I guess I haven’t really blogged in a while, so I apologise in advance if my writing is incoherent or has grammatical errors. I suppose the simplest way to summarise the last year and a half (and not just the time since I last posted, which was in February), would be the word “patience“. Patience is something I struggled with in the various circumstances that God placed me in over the last year and a half. Patience is something I learnt a fair bit about from my experiences with different settings and people. And patience is something I still continually strive for as I try to make sense of God’s plan for my life.

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Reminisce 2013: Part 3 – Discipleship

One of my focuses this year has been Christian discipleship. It was something I became a bit more familiar with towards the final years of university; and it’s funny thinking back to when I was in first and second year, where the idea of sitting down with one person and having deep conversations about life, God and the Bible seemed very uncomfortable. In third and fourth year, I started to see the value and importance of building those sorts of “intimate” relationships with Christians and non-Christians and the way it impacts our growth as Christians, and those investigating Christianity. This year I have tried to embrace it as much as I could, as part of the way I would undergo ministry in the long run; there were still so many things to experiment with in making one to one discipleship more effective. And then of course there was also a need to see how I might be able to fit one to one discipleship into my full time work routine (I’d like to order the words the other way, and have work revolve around ministry, but time-wise it still seems apparent that I spend more time doing full-time work than ministry).

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One Week at a Time

It’s now been pretty much a whole month since I started full time work, and the last four weeks have definitely been a huge struggle in getting used to this weekly routine and restructuring the different parts of my life. Despite all the challenges I’ve faced and know that I will face, God has been guiding me in the last month and helping me adjust to this new lifestyle. As I’ve gone through full time work in the last few weeks, I’ve been asking and wondering questions about how I should be living as a Christian in the workplace, as well as how I should still be serving my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, particularly those back at church. The biggest realization that prompts me to have to carefully consider how I should live out my daily life is the fact that I no longer have the same amount of free time that I used to have back in university – those days of what I would call in hindsight “bliss” are now gone, and the freedom to spend time with others (or just procrastinate) is no longer there.


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