Shine On

This post re-caps my series of events on Wednesday, 12th January 2011. Today some of us CBS people living near the Hills (and some others who did not) were going to spend time with a few people who were about to go back to work for the new year; and so today was kind of the last chance to have some fun with them. We has a bushwalk planned out, followed by a barbeque, and then other random stuff in the afternoon.

We all met up at Nat’s house in the morning, and though it threatened to rain most of the morning, we still decided to go ahead with our bush walk at Cumberland State Forest and we headed there around 12pm. We had lunch first and I helped barbeque up a bunch of meat that Seb and Steph(en) bought. There were spiders around the barbeque, which freaked a lot of the girls out. Most of the guys took this opportunity to exaggerate the fear, and also to capture the moment on camera. During this time, there were people playing the ukulele and others playing Uno.

We finished lunch around 3pm, somehow it went on longer than expected; and we finally went on a short bush walk. Seb continued to sing along to the ukulele, making up lyrics on the spot as he normally does, I’ll upload a 9 min video to Facebook in due time. The walk wasn’t too bad, but due to the moisture a lot of insects and stuff came out. There were webs here and then, and the girls again screamed for their dear life because they were just that scary.

Afterwards we goofed off in the community centre for a while and then went to the shops to get ice cream. We got back to Nat’s place and decided to have 25 inch pizzas from a nearby place (which is only in the Hills). A couple more people came over for dinner and we all shared two large 25 inch pizzas. I guess we must’ve overthought things and in fact it became a struggle for 13 people to finish two of those large pizzas. After the whole group had finished one off we were all pushing our stomachs up a hill. At the end of the night we had to make people take slices of pizza home.

Throughout the night we watched Bride Wars and The Dark Knight, whilst having some interesting conversation, which may or may not include sexist comments and stuff haha. It was a fun day and shows that you can have heaps of fun just doing simple things (even if the pizza was slightly expensive). However, that is not the main point of this post.


Oh, no I didn’t?! At the same time that all of this was going on, there were many other people who had gathered in the city to find tickets for a concert to see SHINee. I guess it’s not just any ordinary concert, it was the first time any famous Asian star/group (I believe) has come to Sydney (not Aus) to perform. And so today was actually quite important for the Korean music industry. Today’s concert was to “test the waters” and see how responsive the Australian (or Sydney) people were to Korean music.

As such I had friends (link to a fan’s post below – I know you’re going write one Sharon) who put a lot of energy into getting tickets and then making the most of their opportunity to see their beloved SHINee. From what I gathered on Facebook after I got home, tickets were being donated by UNICEF for a cost of $50, most tickets were handed out beforehand, and at the last minute to the show, people got let in free (probably not to be repeated again). That is a decent cost to see people as famous as SHINee. And judging from hearing of the success of tonight’s concert, there will probably be another one next one; but the tickets might be more expensive next year.

A few people uploaded their videos as soon as they got home, and from what I could see, a lot of people had their cameras out the whole night. But that is to be assumed since it is extremely rare to get something like this in boring Sydney – this was the first major K-Pop ever, right? The Koreans had some expensive cameras flying around as well, so at they decided to capture the moment on film, though I don’t think they’ll use the footage from tonight too extensively; not much point I think.

Well that’s my simple report on something I didn’t even look deeply into; but I will admit I was very interested in going to see SHINee, even if I don’t know what their names are and I only know several songs. I said on my Facebook that I didn’t regret missing out on SHINee to enjoy a day out with friends and I still stand by that statement. Since I’m not familiar with SHINee’s work all that much, I wasn’t too devastated to have missed out on $50 tickets to their concert. The main thing that would’ve got me going was the fact that tickets were relatively cheap (I even had to chance to get free tickets off other friends as well, if I had asked), and so in a sense I had traded away this opportunity for friends, which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong; somehow I can’t help but feel like sacrifices were made today haha. I didn’t lose much, but rather I gained something more important than watching 5 guys dancing to songs with poorly written English lyrics. “Oh no he didn’t?!”

But of course I would definitely go next year (almost added “again” but then realised I actually didn’t go haha). But yes I won’t miss out on the next opportunity. I just wished the Japanese weren’t as stingy as the Koreans – though I believe Sydney is full of anime sooks who don’t know anything about recent trends in Japan, let alone it’s music industry; it’d be a waste of them bringing bands like “UVERworld” or “the gazette”.

