Semester Break Weekend 2

Well okay nothing happened this weekend, but stuff certainly did happen a few days after it:


Monday – Crossfire Leaders’ Meeting

Kenny asked us to go to his house on the Monday to plan for our youth group. He figured that it would be better to use like half a day to plan something like in Soul Purpose rather than try and meet up some time during the week or prior to youth group, in order to plan for that week. We spent quite a while there, part of the time watching him and his sister’s kids play; so many children =.=”


Apart from planning for our series on Jonah, we also started on making a big paper mache fish. I have done this level of craftwork for a really long time, and it’s been a while since I last soaked my fingers in icky glue. We used a cardboard box and some wire mesh to make the outline of the fish and then we just slobbed on newspaper to make the surface; we only spent a bit of time on it but already the fish was taken form really nicely. Kenny made glue by mixing water with…starch? Cheap method but he said that’s how they did it back in Malaysia.


Also there was this stray cat the entire afternoon, who hung around us. At first when I arrived I noticed some blob on top of Kenny’s car; I thought it was like two birds because the mass was too large for a single bird. But then when we all arrived and went down to the garage; someone noticed that a cat was inside Kenny’s car, someone even asked the typical question: “Oh, Kenny, when did you get a cat?” I never realised the thing on top of Kenny’s car back then was in fact the cat. Kenny opened the door and the cat solemnly came back out. But after that it hung around us as we made a paper mache fish; Jess L lured the cat over by meowing at it, and the cat meowed back haha! It then sort of walked around us as we made paper mache. At one point it wanted to see what was inside the pot which held the glue, and we had to stop it from drinking it. Not sure what the cat wanted but it kept following us until we decided to let the fish dry and went back inside the house. The cat wanted to come in too; but we didn’t let it so it ran off elsewhere I think. Jess said something about the cat not having a microchip; and so then it won’t have an owner? o.0” I don’t know, but it was like Kenny had a chance at that point to own that cat haha!


We had dinner there at a really small table, where Kenny made us share deep stuff about our lives. I know that something we should be able to do as Christians; but I for one wasn’t entirely comfortable with sharing personal stuff about myself with those people. I don’t know why; I mean I’ve known them for quite a while, I guess perhaps I never really got to get close to them so it is uncomfortable to tell them personal stuff. My fear was they’d laugh at me for being a weak pussy, and sure enough they did, sort of. I don’t trust them any less though, I just know that I can’t go to them with my problems because they just can’t be trusted with them. It’s just setting a personal boundary away from other people, it’s not like super bad but yeah, setting your basic limits I guess; had to happen at some point.


Tuesday – Chris’ 18th

Oh man I got home at like 9pm thank God any later and I’d be too tired. I slept as early as I could on Monday but had to wake up early for Tuesday to get down to the city. Ah I haven’t had to wake up this early since uni haha; and that’s still heaps far away sort of. Jono called me and managed to meet up in the right car in the train. Chris and Tim then found us like in the same carriage by chance haha and the four of us travelled to the city. Matthew was going to be late because 1) He misread the date and thought the party was on Thursday, and 2) He misread the times and thought to catch the train at 9:30am when in fact we were to meet up down at Town Hall at that time.


We all met up at Town Hall as planned; good on Chris since he had like 3 days to plan this up and get it running. Only Matthew was going to be late so we just moved off. Chris took us to Star City Casino; my first time at that place; it’s mediocre, nothing that posh or special. We spent a while getting our member cards; man they are kick ass! Discount food at the food bar and also 3 free drinks each day, from like those coffee vending machines; now that is cool haha!


There weren’t many people when we got there, obviously; who comes and gambles at such an early time in the morning? Jono showed us to the 1c slot machines where we just spent a couple of dollars gambling and just having fun. Kelvin was a pre-emptive on experimenting and bet his whole dollar on one turn and lost it in mere seconds haha! Jono showed us how to use our dollar to get a bunch of goes and he then made like $3 profit; what the?! My first dollar didn’t go too well and I lost it after a few minutes. Slot machines aren’t that fun, it’s more mechanical, just press the button and see if money comes out. The only thrill is when you actually win something, but most of the time you’re doomed to losing your earnings within a few minutes.


