next gen ‘10 – Tuesday

The night wasn’t too bad. I am well aware of the issue of snorers at camp, nobody likes that. It’s funny that throughout primary school and high school there has never been a scenario where I’ve had to deal with snorers; it was only when uni started that snorers became a leading issue in choosing cabin buddies. Sad to say, even though our cabin wasn’t filled with 5 Caucasian guys like last year, we still had snorers. It wasn’t much of an issue last night, I must’ve fallen asleep before it got worse, but Jacky and Matthew described themselves to be escaping the war in Afghanistan and a stampede in Africa.

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next generation 2009 – Wednesday

Alright Wednesday morning, well you know how it went for me if you read the end of the Tuesday post; yeah rough night. And once again the Caucasians in our cabin snored but last night somehow I sort of got used to it and I actually went to sleep; racked up about 6 hours of sleep, ignoring those moments when I went out to do my business.


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