Link to a fangirl’s post will be here when it’s up. Right here


Commerce Mid-sem Break Social

Rather than jump into a summary of things that happened over this semester, what better to kick off the mid-sem break than with a post describing the events of the first day: one big social gathering with Commerce people.



In the morning, Andy Wong had a last minute idea to go play some LAN at Central’s City Hunter before the official social started. Spent 2 hours playing Left 4 Dead 2. Funny, it was my first time every playing this game, guess I’m just really out of it in terms of gaming. I suppose I can sort of see where the elements of addiction come from; it’s a fairly decent game, nice graphics and all. Jacky kept noobing things up because he was being too trigger happy with a rocket launcher, ah well, first person shooters are probably not his type.


The other funny thing that happened while we were playing were these “Wogs” (forgive the racial slang) who were playing DotA like in the area right next to us. You could not believe the amount of noise that came from those people, the amount of commotion over a somewhat slow game such as DotA. Phrases like “Omfg, get the f*** away from the tower” and “Why the f*** is the tower hitting me? Where are the f***ing creeps?!” were iterated multiple times throughout the two hours. From a normal bystander’s view, they were simply loud and annoying. From a gamer’s perspective, they were also very noob at the game. As a DotA player, I find it personally funny that you can get so “into” the game and yet be so bad at it. They were yelling out things that a person who’s played a lot would no longer be frustrated over. I occasionally shot a glance over at their game, most of the time they were yelling because their heroes died, from a lack of teamwork, and from the mere fact that they were bad at the game; and that caused a huge uproar amongst them every single time. There was one particular moment where they finally get a kill. All of them literally jumped up out of their seats and they all cheered and clapped and yelled, the kind of level of excitement you would expect from a patriot during the World Cup when their team scores. All that commotion over a game…



Promptly after gaming, we joined the rest of our faculty by Town Hall and moved off to Hyde Park for our picnic. The trouble in all of this is the large number of Christians in Commerce; with over 80 people who were going to attend throughout the day, the task of arranging food, activities, and just simply moving people around the city seemed a daunting task. Luckily for the picnic there were only about 40 people who came. We played a number of games that our organisers Ben, Steph, Ellen and Chris had carefully arranged for us. Activities included Chinese whisper-charades, and another one where each team chooses two people at a time to hold a balloon between each other, back to back, move down to a line and then toss a tennis ball into a bucket placed at a fair distance from the line. The games were quite creative.


After playing through all the set games we sat down for a short period of time to eat some snacks, have some drinks, and play…Magic cards?! Yeah, somehow the game is making a comeback within our group, probably because of that one-off free cards giveaway that our uni had for a week; the damn promotion just got a lot of people into wanting to play the game again. I guess I am no exception. Then again, I do hope that we all realise that we just want to play with the cards that we already have, and that there is no need to pursue those new cards, and create that perfect deck with cards that we don’t have but would like to obtain through abusing our wallets and such. The game just somewhat changed for our high school group, when instead of treating Magic like a “trading card game”, it became “look at a list of cards, pick the ones you need and buy them game”.



After a quick game of Magic, many of us moved off to go karaoke. Others stayed back to hang around the park and others went off to Norita’s. Karaoke was heaps of fun with over 30 people, yeah most of us went karaoke since it is a speciality of our Commerce faculty. We were given 3 rooms between our group, which was a good thing; it allowed us to designate one room as what I call the “fob” room and the other two rooms as English rooms. And for once in karaoke, I did not sing a single English song, I stayed in the fob room for the whole time.


Part of the reason that today’s karaoke session was particularly good was that there were a few more people who had similar tastes in music (to me) – subjectively saying that today’s karaoke was good (for me). I managed to catch up on a lot of Jap songs that I haven’t been able to sing due the lack of interest in Jap music from other people that I normally go K with. I was very pleased some new music from K-ON!, Angel Beats and new Korean stuff.


The fob room was very unpopular at the beginning of our session but over time, people from the English rooms came in to find out what songs we were singing (not that they would know anyway). Towards the end of our 2.5 hours (we were leaving 30 mins early), more and more people crowded into our room and it become apparent that any common taste our faculty had in non-English music could be found in Korean culture. There was a huge “dance-off” once we hit the SNSD/Kara block. There are a couple of wild videos of us on Facebook (or soon there will be some) where we show our true passion for “those sorts of songs” through epic singing and epic dancing.


