CBS Commerce Year-End Socials

Now that I realize it, I haven’t really blogged on the boxing day social, so I’ll take the chance to take care of both socials we’ve had in the last week haha!


Boxing Day Social

On boxing day we had decided to go out to the beach; but due to the weather we instead went to Steph’s house to have lunch and just chill around until the afternoon. This was a fallback plan, but Steph graciously made a Pass the Parcel…parcel; so we played with it. Talk about awesome luck, there were exactly the same number of layers and people in the game; go Steph! Each layer of the parcel had a slip of post-it note, and maybe a treat. Each person had to do whatever was written on the post-it note; things ranged from simply sharing minor personal things, all the way up to Brandon having to do the Macarina. All videos on Facebook.


SAM_0309_Converted    SAM_0322_Converted

SAM_0337_Converted     SAM_0342_Converted

There was of course more mahjong-ing to be done. We stayed until about 4pm before we decided to head off down to the city to go karaoke, and then do other stuff at night. That was just great considering that in the morning to meet up, I had gone down to Town Hall to help back up the people coming from south of Sydney. Came all the way back up to where Steph’s house, and now back down again, and soon to be back up once more T.T”


Ellen had originally planned to go to Live, but due to a potential concern for Chinese and English music, we went back to Big Echo again, as always. So we stayed the 3 hours there doing the same thing as always. I don’t think there’s much I can blog about our karaoke sessions; it’s normally the same songs over again, even the Chinese ones haha! Love Story, Backstreet Boys. I got into the room first, checked the new songs list; they have Wedding Dress now! Got so excited I sang it before everyone had come in haha!


For dinner, we were all over the place; some of us had dinner at 5pm before karaoke, the rest of us went to a Hungry Jacks at 8pm for food. Afterwards we went down to Myer to go Boxing Day night shopping. It was still pretty packed at 9:30pm. Lots of stuff was gone but heaps more was still there. I’m surprised Paul could look at a $75 shirt and say that it was cheap *shudders* Regardless of the savings made off an uber expensive shirt, it’s final net price still causes the same amount of hesitation for me. We walked around for half an hour or so. Only Liz actually bought stuff for her parents, the rest of us walked home empty; well we drove home, yeah same thing. That was a really long boxing day!



New Year’s Eve Sleepover

And so soon after a social we had another set right at the edge of the new year. A lot of things came together to bring this social to form, mostly the notion of using Nat’s house for a social while her parents were gone. What better than a “sleepover” at her place. The reigns were in my hands, right after my own birthday as well. It’s been a really tiring week for me.


Anyway I had the original plan of booking out for dinner; trying to find a mutual place for dinner. Since everyone was coming up to Nat’s house anyway, it’d be reasonable to have dinner as close as possible to Nat’s place for the convenience of those who live in the immediate area. So Eastwood it was, and after like a bit of snooping on Tuesday (29th) I just chose the Peking restaurant. In my books it’s one of the better places to have dinner in Eastwood. People would train up to Eastwood if it’s far for them, and then other who live near Nat drive down to Eastwood and there’s our transport issue solved.


Organising dinner was a slight pain because it was hard to get exact numbers. Luckily on the actual day the numbers became stable and I managed to book the exact number of seats required. We all met up for dinner and we all ordered a lot of awesome food. Everyone just had to have some of that infamous Peking duck; fine alright, though it was…what? $40.80 for like those strips of skin plus one dish of noodles it was still ordered on the basis of the occasion? We had to order so many more dishes afterwards because we were all hungry men on the table. Ordered another 8 dishes and yet still the bill only came to like $13.45 per head which was awesome compared to my party T.T”


We all carpooled back; this was the second time I had the car out, and still just a bit more than a week on my Ps. It was of course relatively risky for me to drive and all; had to pull a few strings to get the car as well. Anyway me and Jacky detoured back to Ken’s house first where we said hi to the few from our church who were left at their own NYE social. It was small, and it was missing 5 people who were now attending our CBS one haha!


The night went on with my Wii, Jie’s Xbox, Mahjong, Taboo and Poker. Everyone was involved in something which was good. Heaps of noise as well; we found out only very recently that Nat’s dad was coming back from Hong Kong that day, so much for having the house all to ourselves. But I was glad he still let us use the house, despite there was a bit of drinking going on and such.



At about 11pm we decided to have a formal thing, split off into small prayer groups so we could reflect on the year that has passed and the year that is to come. Came up with a bunch of thank points and prayer points, and then we just prayed till about 11:45pm. That was finally when things started to get hectic; we brought out the drinks; tried to use as little alcohol as possible because of the environment that we were in. There was heaps of sparkling juices and that was more than sufficient for the occasion I guess. The countdown came and we all gave a huge roar which I suspect would’ve made Nat’s go: “what the hell?!” (in a Chonny accent for added bonus)


The fireworks were really bland, I don’t see the point in watching them anymore; you can’t see the Harbour Bridge at all because of all the smoke, and I would expect that to be the case in the morning. And hence with all the smoke you can see the fireworks, fail. But afterwards we mucked around in the backyard with sparklers. We managed to get some really good photos here, especially this one, sorta:




Oh yeah we are set for next year CBS with this now!


After everything was okay, “play” resumed. Back to our normal activities. Some people started playing spin the bottle truth or dare. Me and Ronnie were just like: “Urgh guys don’t play that game…” They’ll learn next time. Everyone was still really lively throughout the night; the volume levels stayed constant, I really do wonder how much of our noise carried upstairs to where Nat’s dad was sleeping.


