NTE Mission ‘09 – Saturday

Day 4; with Brandon as an addition to our forces, we had stronger numbers again. Josef snored quietly this night and though I was awake most of the night, it was still better than the other nights.

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MYC Overview

Well let’s take a look back at MYC (even though it’s been a whole week already), but at least now we get to look at those five days as a whole and to see just how the camp has affected me. It might be little, it might be a lot; let’s see.

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Christmas Eve House Party

What better way to start season 6 of Divine Iniquity than with a Christmas Eve house party over at Jia Qi’s? Jia Qi kindly opened his house on Wednesday to a number of people from our grade, mostly from our school(or formerly from our school but then transferred to that God-forsaken school Ruse) and also some people he knew back from primary school; your typical house party.


Our group isn’t exactly in touch with theirs but I guess we fit in well nonetheless. From our group, me, Chris, Joseph, Eric and Charlie went. And there were a number of people from other groups too numerous to name. There were more than 20 people who attended I think. Jia Qi offered a number of activities, nothing all too different from what our group would normally do. But Jia Qi does have the bigger house, and is also right opposite James Ruse, which means free access to their grounds for sports ^^.


There’s not much need to describe in detail the stuff we did there. It was a combination of Brawl, SingStar, EyeToy, Poker, Table Tennis, Piano, simple chatting, and various ball games. One thing that might’ve encouraged a few more people to come would have been Jacky with his SingStar emulator (Vanessa I’m more referring to you xD). And it does make sense since there’s already a DDR emulator called StepMania (I have more than 0.5 GB of anime dances :P) so naturally it should be right to assume that SingStar would have it’s own [illegal] counterpart. “UltraStar” if anyone wants to do research into it. I want to set it up but I’ve already come across a few problems so I might leave that till I get a new computer or something. Jacky had every SingStar and more songs all stuffed in that laptop of his; of course that sparks interest in us who are fans of SingStar. More so for me because I have the same opportunity as obtaining that “power”. It’s going to take a few months before I actually match up where Jacky is. He refused to give me everything he had but even if he did there’s no guarantee it would work on my computer T.T”


Food-wise Jia Qi disappointed me. No meat…enough said. But apart from that there was a lot of noodles and pasta and other related dishes. There was probably enough food for everyone and I suppose that is a lot of effort from his mum so still kudos to him for that. There were more than enough drinks to last everyone so that was a plus. I can’t remember doing much other than playing Brawl and SingStar. One memorable moment was when Jacky was already tired from singing and still pushed on with a hard song. His voice totally gave way. He still hit the high note at a cost of fully breaking his voice, it was hilarious. Oh by the way, “UltraStar” supports Japanese songs too if that interests you Vanessa; it’s all a matter of finding it.


The day lasted a long time and we all had the chance to catch up with one another. Ivan and Esther came; it’s been a while since we last saw them but they’ve both grown a fair bit. Esther’s heaps taller now, though still somewhat short. Even Eric is catching up to her haha! But she’s just as shy as ever, which kind of sets the party down a tone.


“Esther play SingStar with us!”
”…Umm, no? That’s okay.”


People eventually began to leave once it hit 3pm but the party was still going. Others preferred to sit and chat, the more mature thing to do after high school haha; especially when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. But overall the party was rather fun because there were so many people there and heaps of space to do whatever. A good start to the holidays!

Christmas Day 2008

Well surely this year’s Christmas would be like any other of my Christmas’, the same dull family lunch with sweet sweet turkey + ham + a bunch of other Christmas-only food. And then maybe something on at night like a church thing; just a normal, typical Christmas like every other year.


Well I got exactly what I expected haha! Did you think it’d be any more interesting? Well I suppose if I went through my day you might be able to pick out some things that help my “anime plotline” unfold. Woke up at like 9am, thinking it was 10. Had breakfast and then went back to sleep for another hour. I’ve been dead tired these days with a fair amount of stuff happening; remembering that yesterday I had that party at Jia Qi’\s house. Woke up at like 11am and my aunt and cousins had arrived for our Christmas lunch.


Well my cousins are too young to play with me now so they hang out with my bro now; that’s still good I guess. And here’s where my Wii comes in. Of course I didn’t get it for the selfish purpose of entertaining myself. Like I said in my previous blog, I wanted a Wii to increase the party value of the house. So now my cousins had something to do; ie. play Brawl. Otherwise they’ would’ve just mucked around the house. So them playing for an hour or so till lunch was exactly what I had imagined as a consequence of getting a Wii; according to plan for once.


Lunch of course was no different than from any other year. My mum did buy a different brand of Christmas turkey. Yes, always a different brand of turkey each year but like this time it was a massive leg from a massive turkey; it should feed us for another 3-4 days worth of lunch. Apart from that there was the usual leg of ham followed by potatoes and fruit salad, with boiled egg. Do you  really put egg into fruit salad? So lunch was as per usual.