Have no idea what happened in the other rooms, since I never left my one, but it sounded as if other rooms had just as much fun; perhaps because most of the people were there anyway at the beginning. Sitting through a lot of Chinese music wasn’t too bad, still not my style of music but still is okay to handle once a while haha!



After Karaoke, we moved off to dinner – some Korean restaurant along Liverpool St. The rest of our group (who didn’t go karaoke) were already there waiting for us. More people came just for dinner so our initial group of 40 expanded. I was surprised the restaurant had a seating capacity that could hold all 60+ of us AND still have a fair amount of space for regular customers.


Our table ordered hotpot; we were clearly ripped off by the lack of meat that we got but apart from that, the vegetables did fill us up good. Other tables ordered BBQ stuff and in general everyone had spicy stuff, although they didn’t really order it. It seemed like the cooks just made everything spicy even though the menu didn’t really mention anything about the food being spicy. They also forbid us from having seafood since they decided that it would take forever to serve us all if they had to prepare seafood for everyone; stingy Koreans.


We didn’t stay too long for dinner, chatted and played some card games afterwards. Wonder how Monopoly Deal became such a popular game? After dinner we went a short distance to take some group photos and then had ice cream. Not everyone wanted some so we managed to gather 11 of us to share in the biggest thing that the French Riviera had. It was a fairly tall mountain of ice cream for $51, and we probably didn’t need 11 people to finish it but it was quite enjoyable, and difficult to eat considering how it threatened to just tip over at the beginning.


Funnily enough, most of the rest of the group just remained outside the entire time we were inside eating dinner. Goes to show how idle our group can be if no-one decides on a concrete thing to do. Some people went home but the rest of them just loitered outside. In fact we continued to loiter outside after finishing our ice cream and it was only after another half hour did we decide to go home. Our bus ride home reminded Nat of a similar bus ride home at night on the same bus but with our youth group kids from RICE a couple of weeks back; there was sort of the same mood of having good conversation with one another on public transport. Yeah I guess those times can also be productive for conversation as well.


So all in all it was a long day. How did I ever manage to come up with the energy to blog this all up? And this is merely day 1 of our mid-sem break.

Quick Play (Updated)

Just as the mid-sem break started, a couple of event came up without me realizing that they were there; and so the Easter weekend that just passed was filled with a lot of tiring activities that have set this week to one of recovery rather than study.


Ronnie’s R (something…)

Ah forget it, I couldn’t think of another R word to make some alliteration haha! Anyway Ronnie was free Easter Saturday and for some reason or another wanted to come up to the Hills area, where most of us CBS people lived. So he called up Nat asking is he could crash her house and form some sort of impromptu social; that was Friday night. I tried to help organize it, we were trying to work out what to do for dinner – whether we should cook or not. The idea of cooking as a group sounded like fun only the problem was that we couldn’t decide on what to cook; not to mention that we had to buy the stuff just prior to the night.


An e-mail was sent like on Saturday morning and I tried my best to rally some forced through Twitter at work, since Facebook got blocked >.<” Things didn’t get far and so the cooking idea was a no go. A number of us showed up at Nat’s place around 5-6pm where we tried to figure where to go for dinner; again that was a kind of fail discussion because nobody had ideas or preferences. Jumping onto my end of the story, I was talking to Athena in the afternoon and she offered the idea to eat at the pizza place she was working at that night. And looking back now, that was probably a better idea than no idea.


Nonetheless we ended up going to Castle Towers to see what would happen, walked around for a while, not wanting to go into any expensive restaurant – Athena’s pizza place was clearly a good idea at the time had we not already parked there. Eventually we listened to Matthew’s idea to go eat at Nando’s T.T” and so we all had like the family feast meal deal or whatever it was, spicy chicken, lemon chicken, random sides and a big plate of chips. Didn’t fill us up all too well, but hey, fail dinner is fail dinner haha!