My second dollar lasted a but longer and I had fun for a good 10 minutes, winning a bit and losing a bit. Eventually my luck gave out and that was my dollar again. Tim was lucky enough to make $7 in one go and pulled out. But the addiction of gambling kicked in and he kept going until his total earnings had dropped to like $4, or was it less? Chris wanted to play real blackjack, where the buy in was $10; we stood around waiting but no-one at those tables actually left so that was no good. Eventually Chris blew it on some other game in one go. But I reckon that losing money isn’t all too bad as long as you had a thrill earning some and then losing it, my two dollars was worth the thrill I got out of it haha! I don’t regret losing it.


Afterwards we had lunch and then moved off for laser tag. Again my first time at laser tag. Well we played pool before that; maybe I should continue playing pool at uni, I made a couple of fluke shots but my partner Jono made a lot of bad shots which let Kelvin and Matthew win, by technicality. Man I managed to knock one of their balls and the black ball close together and near one of the corner holes; they were screwed from finishing and yet Jono managed to noob shot it and it nudged the black bal into the hole T.T”


Laser tag was really fun; shame it costs so much and only lasts such a short time. Chris shouted us laser tag which was really nice of him! He was trying for some 2 for 1 deal, but I overheard at the counter that the offer is only for school holidays, what a jip! And so Chris could only shout us one game. That’s still okay. The place wasn’t that great as Matthew said; I’m sure there must’ve been a better laser tag place. The play field was too small and wasn’t dark enough haha. Unfortunately we played an FFA game with a bunch of random white kids. They were kids; they should be in school geez! All of us did rather well, we were all grouped from third place onwards, with two people like at the bottom of the board, out of about 15 people? Some uber small kid came first in score; I remember him, stupid midget came and blasted me and then ran off. There was no way to get him before he got me; he’s so small it’s unpredictable. Why the hell would I be aiming at crouch level of our group to hit this midget kid? That’s why he won, none of us expected a short thing to come out of nowhere, so we didn’t have enough time to readjust our aim. My accuracy was fairly good; snapped a lot of people, those damn white kids who would noobishly camp in those holes; I outplayed a lot of them haha, they just walked away, bleh!


We were full sweating after the game and then proceeded to train back to Chris’ house. Back there we played Guitar Hero World. My first time at that too T.T” Now I can say I’ve played Guitar Hero. It’s not that hard obviously since I play DDR, just need more time to coordinate my hands, never had to use my pinky before that’s why. Other people played Poker. Oh we bought Buzz for Chris, I’ll go to that later. We swapped after an hour or so, when Andy and Brandon showed up. I moved off to Poker and cleaned up Kelvin and his bluffs; Matthew also is a pretty bad BS artist haha, it’s clear when his hand matches the flop well and you know not to play on. Kelvin is a bit more trickier with his psychological spurring. But it wasn’t a complete bluff for him, I just had the better hand funnily enough. Haha I love shutting people up; but I fairly don’t rub it in afterwards.


We bought pizza as usual. Thank God we had Brandon’s car to pick up pizzas. It was a really cold night since it had just rained and it’d be hell trying to walk through the streets the way we were dressed haha! I honestly didn’t see the logic in getting 9 pizzas for 9 people; well the nine who were able to eat, minus Andy. Honestly not everyone can stomach a pizza, I did 6-7 slices, can’t remember now. I know some can more than 8 slices but on average everyone does less than one. So now Chris has a lot of pizza left over for breakfast and lunch, etc. Oh well. I was a 2 for 1 deal on Tuesday so yeah!


We played a bit longer into the night and then left before it got too late. A nice long day, really tiring especially for me because…



Wednesday – Mahjong

Why did I organise Mahjong at 10am in the morning?! I guess Chris’ party thing only popped up after I set down the Mahjong date and time; and my mum preferred the day time. I groggily woke up at 9:30am, knowing that I had half an hour to set myself up with breakfast and regular hygiene processes before my guests came. Again I invited Sharon, Matthew and Jacky for Mahjong; I guess they warmed up to the last time we met at my house where my mum unexpectedly let them stay for dinner and we ended up playing Mahjong on that Sunday night till 10pm.


