which caught me completely in shock because he was never like that before. And then later on in the evening he made the mistake of taking off his jacket and ended up topless for a brief moment haha.


SAM_3250 (960x540)



This last section deserves its own section. I said before that the true fruits at camp only start to show towards the end and surely, Sunday night must’ve been the most touching and encouraging night for me. When the night performances ended, and the odd rave party afterwards ended, we all retired to the lodges, not to sleep, but to stay up for conversations. Stuff the lights out thing at 10:30pm, let’s have some serious bonding conversation time. For myself, I literally stayed up all night talking; and I really mean that literally. Starting at about 10pm I chatted with one person for about an hour or so. That was pretty cool because I’ve never really had a serious conversation with them before so it was really cool being given the opportunity to do so. Learning stuff about the other person’s life really is productive because as I had said in my seminar, it allows us to understand the context of the other person, what their feelings are, and how they think and respond to different things we talk about.


For all the conversations that happened on that night (which also dragged on to the next day), I would not have traded anything for those moments. But that’s because they are my highlight for camp this year. And yeah, even though none of the actual organised parts of camp were most memorable, that’s how things are in all relationships, you can’t pick and choose and set which moments will be most important. They just come unexpectedly and knock away everything else.


Anyway, after that first conversation, people began to retire to bed seeing as it was the last night of camp. But for the same reason, people also stayed up for hours more. I continued to have conversations with a few other guys as the night went on. We just say outside the cabins and chatted quietly about all sorts of issues. Of course it wouldn’t really be a private D&M if I shared what was actually said. Anyway the next conversation went on for…6 hours? I am seriously not kidding, I was actually talking to someone else for a continuous 6 hours. Some people chimed in here and there in first couple of hours but eventually everyone retired to bed around 3am. So this conversation roughly happened from 11pm-5am. Again I assure you, I am not kidding.


At 5am we decided to take a break and have some noodles. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who were up at that time. Another person from the other lodge was awake the whole time, so we invited them over to share noodles, though they did not eat. In total there were three of us who stayed up. My 6 hour convo buddy retired at 6am, so me and mystery person #3 carried on and chatted for another 2 hours as we tried to watch the sun rise. Of course it was a cloudy morning so there was no sunrise to see, so we just stood by the lake and chatted. Even a whole night of D&M conversations takes its toll on someone like me. By the end of 9 hours of consecutive hours of talking, this last conversation nearly had me at tears because of what we talked about. Again I won’t share who it was or what we talked about but I definitely learnt something new about that person as well. It wasn’t something bright and it really did mean that it was my responsibility as their leader to follow them up about it. The ones who received lengthy e-mails from me will know who they are.


But yeah, who would’ve thought that the most productive time at camp would’ve been the one where we give up all our sleep for. I don’t regret trading away my sleep for all those conversations; I’ve definitely given up my sleep for the last night of camp for less useful things at other camps. This was the most well spent way of giving up sleep. And from a leader’s perspective, this is sort of what our goal has been all along; just being able to get to know our kids better, to listen to their life stories and to encourage them to persevere as Christians through their worries. It really makes me cry tears of joy knowing that we spent so much time for youth group every week and feeling like we didn’t “achieve” anything, but for that one moment at camp, all our time and efforts finally pay off, and we make some relational progress in growing our kids in Christ.

SAM_3256 (960x540) 

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Well technically, everything I mentioned above happened on Monday. And that’s always the problem with an endless night at camp; do you classify these things as having happened on Sunday night, or really early Monday morning? Anyhow the day came nonetheless, and as you can see from the photo, it wasn’t going to be the brightest of all days. That’s alright.


I think this post has gone on long enough; nothing exceptional happened today. But even though everyone didn’t get much sleep, and the fact that many people started getting sick, today was still a productive day. We had lunch, packed our stuff and left…for Hong Kong de Cafe again haha. There is much to reminisce about camp most definitely, whether as a participant or as a leader; but for now in all my exhaustion I am glad that camp is over because considering all the relationships that were built over camp, camp was not the end of them so there is nothing to be sad about, and nothing to “miss” about camp. Rather, our new stronger relationships with one another have only just begun…


SAM_3271 (960x540)

SAM_3272 (960x540)


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Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Tuesday

Monday Night Antics

This is under the Tuesday post since the Monday one was so long (as an introduction). After the night session from last night, it was just about 10:30pm. We all moved off to have supper, I went off to have a shower before everyone else starts rushing there. For late night activities, we went up to the Prayer Tower, an isolated building sitting on top of a hill away from the rest of the campsite. We trekked up to the building which was mainly supposed to be used for prayer but we decided to play a few games on the top level. I wouldn’t call it “defiling” the building in any way, we just decided to have our socials there; the building itself doesn’t have to be used the way it’s called, nor does prayer need to be confined to that building.

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SMAC Camp 2010

I’ll try to keep this post relative to the length of our camp, which somehow seems to be getting shorter every year, or so it seems. Anyway I was at least glad this year I had a camera to take photos with; much better than last year with my pathetic phone camera, which did it’s job relatively well. Our theme for this year’s camp was “The True King of Israel” – though this was not the actual camp title, this one sounds better. We looked at the book of 1 Samuel and our speaker this year was one Benjamin Ho who graduated from Trinity Grammar and previously went to St Paul’s Anglican along with Kenny and Billy.