We all drove back to Nat’s place again afterwards and this is probably a good time to introduce our multimedia item for this post:



Just to add more to the story than what’s on YouTube, Nat was trying to park as close as she could to the left wall of her garage but she was afraid of scraping the side and so she continually ended up slightly away from the wall. I just thought it was funny that she just kept going rather than just give up and leave it as is; in the end she didn’t manage to fix it up (on her own). There is Cantonese dialogue, which I’ll add annotations for later, for the non-Chinese speakers.


Played “Articulate” and just chatted, watched some YouTube videos and had ice cream. It was a nice chill time for all of us. Nat’s sister later complained about Ronnie’s loud voice, which projected very well within Nat’s house – he had it coming, he always does. We left at around 11pm, before Nat’s parents came home from their weekly mahjong-ing with family friends.



Cherie’s Baptism

The very next morning, we all had to wake up early to get ourselves up to Thornleigh CABC (Chinese Australian Baptist Church) for Cherie’s baptism – same group of CBS people, hence why we had to leave by 11pm, but then we had the daylight savings extra hour of sleep. I haven’t been back to that church since I left it in year 4; so many years ago. I hardly remember the people there anymore, a lot of new people came after I left so I don’t really know the church anymore.


Anyway Jacky was paranoid of not getting a parking spot, which was fairly likely to happen because their carpark was heaps small. So we drove there early, carpooled Sarah and Bec at the same time to save driving space. We were like the first ones there funnily enough, though we were only like 15 minutes early. We sat down in those nostalgic pews (to me) while the music team practised. I now realise that they also had those huge baptism pools as well that few churches have (I think). The only other one I’ve seen was at Matt’s church.


Anyway the rest of out group arrived soon; we had two closely-connected groups, one was for Cherie the other was for Michelle, whom I met at next gen like last year. Anyway the baptism video is on my Facebook, in all it’s awesome HD glory now haha thanks to my new camera (finally). And just randomly, seeing Fairen Tam today reminded me of how she bullied me when we were kids, I don’t remember the scene too well but I remember it happening a lot T.T” She gave me a small wave, and I’m pretty sure she remembers it too haha!


After their service some of our group decided to come crash our church since our service had yet to start; and so we all drove back and today our church had lots of new visitors…from CBS haha!


After our service we went out for lunch in Eastwood at the Shanghai place, because everywhere else was full and stuff. Paul Chan helped us scout for restaurants that weren’t full and in the end only 6 of us went out for lunch, oh well. That was Easter Sunday.



Steph’s Party

Oh wow it just goes on. The very next day again, Easter Monday, we went down to Bicentennial Park for Steph’s barbeque party, which was organized by Eva. Me and Jacky met Adrian again on the train at Epping, and we were like the first ones there. Olympic Park was packed with people by 11am, and it was very hard to find a spot. One of Steph’s friends, Janice, managed to guard a barbeque with her parents but we didn’t have a table. Luckily the Asian couple just next to us were happy to let us use one of the tables, and even gave us a mat to cover it (at least I think that’s what happened).


Anyway we waited for Eva to come by with the food, though no-one else was here. But that made sense because of traffic and how difficult it must’ve been to park there today. Eventually Eva came with the food and we began to cook. The party was more Abbotsleigh Girls than CBS but hence I overlooked the fact that someone had to cook for the barbeque. I volunteered myself in other words. I don’t mind cooking, I’ve cooked at like the last few barbeques we’ve had so yeah.


Today’s special restriction for the barbeque was…using only two tongs. That’s right, two tongs ONLY! Eva admitted she doesn’t barbeque much and so she only brought two tongs. I thought “okay, challenge accepted” although in hindsight  whether I accepted or not didn’t change the fact that we only had two tongs to use. I’ve barbequed enough (with mistakes) to think that the following materials are needed at a barbeque (minus obvious ones):

  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Oil

Give me those three things and a barbeque can go alright. Having only the tongs was indeed challenging; but there were ways to get around not having the other two things. Oil was of course the hardest thing to compensate for, but that’s what sausages are for. Although I forgot to do so at the beginning, I should’ve cooked the sausages first, let all the grease come out and use that as oil for the other meats. A tip for next time I guess. We cooked anyway and did our best without any oil and such. The spatula is there for the cleaning process rather than cooking. Last time we demonstrated that coke is an excellent cleaning agent to get all that burnt carcinogenic crap off the barbeque, you just need a spatula to help uproot it all.