I spent the hours after that working on this blog you’re reading now. Had to move my old blog to a subfolder (reachable from the link at the top of the page) and obviously posting in the introduction blogs and fixing up a few things here and there. My cousins stayed into the afternoon and kept playing Brawl.


I had overlooked the time while I was on the phone for 2.5 hours and by the time I decided to hang up it was already like 5:50pm. So I quickly changed and got my dad to drive me to church for our Christmas dinner plus evening show. I showed up at the designated 6pm, but barely anyone was there. So just hung around until everyone finally came and then we all sat down for dinner. It’s a shame that few of us SMAC members showed up. To do a headcount it was just me, Nat, Sharon, Quentin, Julz, Sean, Sam, the other Jason, Danielle, and William.


We decided to have our table separated from everyone else because well, we’re just not old enough. Sharon somehow argues that being 18 is still young despite everyone else calling me old on my birthday T.T” So am I young or old? At this point I felt different from the way I normally act. I wasn’t exactly happier but I kind of felt more random and outspoken than I normally have been these months. I suspect something about my phone conversation made me become random. Thanks Grace, now I’ve increased my chance to embarrass myself by 500%.


The food was nice, again nearly like the monthly lunches we normally have. There was more dessert like last year and overall I ate more than I normally would which was good. The dinner table was filled with random remarks from Quentin, who was sort of talking about managing his body image; about the “fish ball tofu” he ate today, which is so not a Christmas food item, along with “a piece of scrambled egg”. He was our clown for the night. He even ate pure chocolate (like Freddo Frogs) before and during dinner. The sugar really got to him today.


This year our church had a program of acts organised and I thought tonight was one of the better nights for our church. We had random testimonies from adults which were all interesting stories which was great. The young children sang a few kiddie songs and our star act from our group was by Quentin and Sharon, who performed a couple of songs on acoustic. *Sigh* kind of wanted to learn the guitar for a while now, seeing as I’m completely shit at music, apart from maybe singing and rapping. I do hope next year brings forth opportunities. Anyway poor Sharon was completely nervous before her performance, and fair enough so you should be. But ultimately she sang really well and played really well; and again it just comes down to what you manage to produce rather than ho you feel beforehand. So good stuff Shaz! xD We’re proud of you! I also filmed both performances. I’ll be happy to post them up if you’ll let me Shaz so reply and say ‘yes’ otherwise I respect your privacy…


The rest of the night was filled with more random acts, too numerous to describe because this post is already long at this point. We had like a lucky dip draw sort of thing with everyone. Everyone was issued with a ticket with five digits on it. We were then asked to swap our ticket with someone else. And then they began calling out conditions to choose people for prizes. I swapped mine with Sharon and the results were rather funny. The first set of prizes went to people whose ticket had a last digit that was odd. Sharon’s ticket (which was originally mine) satisfied this condition. Her prize was a bag of chips. And then it became clear that as the game progressed the prizes should be getting better. I won a second-level prize with Sharon’s ticket which was ironic and I won a small razor blade; the ones for cutting cardboard and stuff like that. Why such a dangerous prize? But yeah technically me and Sharon should’ve swapped prizes, but hey, luck of the draw I guess.  Quentin won a weird Christmas ornament thing, it was like some weird Christmas tree decoration, pink, fairly large,and you could screw the large flat base off and sort of put stuff inside of it; weird. He swapped that with Danielle, who won a pack of sponges lolx!


And yeah the night kept moving on with a new act after another. Towards the end some adults came out and recited Psalm 100 in that poetic manner that we used to do in Chinese School. Their first reading was just using variations in their voice. Their second reading (because everyone wanted an “encore” – though the Chinese adults all pronounced it as written in English, which sounded weird) included a variety of actions that matched each line and that was fairly amazing too. The third reading was done as a solo by one of our family friends; mum’s fellow worker back in HK, her husband. He just had to bring up the rap I did back at the Carlingford Village Christmas show 2 weeks back; kind of wish people would drop it because I’d like to be famous for something most tasteful than a Christmas rap written by Colin form Play School T.T” So he recited Psalm 100 in a rap fashion which I’ll have to admit wasn’t half bad, quite decent and had good rhythm haha!


So there are some of the highlights for the night and right now at 11:58pm I find that Christmas this year wasn’t all too bad. Might’ve felt really depressed when Grace had me discussing my problems but I certainly felt today had a positive outcome. Surely not the average Christmas I had expected today to be, despite the similarities. This year was certainly something different and more enjoyable! What a long 12-hour special episode today yielded.