My personal Friday began with lunch when Jie came and picked up Jacky and me for camp. We went down to Carlingford Village and ate at Hong Kong de Cafe (as per usual). I lose of track of who owes me money now, we always have a problem when it comes to paying the bill; and then in light of the mid-sem break last week I have completely forgotten who owes me money; I’m more certain that I am owed money rather than the other way round.


Anyway after lunch we walked around Carlingford Court, bought a bar of dark chocolate from Coles (which we didn’t end up eating by the end of camp which kind of sucks) and then we went to pick up Jess and Marcus because we were asked to take them at the very last second – how troublesome! Anyway their company was much appreciated; we pumped a variety of music while Jie drove, guided by his GPS, music from Backstreet Boys to Girls’ Generation. Jess was partially annoyed at the way we’d sing some English songs with an Asian accent.


The car trip took about an hour and a bit. As we got to the camp site, there was a gate blocking our way. We drove up to it. It didn’t open. We tried to give Jess (the co-ordinator) a call but she didn’t pick up – inconvenient. So we drove back to a McDonald’s we saw a couple of minutes back. We took a quick toilet break but didn’t buy anything to eat. Then we finally found out that the gate was automatic, although for some reason it didn’t open when we drove up to it. Regardless, we drove back and saw Ken’s car go past us; everyone was catching up. We got back to the gate and after driving a little closer to it, it actually opened T.T” Bad luck. Ken still mysteriously showed up 10 minutes after us.


We mucked around for a while until the sun set.


SAM_0641 (960x540) SAM_0650 (960x540)

Skip the food (it wasn’t anything special, but it was prepared by like 2 people which is fairly amazing), we began our night session around 8:15pm, about 45 minutes late. Some of the tech equipment wasn’t set up entirely well stage-wise but that would have to be fixed the next morning. We had our intro and then our first talk. Our speaker, Ben, decided to give the Old Testament Bible readings by depicting them in a video with some actors. He picked UNSW as the stage haha! The New Testament Bible readings were done by Athena, as usual.


Oh I missed a bit, we played a game (that we’ve played too much now) which involved getting into groups of people and having a specified number of certain body parts touching the floor; some number of arms, feet, head, etc. I took the chance to grab more photos:


SAM_0657 (960x540) SAM_0660 (960x540)


After the night session we finally settled down in our rooms. Luckily there was wireless here so we YouTube-ed a bit until around 12:30am and then we slept.



The Campsite

Okay now we can move onto the camp site itself. It was disappointingly smaller than our normal camp venue, Point Wolstoncroft; I forget why we’re here this year. The cabins were quite small and cramped which wasn’t all too pleasant. They were cramped in that there was little floor space to put stuff down and actually walk around the room on.


Toilets were quite appalling although I will say that they were better than the KCC ones, the showers at least had hot hot water and were fairly large, and weren’t like bug-infested overnight. But this was not the only “controversy”. I am of course talking about the gender inequality in how the cabins were distributed. At the back of the camp there was a block which was obviously newer, it had air conditioning and the toilets were located inside the building. The girls were offered their “luxurious palace” while we were given the tight-spaced cabins with a toilet block that we had to walk out to. The girl’s rooms were significantly more spacious; significantly. Well of course I’m not pleased, it’s quite unfair that half the campers had better treatment than others. It would be awkward to put everyone inside that nicer block, yes, but everyone could have been fit into our cramped cabins; there was easily enough rooms and beds, the guys didn’t even fill up half the camp site. And it would not be awkward to put guys and girls into the same block, because there were four sets of rooms (A to D) which then led to 3-4 more rooms; clearly our dodgy block was sectioned off in a well manner such that there shouldn’t be any guy-girl tension. I’d argue the same way if the situation had been reversed and we had gotten the better dorms. I’m happy to have a less comfortable room if it creates equality. Besides, these physical barriers I’ve suggested are exactly the case with our pervious camp venue.


Other than the the camp site was quite small, nobody else was there so we sort of had the entire area to ourselves. There was like children’s play equipment which we all mucked around on (see the swings in the photo above) but that may be because it was more of a venue for primary school camps, rather than teen-adult camps T.T” There was a main hall where we had our talks and games and such, fitted with a table tennis table, and a pool table, which was quite a nice addition to things we could do for fun. Naturally everyone made good use of these facilities.




To be continued…

CBS Commerce BBQ Night

As a continuation of events from Thursday afternoon, we left Kelvin’s party halfway through (I guess) to make it all the way over to Lindfield, to Steph Chung’s house, where she was happily opening her place to us for a BBQ dinner. We accompanied Eric all the way to Chatswood and then changed trains to Lindfield. The social was meant to start at 5pm but by the time we got there, not everyone had arrived. Most certainly Ronnie hadn’t (not that he ever does haha!)