Hope nobody is eating and reading this because your appetite is now about to be ruined. We turned on the barbeque right next to us, so we were using two, and about 10 minutes afterwards, little cockroaches began to spawn like from a crack next to the second barbeque. They were just crawling around on the brick parts. I suspect they came out because of the barbeque getting hot and forcing them to spawn. The really bad thing was that some cockroaches panicked a bit too much and ended up running onto the barbeque. Yes, that’s right. Fortunately they didn’t run onto any of the food as it was cooking but they did run onto the barbeque and I watched them suffer a very painful death. Extracting the corpses proved to be rather…disgusting and disturbing for onlookers at the same time. Eventually there was another group who wanted to use the barbeque after us. so we just gave them the infested one and halved our production.


Halfway through cooking we had to clean the barbeque slate, and without a spatula to scrap all the burnt meat off, it was going to prove exceedingly difficult. Thankfully, the people we gave our other barbeque to were kind enough to let us borrow theirs, in exchange for letting them use our knives, and so we mutually shared some utensils for the rest of the afternoon; it was nice of them. Everyone stood around and chatted, I think. I was too engaged to worry about what else was happening. Food eventually was served and we finally had a party going.


Brandon and Jacky helped with the cooking, I took a break after about the 3 hour mark and left them to do the rest of the cooking. You have to admit, it’s hard to cook for a long period of time without taking a break. I ate a bit while I was cooking but yeah it is tiring haha. Everyone just chatted into the afternoon until we had the cake and then proceeded to clean up.



Mandy’s Déjà vu

This post will be left off with this hanging: tomorrow is Mandy’s party, exact same format, exact same place. So tomorrow will be exactly like Steph’s party, and perhaps the same people once again haha! I’m still deciding whether I should go or not. Saw her today at Eastwood with Elon buying the food for tomorrow. Hmm…




Okay so I ended up going to the party. Nat came and gave me a lift there, though she was exceptionally late; she was meant to pick me up at 12:30pm but ended up picking me up closer to 12:50pm T.T” And then she still had to pick up…Cassian? One of her law buddies. So by then it was already 1pm so we were clearly late. Nat kept freaking out on the way because she didn’t know the directions too well. I had the map in front of me but it was slightly hard to follow Brandon’s instructions; probably because Nat copied bits down wrong or something.


Eventually we got there, after much childish panicking and people questioned our lateness. Nevertheless I got straight to picking up the cooking with Elon and Brandon and also dug into some food. Mandy provided more vegetable alternatives to meat (or simply alternatives I guess) and Ronnie pulled in later with more meat because we had pretty much run out.


Throughout the afternoon we chatted much, Mandy brought some board games for us to play, Jacky came in much later but brought a ball so the guys had something to do. The icky thing was that Cassian kind of slipped on the ball and nearly twisted his elbow, I’m not sure what was going on, but it was bleeding, not severely. Oh I almost forgot, Mandy’s theme for the party was to dress up as Cartoon characters from when we were young. Few people bothered to; and it was wet also so it wasn’t entirely desirable. Funny though because it was pouring around 8am but Mandy still decided to hold the barbeque.


We played cards as the sun went down and cooked the rest of the chicken drumsticks which took ages to cook. We then packed up and were going to head back to Mandy’s place before dinner, which was moved from the city to Parramatta now. Dinner was at 6:30pm but it was already 5:30pm so getting back to Mandy’s place seemed inefficient. Nevertheless we moved off. I stayed with Nat because after dropping Cassian off at Concord West, she’d be the only one left; I mainly doubted her ability to get back to Mandy’s house given the way she panicked on the journey here.


And as I expected she panicked once again because there was quite some traffic from the Easter Show and we soon lost sight of our convoy, so we were on our own. I didn’t know the way either so it kind of was a fail plan. I vaguely remember Olympic Park well but we drove past the Aquatic Centre and ended up back on Parramatta Road, I was at least comfortable with that area. I directed her back onto Silverwater Road and she knew the rest of the way which was good.


The ironic thing from all of that was that we were the first ones there at Mandy’s house, not even Mandy herself was back yet, which was mightily strange. But I just thought given Nat’s driving (from the above video too) that we were naturally be the last ones to get there. But we were first by more than 15 minutes which was a huge surprise. The reason was that everyone took the M4 but that was uberly flooded because of the Easter Show and so everyone else was stuck in traffic except us. Nat was very pleased at herself.