I guess you could probably skip everything that happened up until 4am where we started watching “A Walk to Remember”. Yes it quite a sad movie but no it wasn’t compelling enough to cry over. At 5am we left Nat’s house to try and catch the sunrise. We went out to Thompson’s corner where the Australian flag was; there was a small patch of grass which had a good view of the city. There were already traces of people being there last night to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to catch the sunrise because of the clouds. And I guess that was okay because no matter where we went (some wanted to beach) there wouldn’t have been a chance to see the sun anyway, with weather the way it was today.



SAM_0440_Converted     SAM_0441_Converted

We went back to Nat’s house to have breakfast, served by Paul and Nat, who went to buy it earlier on NYE. There was pancakes, raisin toast, french toast and boiled sausages. By the time it hit 7am everyone started to die. And there were heaps of people just lying all over the place, clearly too tired to move. People slowly poured out of Nat’s house when it hit 8am, others who were still dead stayed on the sofa to try and sleep it off. The word “sleepover” is rather inaccurate to describe the event, because obviously we weren’t going to, and those that tried to sleep weren’t very successful.


I was pretty tired too, had to drive Bec and Jie back home, and it was raining. Luckily coffee kicked in and I was able to stay awake for this last bit of driving before I got home. I had to drive, with my minor skills because Jacky obviously looked more wrecked than me, playing NBA ‘07 all night long. Man, the last time we played video games (7 hours of Mario Kart 64!) we were really dead the next day.


But that was the new year. It was an epic night as they always are. But on a serious note, the actual reminiscing for me will have to come at a later time when everything settles down. Let’s make 2010 even brighter than it was last year!


MLM Guy’s Night In

Well last Tuesday (12th November) we took a break from our regular Bible studies and had a night in at Ken’s place. I say “guy’s night in” because in the end only guys turned up…and Nat. It was pretty “lol” for her, being the only girl there. Anyway we had dinner first. Ken made Japanese beef curry, which was pretty good; managed to feed a number of mouths. I would’ve liked to eat his turtle haha, nah just kidding; can’t remember the last time I saw a live turtle up close, nor a dead one in case anyone was wondering.


Afterwards we simply gamed the night away. I brought my Wii and so some people were playing Wii sports. The rest of us played Mahjong. Highlights/clowns of the night include Nat (as per usual) and Billy. Nat and her funny Mahjong antics, and Billy and his overly competitive nature, in all the Wii sports: tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing. Would be funny to see how he would’ve gone at golf. Some of the videos can be found on my facebook.


As the night went on, most people left; only me, Jacky, Nat and Ken (cos it’s his place obviously) stayed and played Brawl till midnight. More “lawl”s there. I haven’t played Brawl in ages, still pretty rusty, don’t know why I got bored of the game at home; can’t even beat level 9 CPUs yet; oh well. I still need to finish Fire Emblem.


Hmm I thought I could blog more about the night; it was long, it was fun, it was random; and perhaps too many funny moments which you can’t really put into words. But yeah maybe they’ll be more of this in the holidays since there isn’t anything better to do now.

Christmas Eve House Party

What better way to start season 6 of Divine Iniquity than with a Christmas Eve house party over at Jia Qi’s? Jia Qi kindly opened his house on Wednesday to a number of people from our grade, mostly from our school(or formerly from our school but then transferred to that God-forsaken school Ruse) and also some people he knew back from primary school; your typical house party.


Our group isn’t exactly in touch with theirs but I guess we fit in well nonetheless. From our group, me, Chris, Joseph, Eric and Charlie went. And there were a number of people from other groups too numerous to name. There were more than 20 people who attended I think. Jia Qi offered a number of activities, nothing all too different from what our group would normally do. But Jia Qi does have the bigger house, and is also right opposite James Ruse, which means free access to their grounds for sports ^^.


There’s not much need to describe in detail the stuff we did there. It was a combination of Brawl, SingStar, EyeToy, Poker, Table Tennis, Piano, simple chatting, and various ball games. One thing that might’ve encouraged a few more people to come would have been Jacky with his SingStar emulator (Vanessa I’m more referring to you xD). And it does make sense since there’s already a DDR emulator called StepMania (I have more than 0.5 GB of anime dances :P) so naturally it should be right to assume that SingStar would have it’s own [illegal] counterpart. “UltraStar” if anyone wants to do research into it. I want to set it up but I’ve already come across a few problems so I might leave that till I get a new computer or something. Jacky had every SingStar and more songs all stuffed in that laptop of his; of course that sparks interest in us who are fans of SingStar. More so for me because I have the same opportunity as obtaining that “power”. It’s going to take a few months before I actually match up where Jacky is. He refused to give me everything he had but even if he did there’s no guarantee it would work on my computer T.T”


Food-wise Jia Qi disappointed me. No meat…enough said. But apart from that there was a lot of noodles and pasta and other related dishes. There was probably enough food for everyone and I suppose that is a lot of effort from his mum so still kudos to him for that. There were more than enough drinks to last everyone so that was a plus. I can’t remember doing much other than playing Brawl and SingStar. One memorable moment was when Jacky was already tired from singing and still pushed on with a hard song. His voice totally gave way. He still hit the high note at a cost of fully breaking his voice, it was hilarious. Oh by the way, “UltraStar” supports Japanese songs too if that interests you Vanessa; it’s all a matter of finding it.


The day lasted a long time and we all had the chance to catch up with one another. Ivan and Esther came; it’s been a while since we last saw them but they’ve both grown a fair bit. Esther’s heaps taller now, though still somewhat short. Even Eric is catching up to her haha! But she’s just as shy as ever, which kind of sets the party down a tone.


“Esther play SingStar with us!”
”…Umm, no? That’s okay.”


People eventually began to leave once it hit 3pm but the party was still going. Others preferred to sit and chat, the more mature thing to do after high school haha; especially when you haven’t seen someone for a long time. But overall the party was rather fun because there were so many people there and heaps of space to do whatever. A good start to the holidays!