Steph’s dog, Coby, is rather cute, and funny. I rang Steph’s doorbell and her dog went full crazy barking and such. For the people that were there, we helped set up the rest of the things for the evening. Most of the girls, Jess, Mandy, Angelina, helped with food preparation (as they should!), while Bec, Chalrie, Jono and Chloe helped make water balloons. Bec and Chloe were completely new to these instruments of mayhem and had heaps of trouble, and failures at filling up water balloons; not to mention they were crammed into like a small toilet with only one small tap, the other one had hot water, which is instant “gg” for filling water balloons.


The rest of us helped around a bit, but talked mostly. More people arrived and eventually we helped set up the small barbeque thingy, lighting it up, and moving tables and chairs. After a while we went over to the pool to muck around. Didn’t bring any swimmers, didn’t recall seeing the word “pool” in the Facebook message that we got but I’ve gone into a pool with just the clothes on my back before. It’s not very comfortable afterwards T.T” Some of the girls went in, while our water balloon team returned with just one bucketful of them. Then we realized there was a hose outdoor, which was so much easier to use to fill up more balloons T.T” waste of effort.


The girls took advantage of the balloons we made and started chucking them at us. Being Asian, me, Jono and Charlie sought to not only avoid getting wet, but rather to catch the balloons, to conserve the total stockpile we made, and then return fire. We, the guys, were more accurate in throwing but the girls were a bit more tactical. Eventually they all went into the pool and fired from there, but then there was no point in throwing them back because they were already wet, which just defeats the purpose. Primary targets at times were Charlie, Andy and Ronnie. Although was smart enough to stay at a safe distance, Charlie was happy to stand and tank any barrage, while Andy walked around carefree and got hit a couple of times haha!


We eventually moved the barbeque back behind the house next to the pool because the sky threatened to pour, though it didn’t. This provided a safe zone for us, just huddle around the fire since it was clearly off limits to water bombardment. Things started getting a bit more dangerous, with point-blank shots, them throwing at a close distance, us running up and just dunking the balloons on their heads; and even capitalizing on the hose and just spraying them with it. Of course we had access to the tap directly so we mucked around with it whenever they were trying to use it.


Eventually we moved onto bigger weapons of damage, such as filling up a large bucket with water; looked just like what happened at our year 12 picnic last year. At the end Andy capitalised on it and dunked Steph with it after she came out of the pool and dried herself up; cruel. Although the water was really meant for Ronnie, perhaps to make up for our failed attempt at karaoke last time.


Afterwards we began cooking dinner on that small barbeque we lit earlier. Everyone grabbed a pitch-fork tong thingy and skewered some hot pot food on it, then roasted them over the coal flames. There was a bit of pushing and shoving since the surface was little and there were quite a number of people trying to sit around it. It became tedious and slow to cook our food over such a small flame so some people changed and just ate food that was already cooked. Others preferred to camp around and just chat and stuff while waiting. Most of our conversations around the barbeque were centered along making Chinese jokes, and mucking around between Cantonese and Mandarin, huh?


Later that night, after like two more hours of cooking, most people parked themselves in front of the TV to watch those Thursday night programs; they’re sort of funny, and random. Don’t really know why I never had time to watch shows like “Beauty and the Geek”, etc. Oh well. And even later during the night we moved over to play Mahjong, because we didn’t want to watch Australian TV. And there Ronnie came and brought his “trash talk” to the table. Just like at MYC it was just playfully dissing everyone else in Chinese, but keeping it as friendly as possible (or as one wishes). Highlight of the night was Yeno? who said he didn’t really know how to play. Andy had just asked what was the minimum farn (which we always keep at 3), and immediately after that Yeno adds a chow of a suit different to a pung he already had, ie chicken hand. And we were like: “What did we just say?"!” He’s like “yeah I don’t know how to play”. We told him he could still win although it’d be heaps harder. Later on the game he draws and goes “so I can’t finish right?” He reveals his hand, it was completely, and to our amazement he had this:


Pung of East Wind (1 farn for being East, 1 farn for East round)
Self draw


Instant 3 farn, what the hell?! The rest of us got so mad at him, chicken hand and he still won with something as lame as that oh mi gosh! Ronnie counted as 4 farn, being generous enough to count chicken hands as 1 farn; I personally think you don’t deserve even 1 farn for finishing. But anyway yeah that was a really shocking round. Another game Ronnie had 12 completed tiles like after his 5th go so it was a really dangerous game after that. He already had his 3 farn and could’ve finished with any set of eyes. He did say repeatedly that he was being greedy; but I was cautious nonetheless. Eventually I was fortunate enough to catch up; I was aiming for 2 pungs of dragons plus mini-flush for a 5 farn hand. I was waiting on the White Dragon which I swore I would never discard, for fear Ronnie needed it. I was right, and at the very end when it was a stalemate me and Ronnie revealed to see that we were both holding the same thing. And Yeno opens his hand to show us the other 2. Poor Ronnie for sitting there the entire game waiting for that one tile, but I was close too, not to winning, but to actually paying up.