Sharon was the first to come; she brought her table and set with her (thank you!). Again I am surprised that she’s willing to come and play with people that she didn’t know all too well, guys at that fact. But oh well I’m Mahjong gave her a really strong motivation huh? The guys were running a bit late so we had time to set the table up and the set. Matthew drove his way here, which explains a lot haha! And Jacky walked over. We got started at about 10:30am.


Luckily Sharon’s family set up a system to count money with those weird chips that come with every set; it was a fairly balanced system and for once made point-scoring actually worth it. I think I learned heaps today; I think I’ve learned to play heaps better and there’s no point going out with small 3-farn hands anymore, they earn you jack squat! I felt like I benefited heaps today. Sharon on the other hand we could all see had the worst day out of all of us. She ended up last in terms of money; which is rather strange because she’s meant to be the most experienced out of all of us; bad luck I suppose. She kept feeding me and Matt and the only times she managed to compensate her losses were through like a 7-farn and 8-farn hand plus a desperate 3-farn all-pung hand.


Funniest moment of the day was Matthew trying to get something else other than 3-farn all-pung hand (which he did every single round and was getting rather lame because he kept sort of leeching small amounts of cash off us). Anyway he was trying for a flush; we knew what he needed and obviously we all refrained from giving it to him. But he was oh so confident in drawing the tile himself, which seemed very unlikely because the wall was nearly gone and the game was going to end in a stalemate. Jacky boldly made the statement: “If Matthew manages to self-draw then I’m Mickey Mouse.” And today Jacky is now known as Mickey Mouse, that’s just how “WTH?!” the moment was, and truly was funny; as funny as his reaction as well.


I thought having Sharon there would help keep Matt from bursting with energy and trashing my house, but her presence didn’t have a big impact. Not until his mum came over to pick him up, and my mum invited her to come in and have a chat, that Matthew started behaving: “Oh mum is here. Must be a good little boy now…” Well guys, I think we’ve found the solution to Matthew spazzing out and everyone’s party, thinking especially to the night before at Chris’ party.


Our mum’s chatted for a really long time so we played for like another hour past 5pm; her mum was spilling goss about Matthew, mine was spilling goss about me, and we all just sat there in the living room eavesdropping; so embarrassing :S. The day ended with Mathew coming first with the most money (how did that happen, honestly?), then me coming very close behind; then Jacky with a loss compared to the beginning, and poor Sharon dead last with a huge loss but not out for the count haha! Poor girl got passively frustrated every time she’d hit out and then suddenly owed money to someone else; for instance that one time where I was calling a flush, she kept discarding my suit and the first two times she was really lucky; yet on the third she luck broke and she owed me for 7-farn. Matthew had the biggest hand at the Mickey Mouse round, at 9-farn after counting the flower and the self-draw.


Man what another long day, but heaps of fun; I know me and Matt got heaps out of it. Don’t feel bad Sharon, we still respect you as our Sempai! haha! Maybe Mahjong again in the mid-sem break; I’ll see.


And that brings us to the end of three days worth of constant fun; and I was so dead tired afterwards. Stuff still happened on Thursday and Friday. I’ll go onto Friday next; Thursday was a miscellaneous fun day so yeah.


Crossfire and CBS Summer Edition




Well I suppose this can be a bit of a follow-up from next gen. Kenny asked us, the new Crossfire leaders, to go to  his place for a meeting regarding the youth group. The new leaders are: me, Jess Y, Jess L, Natalie S, and Eva H. Eva was in HK so she didn’t come. Jess can and drove me and Nat to Kenny’s house; I really need to get my P’s on that note T.T” Getting there.