It was about 11pm by then, and everyone got together to play Taboo; first years against second years. Well it was really first years versus anyone older; that’s how many of us there are in CBS Commerce. It was good playing with 20+ people, a nice fun game. A nice loud game rather; I hope we didn’t wake Steph’s parents up and such. Cody the dog was wandering around our circle as we were playing. Funny though because Cody stayed completely away from Bec the entire night, even though she was trying so hard to be nice to the dog and such. Cody just wouldn’t go near her which was rather funny. Even at one point where someone made a good play, I don’t know, whether it was from a guess of a description, we all started clapping and I guess that noise must’ve freaked Cody who started barking madly at that point, awww. Just as a random fact that I was told tonight, last time when Nat actually came to Steph’s house (I wasn’t there which was why I was only told tonight), she made Cody pee, somehow…which is just…yeah…


We played two rounds of Taboo, the older people won, only by 2 points the first time, and 1 the second. We weren’t that far behind, whatever! We left at like 12:30am, Brandon drove me, Jess, Jono, Bec and Cherie home; a rather long drive, going through backstreets to get us all home safely; good on you Brandon! And I guess next up is Commquip next Tuesday; a swimming leg of the race they’re going to have…oh dearz…

SMAC Wisdom Camp

If you want a more concise recount of our church camp I recommend you read Sharon’s one. This one is not for the faint-hearted haha! Oh and trust me, it will be full of surprises.


I will not divide this post into 3, one for each of our three days over the weekend, because we only had the night of Friday and the morning of Sunday so it’s not really three days; it’s not even two for that fact.




Theme Song

Our camp theme song was “We Belong to the Day”, completely fell in love (or “Suki ni natte shimatta” – recognize this Sharon?) with this song at next gen, Shaz probably did too which is why it became our camp song for this year. But that’s not what I meant by this subheading. I, too, always have a theme song for each small section of my life, something out of my usual routine. If my life was an anime then I’d be shoving new theme songs customarily whenever there was something random and long, like this camp. Last year the theme song was “ALONES” by Aqua Timez; usually the theme song is one that matches my emotions at the time, which it did last year, check the lyrics. But I don’t choose the song, it’s just whatever song I’m obsessed with at the time; it’s always strange coincidence that the lyrics match how I feel. So this year my personal theme song was:



Download available here.


Romaji lyrics

aitakute koishikute hanarete
ano hi wa mou konai


toushin dai no jibun tooku no kimi ni te o furou agero


awai kaori ga tadayou kisetsu ga meguri kuru
kokoro hazumaseteita koro ga ima yomigaeru yo
hajimete koi o shitanda nanimo kamo kagayaiteita
sukoshi no jikan de sae mo issho ni toki o kizandeita


sakura saita ki no shita de kimi no koe o
harukaze ga jamashite kikoe nai
sayonara janai to negatta


aitakute koishikute hanarete
ano hi no egao ga maichitte
itsumade mo to chikatta kimi wa mou inai
kanau nara sakura ga maioriru rainen no ima mo
kata narabe shashin demo toritai na ano hi wa mou konai


aitai mienai te no hira
hora hanabira sora ni hikaru hoshi ga
kizuguchi o tsuzukun da
mou koi nante shinai yo
kimi ni ichiban ii takatta


ame ga futte futanin de haitta kasa mo
machiawase shita ano eki mo
mou hitori ja ikitaku nai yo


suki datta kakokei na tegami wa imasara iranai
wakaregiwa yasashiku suru nara soba ni ite hoshii
kuru hazu no nai basho de ano hi o matteru
hitori bocchi no boku o
omoide no ano kyoku o chiisai koe de utau


mou koi nante shinai yo nante tada no uso de
mou wasurerare nai nante tada no joudan de
wasuretaku nakute kekkyoku kimi ni koishite itai yo


aitakute koishikute hanarete
ano hi no egao ga maichitte
itsumade mo to chikatta kimi wa mou inai


RAJIO kara ano kyoku futanin de ita heya de
shizen to namida ga afurederu
wakaregiwa no egao ga ichiban itoshiku mieta


sakase you sakura ga maiorite
yowai jibun kara nukedaseru
namida no oto kanaderu senritsu o utau
RAJIO kara haru no uta mou sonna kisetsu ne
sayonara o gutto nomikonda
omoide no ichi PEEJI iro azayaka ni nokoru



English Translation

I want to see you, I miss you, we’re apart
That day will never come again


My life-sized self, I’ll wave to you in the distance, raise your hand
Put your hands up. Yeah. Oh.


The season comes when you can smell something faint in the air
Now I’m reliving that time when my heart was full of life
I fell in love for the first time, everything was shining back then
Even if it was only for a short time, we made our mark together


Beneath the blooming cherry blossom trees
The spring breeze blows and I can’t hear your voice
I prayed you weren’t saying goodbye


I want to see you, I miss you, we’re apart
That day’s smiles flutter to the ground
You promised it would last forever but you’re not here anymore
If my wish comes true then cherry blossoms will fall again next year
I want to take a photo side by side, that day will never come again


I want to see you, I can’t see what’s in my palm
See? A petal, the stars that shine in the sky
Just poke at my wounds
What I wanted to tell you the most
Was that I’d never fall in love again


That station where we’d meet
And hide under an umbrella in the rain
Is a place I can’t go to by myself anymore


“I loved you,” I don’t need a letter with that past tense phrase
If you’re kind when we break up, I’ll want you to stay with me
I’ll be all alone in a place where you’ll never return
Waiting for that day
And sing that nostalgic song in a quiet voice


Saying that I’d never fall in love again was a lie
And I was joking when I said I couldn’t forget you
In the end, I don’t want to forget you, I want to love you


I want to see you, I miss you, we’re apart
That day’s smiles flutter to the ground
You promised it would last forever but you’re not here anymore


I’m in our room as the radio plays that song
And the tears begin to pour on their own
The smile on your face as you left is what I miss the most

Let’s make the cherry blossoms bloom and fall
I can escape my weak self
I’ll sing a melody with the sound of tears
A spring song plays on the radio, it’s that time of the year again
I’ve accepted your goodbye
A page in my memories will always be colored bright


Lyrics by ryougi on 8th March 2009


Personally I didn’t know the lyrics to the song and now after reading them, they strangely do mirror my feelings over the weekend; scary. It’s a cute song, ending 8 of the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!



Friday Afternoon

Okay no more delays. Actually let’s start a bit before camp to uni. Had a classic 9-1pm day, 4 hours straight no break. Then went to have lunch with Kelvin, Tim, Jono, Andy. Tim seemed fairly “impressed” with being able to organise 5 people to have lunch together, considering our failed attempt to meet up during the mid-sem break. And I agree with Kelvin when he said: “I just said I was going to have lunch, it’s nothing special.” But bottom line is it was great meeting up to have lunch finally! We’ll have to better sync our timetables next semester.


I was pushing the time a bit too far because Nat’s mum said she’ll pick me and my bro up at 3pm; remember: I ended uni at 1pm. Luckily Kelvin also had to leave a tad early so then I wouldn’t have to be the loner that had to leave first. I got home at about 3:20pm, I said that I would to Nat, but I thought I’d actually get home slightly earlier than that. Luckily Nat’s mum didn’t arrive until like 4pm, gave me some time to sleep a bit; it’s been such a tiring week.


Might as well bring in the “Jacky” incident here.


I have no idea what happened, I thought he had organised everything with Billy and stuff. We had transport arranged and everything for him, and yet he didn’t tell his parents that it was organised T.T” Geez, I went to a lot of trouble calling up Jess at such late notice to organise travel and stuff, and he just pulls out at the last minute. What I hate is people who waste my efforts for them, or people who just waste my effort full stop. It was annoying working things out and then in the end he didn’t come. And probably good too because Nat’s mum didn’t have space in the car for him, so IF he had shown up, I wouldn’t know what to say to him haha!


The trip took an hour and so, we were the first ones there >.<” We stayed in umm…a different lodge to last year, closer to the volleyball pit. And here is some more stuff that you didn’t see. After we unloaded everything, checked the rooms and such, we started preparing food and guess what? The cold water tap was broken; broken as in the knob would turn but the metal bit underneath it didn’t. So we had no cold water and I ended up burning myself in hot water trying to wash the lettuce haha! It then came down to me and Nat filling bruit bowls with water from the cabin bathrooms and then pouring them into the kitchen sink; yes that happened, few saw it happen.


Eventually people arrived, I can’t remember the order; actually Ed and her mum arrived first, then I forgot the rest. Dinner was rice, with chicken corn sauce and my mum’s chicken wings (why is my mum’s food always the first to go o.0”?) We had a fair number of people at camp this year, so many that this year we had to rent an extra lodge (just a small one); it was the one sort of behind our lodge; I think we shoved the older guys in there haha; us senior guys got shoved in a room FAR away from the noisier girls 😛 and by that I mean Athena and co. and potentially Nat and Eva haha!


After dinner we all bummed around, some of us actually starting to study; whipping out our books and all and just getting into it. Kenny was a bit confused at the chaos from everyone arriving late and all; and finally we had an official start at like 9pm; we just had an introduction and that was about it. The rest of the night was free time sort of and we just studied away. Somehow I felt Friday night was wasted because we didn’t do anything camp-related.


One funny thing the entire night was this: At some point during the night,    a praying mantis had managed to make its way onto Jess Luk’s back; when we noticed it it gave us a shock.  The praying mantis stayed on Jess and eventually made its way into her hair. She didn’t bother removing it or anything, calling it her pet for the next hour and so. And frankly, it was literally an “hour”. The praying mantis stayed on her for at least an hour. Sometimes it would run around and fall off her, but then she’d offer her finger and it would immediately climb back into her hair. It freak ed a few people out, like Donna. Just to cut things short; it seemed as if woman and bug were becoming fairly close, until it was nearly time to sleep and Jess realized she had lost her pet praying mantis. Oh wait hang on, there it was! Stuck on the bottom of her sandal. Yeah, kind of a bad way to treat your pet, duh! She merely tossed it in the bin, not a flashy funeral for a pet huh?



Saturday was our main and only complete day. It started with breakfast, which I was late for. Oh no wait before I get to that; let’s backtrack to Friday night.  The rooms were okay, except the showers were really really annoying. At least they weren’t as bad as those communal showers up in Katoomba for next gen. But these showers had a really really weak spray even I could…oh, nevermind =P But yeah showering was a tad annoying; but at least it was better than not showering at all, like for DoE. Oh and if you’ve been reading this post carefully I’ll reward you with this piece of random information that no-one noticed the entire time: I was rushed in packing stuff for camp and in my haste I accidentally forgot to bring spare underwear and stuff. So I was stuck with the same pair of underwear and singlet for all three days hehe ^^ my bad?