Kenny seemed to be having a playgroup there or something; like his sister came over with her three children and when we came in there were 5 small bodies just crawling all over the floor haha. We had a Korean-style lunch, I can’t really describe because I’m not really acquainted with Korean-style cooking. The lunch was nice, Jess L made Korean pancakes, out of Chinese ingredients, and lunch was good.


In the afternoon we looked over a chapter in a book about youth ministry; sort of similar to what we’d do on the nights we have “Training in Ministry” or whatever Kenny wants to call it. And then we went around discussing our experience, what our expectations are and also what we think needs to be changed. I don’t think we got very far because the primary concern we discussed was the punctuality of everyone. We don’t have enough time to run a program if everyone shows up say 15 minutes late. We’re meant to start at 9:30am and go till 11:00am, that’s 1.5 hours; but if everyone turns late then we end up 15-30 minutes late and then we’ll only have 1 hour or so for a youth group, that’s obviously not enough time. And with our Chinese congregation moving over to Cherrybrook Primary, as a new venue, we will probably have to make more adjustments to the time.


Me and Nat still say to change our youth groups to run on Friday nights, when everyone else is having their youth group. That way we can actually compete with them for times 😛 But anyway that’s what we’ve only discussed so far, more to come next week I guess. Oh but then I’m not allowed to divulge our plans because they’ll all be surprises 😛



CBS Summer Edition #2


Okay later at night, we were invited by UNSW students to attend a monthly talk at their Christian group; I guess it’d be good to see how the Christian group there is running. Me and Charlie managed to gather up a party of 6, with a 7th person to show up later. So let’s get on with it.


Came home at like 3pm so I had 2 hours before going out again; the CBS talk was at 7:30pm and also featured Carl Matthei, one of the speakers from next gen but was only there for the 1st week so we didn’t see him personally. Caught the train at 5:16pm to Epping, got off and saw: Matt, Tim, Sophia and Jess Q (that’s 3 Jess’’ for the day haha!) We chatted about our jobs (if we had one) and how we were faring in them. Shame to Matt and Sophia, who are only earning a maximum of $15 and $13 respectively per hour at their tutoring centres, which are funnily enough like two doors apart. Jess is clearly dominating with her 10+ hours a week at $30 for piano. That’s rich I can tell you, over $20K salary.


We met Charlie at Central, who somehow is always there really early and at the least gets there before us, we were early too. We decided to go out for dinner, rather than opt for the dinner at UNSW for $10 provided by CBS (Campus Bible Study). Tim said he heard about a good Japanese restaurant, called Ramen-kan, opposite Entertainment Centre. The hard bit was getting up there via the lift, which seemed unstable. It was us 6, plus two random adults, and the capacity according to the lift is 8 people or 612 Kg, that’s about 45 Kg per person, and since we had 8 adult-sized people, things didn’t look good. But we survived haha, thought the lift would be the end of us all.


Despite the dodgy lift, Ramen-kan was quite a nice-looking restaurant. It was well decorated and the furniture and stuff was nice. They seemed to be full but luckily they had a large empty space exactly for 6 people, we were in luck. I ordered ramen because I’ve been so ramen-deprived these months, Matt ordered a crab and corn ramen, everyone else was Udon or rice.


It was then that we realized that trying to walk to a restaurant from Central, eat and then walk back in 45 minutes was a near impossible task so we were going to run late. The food came out after a while and it looked great. In fact I was really impressed with their food; for once it’s actually worth paying, my $10.90 spicy ramen was definitely worth it; haven’t tasted anything so good since Tokyo Ramen in Hornsby Westfield. So I was contempt for the night! Everyone else ate their food; Tim and Sophia didn’t finish their rice dishes, Tim said he was full and Sophia said (while eating with one arm under the table, what the?! o.0”) that her rice was too hot. SO both of them didn’t finish and sort of just threw it out, what a waste T.T”


We walked back to Eddy Ave to catch the bus and came across Chris, forgot last name, who is also from Ruse. So our party of 7 waited at the bus stop for the bus, which came nearly 20 minutes later. But the time we got on we were already maybe 15 minutes late, estimating to arrive 30 minutes late. And here’s where our calamity begins:


About 5 minutes from UNSW (did it have to be so close to our destination?) the bus stops at a bus stop but doesn’t continue moving on as normal. Some guy who was already on the bus was holding it up, telling the driver not to go. We didn’t know what was going until 10 minutes later it seemed he was looking for his bag, which he suddenly lost; he was searching the seats and everything. He must’ve held the bus up thinking if anyone had stolen his bag, the thief would still be nearby. Although, after 10 minutes walking from the bus stop; I’m sure the thief would’ve gotten away, idiot.