Anyway soon after breakfast we had our first session. The funny thing was that our speaker for this year, L.J. Custodian,  was a no-show in the morning. He was still apparently on his way; which was funny. However, when he did show up he looked nothing like his photo on Facebook; which goes to reinforce the suspicion that nobody looks like their profile picture on the Internet.


Over the course of the day his talks were really good; I particularly liked his tone and pace for his speech. His peaking qualities were very good and clearly different from Kenny so I guess it was a bit easier listening to the talk because it was a new voice. He went through several books over the day (remember, he gave three talks in the one day!) on Job and Ecclesiastes, and one more, someone help me remember haha! But yes it was a good variety of talks from different parts of the Bible and he managed to tie in wisdom very well from all three talks.


After the first talk we had Bible study. We leaders had actually tried to prepare for them all on Friday night; but we only managed to get through the first one; by then I was just too dead tired, hence waking up really late on Saturday. I was really having a hard time leading my Bible study group even though there were fewer guys than I had anticipated. But I was dead tired and obviously I perform bad when tired.  We barely got through the first study and I had to really rip answers from them because they weren’t talking much.


If I remember right, the second talk came straight after and my group was like: “Are you serious?” Clearly they too were tired from the Bible study, and I knew they were; so it was hard pushing them for the day. The second talk came just a s the first and afterwards we moved again in Bible study groups; that is perhaps the most awkward arrangement of events I’ve seen for a church camp; two sets of talks and Bible studies one after the other T.T” The second study had more discussion-type questions so my group did better here; we finally played into the serious stuff, which was ethics and morals. All I had to do was ask them a scenario question and they’d be talking for a while which was exactly what I wanted. It might not have been Bible-centered but I do have to start somewhere with year 7-9 kids right?


Our group had to serve lunch as well so we wrapped up our study as quickly as possible. I was satisfied with what they had accomplished in that half hour. We had sandwich wraps for lunch, you know, your ordinary sort of kebab thing. I’m surprised that my group was willing to serve the way they did, good practice for the future haha; and yes finally we had food for ourselves at the end. The kookaburras also saw us eating and they can by too. It seems they’re more attracted to humans now. I fed one and two more flew by next to it; oh no, I ain’t feeding any more of them haha, my food!


After lunch we chilled around for a while until we came to our afternoon game. Funny how lots of people brought their cameras, or had phones that could take decent pictures. Maybe Jess made a lucky guess. We played scavenger hunt for about an hour; finding random stuff all over camp. Unfortunately the things on the list weren’t random enough so that we’d have to look to other people for help. Ha it would’ve been funny if we had to interact with the other camp groups there, although it wouldn’t be nice.


Some funny things on the list included a picture of Kenny without his glasses, someone with their toes in the toilet bowl (one group actually had someone shove their foot into the water!!!), and other minor funny things like having a team member tied to a pole, and the entire team doing a handstand at the same time. There wasn’t much competition strange enough, like Kenny eventually donated his face to every group; and we all ended up helping each other find things that other groups couldn’t find. I guess that is ultimately the idea we want to encourage at a Christian camp but then I still believe there can still be fair hard competition while still showing for your competitors.


In the afternoon, some people decided to study; hey we have our mid-semester exams this week; and in fact at this point in time, they’re tomorrow for me T.T” so yes we tried to utilize as much time as we could to our studies; it almost became a study camp like every other year haha! It was rather funny. But our study session was mostly disturbed by everyone else who was outside playing grid-iron, with really loud voices as expected. I don’t quite understand why the players say those weird numbers for their “play” and I’ll wager that Kenny didn’t either; with his constant “ready?! 2-4-6-8-HUT!” That was funny to listen to.


Eventually it got late and we had dinner. It was our Saturday barbeque dinner as like every year. and every time we keep forgetting to figure out a way to ventilate the area; because our lodge is sealed by windows and all and the smoke from the barbeque just filled the entire lounge area. So everyone sort of suffocated a bit during dinner; oh well. One funny thing here as well: We were all filling out a card for L.J. to thank him for speaking to us. Nat Siu took the card over to the table where L.J. was sitting, she didn’t see him and was like: “Hey guys have you filld the card out for…” *no response* “What’s wrong?” *sees L.J. “Oh!…” *walks away* priceless moment that was!


Night Time Games

Well first off at night we had our third talk; man I swear the kids would’ve started wearing out from being spammed by talks all day long haha! Such rigorous training in wisdom. But yes this would be L.J.’s last day, he left soon after. And then we had our games night. I gues it was better to have formal games rather than just play cards and stuff; which we rarely got the chance to.


First off we played massive human knot. I’m trying to work out the optimal number of players; last time at Peer Support Leadership camp our groups were about 16? Yet on Saturday night we had more than 30 people partake, which was really rowdy. And then we also had people of different sizes, who sort of got swallowed by the mass and all; they seemed pretty squished and neglected because no-one could see them haha! After 10 minutes we hadn’t solved it; but instead we managed to excavate like small circles of people which was rather funny; like small circles of three who were simply stuck and not connected to the bigger knot.


Jess had to call the game off because we weren’t really close to finishing; well we were but somehow there was a strange knot that couldn’t be fixed, not sure if it’s “mathematically” possible to have no solution to the knot; I’m fairly confident that they’re all solvable somehow, oh well. Our second larger game was one of those team games. My team comprised of me, Nat, Sharon, Erica, Marcus, Esther, Kylie and I think I’m forgetting someone smaller. Marcus named our team “GG no re” otherwise expanded to “good game no remake”.


Round one was exactly like that TVB game show; Kelvin help us out here. February, weeknights 10:30pm Hong Kong time. Jess got the idea from that show. Basically one person from each team would be given a word or phrase; and then they’d have to say that word with their head in a bucket of water. Had her instructions been more clear I would not have stood up for it. And so stupidly enough; this was the result:




My word was “Zephaniah” which my group failed to guess; it was hard I reckon. And honestly I have no idea how I could’ve possibly made it easier for them o.0” The other groups did better; I can’t exactly remember their phrases but the other groups got them, for 1 point haha! Oh well.


Round 2 was telephone charades; just acting out a movie title and passing the message to each group member and then the last person has to guess it with whatever eroded message they get. Our team got “Star Wars” with Erica as our lead actor. Things went quite well until it came to, well, me sort of. Sharon gave me a weird swinging action which according to her was meant to be a sword action; fair enough, but I accidentally reproduced that with a bit of hip thrust; so without going into further detail; Marcus copied me and turned our entire act around haha!


The videos for other groups will be posted below this post.


Again we got 0 for this round while other groups were on 1.5 – 2 points. And yes we were clearly dead last but somehow I had anticipated that the third round would somehow make the first two rounds redundant. That’s what happens when you make up game within 1 week’s time, it is far from perfect, and probably never will be; but you can be sure that there’d be heaps of improvements possible.


Round 3 had a maximum of 14 points; see? Told you the first two rounds were redundant. But they were fun still. This time we were given like a piece of paper in those freezer sealable bags which were then frozen in a block of ice. The objective was to melt the ice and then complete the sheet of paper, which had questions on it. I can’t remember the questions all too well (it’s Friday atm) but it was mostly trivia. We filled them out as best as we can; and we felt fairly confident that we wouldn’t come last at the end of the nigh. Jess said there would be a punishment for the losing team; the hell we were going to lose!


Long story short we ended up on…something; and guess what? We came 3rd! Just beat another team by 0.5 points! There you go: GG NO RE! I promised Nat we wouldn’t lose; and surely I say, I stuck to it haha!


And here’s what happened to the losing team:



Will continue this later yet again.



Okay, let’s go to the END of camp. Overall, I thought the camp was a bit packed; a bit too intense most of the time and simply not enough time to have fun. If we had extended the camp so that it started a bit earlier and ended a bit later then we could have an activity on Friday night and that would’ve made Saturday less packed. I mean come on, we had THREE talks on Saturday and TWO Bible studies; and one after the other I tell you. My Crossfire group was fully dead after the first one and I barely kept them together for the second one.


Other than that I guess the camp was fun; our limited number of games was fairly exciting; they always get rowdy but that’s the point. Don’t worry Sharon I have videos, but I’ll upload them another time when I’m not busy. I think finally we picked a worthy topic; I can’t exactly remember the other camp themes but I think this one is more applicable as long as we maintain the ideas after camp; like keep reminding everyone about it.

End of Mid-Sem Break

Well the end of the mid-semester break is finally here, but I’ve enjoyed my week sort of. It’s been fairly productive and tiring, just typing up notes for accounting and microeconomics. Also went ahead in some homework, but not by too much. Other than that I gamed for a fair bit; which is probably why I’ve been sleeping late every night and hence also why with me blogging on today at 10:30pm is not a good idea >.<”


Still had some church duties today, quite another busy day today. Kenny called me out to speak to the year 11s and 12s from our youth group with tips regarding staying healthy as a Christian for HSC; I had some strong tips prepared and when Jess interviewed me she never really asked me for those Christ-related tips  So ultimately I never did anything there, oh well. We had toasted croissants from Coles, stuffed with cheese and ham, quite a nice breakfast thingy haha. Not many young-uns came either which was too bad; wouldn’t be much point in sharing with only a few people anyway. Donna and her friend (bah I forgot her name) came cosplaying. They were going for some private cosplay picnic thing in the city; whatever, not interested, and hopefully if I manage to get on the coordinating team for SMASH, things’ll get interesting (ie karaoke judge, and screw over those who screwed me over last year at Animania!)


We saw Sharon walk past several times during the morning, she looked oddly older and frankly more “teacher-like”. Like honestly, she had the image of a kindergarten teacher if you lookat her from behind, obviously her face looks too young for a teacher hehe ^^ That’s a good thing, Sharon! Yeah okay no more random things for the morning.