And over the next 5 minutes after that (15 minutes now), people started getting off, opting to walk rather than wait for the idiot man to “find his bag”. We were considering this too, but it would be a minimum 20 minute walk. Actually there this man with a soft voice who overheard that we were heading to UNSW so he politely asked if this was so, and then gave us information that it;’d still be 5 minutes and about 5 more stops. He also told us that it’d be a 20-minute walk if we had gotten off the bus at that point; he was a nice ,man and I was glad for his advice; which does reinforce the kindness of strangers in the city.


But as for the other man, oh no, he kept holding up the bus, wouldn’t let it go, asking everyone if they had seen his bag.  People starting getting annoyed, at a 15 minute hold up you bet your ass you’d get mad! One woman was extremely annoyed and started yelling at him to just forget about his bag, and for the bus driver to keep moving. and then also to kick that retard off the bus for holding it up. The man countered with: “I have $40 worth of stuff in that bag.” Oh geez! Can this man not earn more than $40 an hour? Pretty crap pay if so.


Okay background check up now. He later then said that he’d been sleeping on the bus, and when he woke up like a short while before the bus came to the stop we were stuck at, he noticed his bag was missing. So okay that’s why he started causing a ruckus so recently; which means a thief probably hadn’t taken his bag at this stop, and there’d be no reason to stop the damn bus. If his bag was still on the bus, it’s not going anywhere even if the bus moves. If it’s not on the bus, it’s long gone. No reason to stop the bus either way.


The woman started more pissed, he started yelling at the man saying that everyone is tired and just wants to get him and that he should “piss off!” So the man replied: “No, you piss off!” Wow, what a pathetic idiot. And I thought it was going to come to blows rather soon and for a moment we were afraid of being caught in something bad on the bus, oh well. Nothing happened thank God and after 20 minutes, we decided to get off the bus while he called the police; the bus wasn’t going to move.


We walked for 5 minutes, obviously not getting anywhere, we were really late then, nearly an hour. And after 5 minutes of walking,  the same bus pulls up next to us and the driver honked at us to get back on; very kind of him too =) So we got back on and that asshole was still there; but this he got off when we got on and just called the police from the kerb there. We were finally rid of him as the bus pulled away from that idiot and we sped off towards UNSW.


By the time we got there we were an hour late and even then we still took another 10 minutes to find the lecture hall where everyone was. When we finally got in, we were so late that people looked at us funny and we only managed to hear the last 10 minutes of Carl’s talk. Not the best evening Christian-wise haha! We joined everyone for ice-blocks from Home Ice-Cream afterwards and chatted to people we saw from next gen, and also this Ruse graduate called Andrew, Gan/Dan, who apparently was discipled by our Kenny, funny that. And that was our evening. We all caught the bus back and caught the train home, having another long chat. Somehow the 7 of us didn’t feel like a Christian group for some reason, didn’t have the atmosphere and we didn’t talk about church or anything…T.T” But it’s just good to know that we were all Christians and that we all managed to gather, and were also willing to gather again for CBS for O-week; haha good to make new friends in Christ!


But just one last note about that stupid bus incident, I will give my own personal input. I was about to butt in too and yell at the man because I was losing my patience at his stupidity. I was going to tell him that if he were going to sleep on the bus, you’re taking that risk of losing your own belongings and if that ever happens then it’s your own fault! You can’t blame anyone else because you could’ve prevented the theft, by not sleeping, duh! How stupid do people get? But oh well this is the world we live in *sigh* Still a fairly exciting and fruitful day!