In the afternoon, the packing up for after SMAC took ages, not sure what was going on. There was some food which was good (I’ll have to somewhat live off this stuff as my lu nch every Sunday since I have Crossfire leader meetings soon thereafter). Quentin made some nice mini cupcakes; it’s okay Shaz if he followed a recipe from a box, it was still good xD And after a long long time, after everyone had left; when it was like 1:30pm, only then did we get Kenny to start our leaders meeting; we were meant to start at 1 T.T” It was then we realized that the meetings were beginning to fall apart, since Jess had to leave at 1:45pm for her QMA assignment. Obviously we really need to work out when we can meet, and make it productive; gonna be some hard work huh? And more from my part since Kenny knows I’m ahead so he’s gonna expect a bit more from me >.<” well I had that coming huh?


In the afternoon (okay Sharon here’s the full story), our group was planning to have a get-together at my house; we tried to organise one for Tuesday but that died after much hardwork from my part; I got so frustrated when things didn’t work out. So we tried to reconcile by having one at my house. I was already nervous at having more people come over to my house; never know what t he parents would feel. But today had a strangely good turn out, one I never expected; and it fills me with bliss at seeing the way today turned out. Anyway Matthew and other friends, from primary school were going to play basketball at Penno High; they have rally nice courts, I wouldn’t mind going there for Bball in the future. But of course I’m fairly noob at Bball so I made a fool out of myself in front of Jacky, Matt and Jeremy. The plan was they would come over to my house afterwards, along with anyone else who wanted to come. Well that plan failed and no-one else wanted to come so in the end it was just Matthew and Jacky. Jeremy had to go off elsewhere so it was only two.


Now to entertain them, there’s not much you can do with three people. I only had tow Wii remotes left after Friday so that was not a good idea ; and yeah I’m out of options there. One other bizarre idea was Mahjong, but where would I get my fourth player? I originally intended like 5-6 people to come and never thought about what we would do; so by  last night I thought that Mahjong was the best option. The only other Mahjong-crazed person I know who lived around was Sharon, and funny as it is to say, I never thought she’d at first consider coming to my house for Mahjong, and th en later the fact that she did actually come. I don’t know, I always thought she was inclined to come to my house (she did dog my 18th last year =.=”) but I suppose this time round, she does know Jacky and Matthew (from MLM and next gen respectively) so it should’ve been easier for her to handle. Sharon is the second girl to have come to my house; honour that well Shaz!


Anyway we walked back from Penno High after Bball and coincidentally Sharon got to my place about the same time as when we walked all t he way back.  Jacky and Matt were intent in playing Magic (again!) so we watched them play for half an hour. Jacky’s cousin keeps giving him new cards; and they’re all hacked, over-powered and such. That’s another reason why I quit the game, the developers have lost their creativity.


By 4:30pm we started playing Mahjong; first time I’ve used that new set of mine properly which was cool ^^ Might as well break into it before I bring it to church camp; gosh I am so scared that some parent is going to lop my head for bringing it, we’re not gambling with it geez! I’m crap at Mahjong too but playing more  means I keep getting better which is good; learnt a bit more tonight. Actually I only intended everyone to stay till 5:30pm; but then mum came and offered everyone to stay for dinner, which was something I never expected her to do, and so they all stayed for dinner and we kept playing till 7:30pm.


Had dinner then. Mum harassed Matthew about medicine. She kept going on about how hard it is to get a proper job once you graduate because of all the competition and stuff; just to sum her half hour speech haha! But yeah it actually sounded quite bad I reckon, so  if Matt does drop medicine I’m gonna feel really bad about it haha!  Haven’t ever had friends over for dinner before either, so it was nice to have these guys over haha!


We kept playing till 9:30pm, man what a long day, Mahjong really do es kill time VERY QUICKLY! In fact I didn’t get any work done today, I was planning on getting more notes written up, but oh well; friends come first xD In summary Sharon kicked us all hard…just too pro T.T”  she won about 9 times, most of them legit (hear me out first Shaz!) since for some games Mat just fed her like crazy, and one time I missed a beautiful flush because I was tired and wasn’t paying attention, bah! My beautiful 7 fan hand! And yeah.  The rest of us won 3 times each, sort of. That’s how badly we got owned by Shaz. Matthew was funny because he was always last to finish his wall, every single time. And you could see that he was becoming more and more high as the night went on, such as flicking tiles at us, then singing random songs; mostly “What About Me?” by Shannon Noll, and then also occasionally losing one tile from his hand, so he couldn’t finish for a few rounds haha! Jacky kept a fairly decent pace throughout the night but always seemed to hold the key winning tile, which most of the time went to Shaz; looks like he owes her a lot of money.


But yes it was a really fun night, I was really glad for the four of us ^^ a fairly happy and enjoyable night and good way to end our mid-sem break. Well it’s back to work now, that is, until church camp this  Friday! RICE meeting tomorrow night at Moore College, really excited, albeit the fact I’ll have a 7am to 11pm day tomorrow outside of the house…that’s a 16 hour day T.T” Going to be really dead tomorrow unless I sleep now, which is what I shall do. Thank you for reading. Love your friends!

next generation 2009 – Wednesday

Alright Wednesday morning, well you know how it went for me if you read the end of the Tuesday post; yeah rough night. And once again the Caucasians in our cabin snored but last night somehow I sort of got used to it and I actually went to sleep; racked up about 6 hours of sleep, ignoring those moments when I went out to do my business.


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