Mandy’s parents let us in and I finally got to meet her huge dog, who was like 50 times as big and as active as Nat’s entree (we were going to eat him that Saturday night after Nando’s haha!) Eventually everyone else turned up and Mandy pushed her restaurant booking back half an hour. We sat in a circle in the living and played some simple games, Mandy opened her presents in our midst. Eventually we had to go, some of us weren’t going for dinner (like me) because of the need to study. And when you think about it that’s fair considering how much I’ve been out this mid-sem break. And now it’s Friday as I wrap things up and I have camp later on today. There goes the mid-sem break >.<”

Pre O-Week Week

Okay, here’s some unstructured blogging, won’t be easy to follow, maybe. Anyway this week has been pretty hectic for me. Of course there’s no official title for it, and it didn’t follow any particular pattern or trend; things that happened one after another. So let’s get started shall we?




Okay so perhaps the week doesn’t start on Sunday, but whatever. As everyone should remember this was the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the awesome 2-in-combo that Chonny V-logged about. So at church we had to give in to the Chinese side, respect tradition and at least have lunch with them. Things were already rough because our pastor kept refusing to have a combined service with them. Skip the intricate details in the middle and we end up having a heaps shorter service, followed by lunch, which was pretty awesome. As always, when Chinese people want to celebrate for Chinese New Year, they do exceptionally well in regards to food.


I can’t quite remember what there was to eat but there were some good desserts. Anyway after lunch some of us from the ABC side stayed for the Chinese side’s afternoon shenanigans. There was singing, followed by some reflective words from the minister about things that happened over the year. It completely skipped my mind that our church is nearing its 1st anniversary of having moved to its new location. A lot has happened over the year at church huh? We had performances from the elders, as always. It’s not something that sparks our young minds in particular, but one can come to appreciate what they enjoy at their age; it was just some dancing and singing. There were some games which involved charades and guessing the Chinese New Year phrase, the ones that your parents say apart from…”Goon Hei Fat Choi” – whatever the proper English ping ying for it is.


It was quite a boring afternoon but I managed to sit through nearly all of it. Not the most interesting of all Sundays but certainly one that was pretty time consuming.




Okay Monday was another sort of bad day, hoping that certain people don’t read this. The legendary “Tensei” Victor Chan was having his 18th party at Bicentennial Park. It does bring a bit of shock, a bit out of normal expectations. The thing that became apparent for me was that Victor is a year younger than the rest of us; I knew there was something weird when I read he was celebrating his “18th birthday”. But such is the “Tensei” that he would start school a year early, according to him.


We met up at Olympic Park station at about midday. “We” was a very ambiguous term at the time; I had imagined “we’ would encompass…a decent number of people. But the net result was only 6, including myself. Yitian dogged me for his parents, some post-CNY celebrations? And then many others were no-shows. It ended up being me and 5 Ruse people – all of whom weren’t as rowdy as my group, or as the NSBs. There was a lot of silence, while walked back to the park.


But I’ll just keep things short here. There was a lot of awkward silence while everyone silently wondered what we should do, or rather, was waiting for someone to say something. There was a lack of initiative which for the first time in my life, actually created minutes of complete silence. It was sooooo awkward…but I couldn’t stand up and take charge and provide direction. The party was not mine and these were not people I’ve ever seen before in my life haha, how could I be complete “chill” or “lax” with them? We did play cards, for most of the day, played handball a bit later in the afternoon. Food was complete fail; lunch was nothing more than chips and lollies. I was really hungry when I got home *sigh* I bought drinks and cups in the morning, really saved the situation because otherwise we’d only have chips and lollies, hardly fit for lunch.


Victor suggested bike riding in the afternoon; not something I’m familiar with, but it was a good suggestion, despite the hot weather and the odd cost of $15 to hire a bike for the first hour, and $20 for two hours…odd. After Ellen’s party I’m trying to be more cautious in my spending. Other people weren’t so keen for the idea either, so we just continued to play cards…fail. I left closer to 4pm because I was sort of at my limit for wanting to stay. It was not a fun party, I was there solely for Victor’s sake, and I am glad to have been 1 of 5 people that actually showed up as guests. It’s not always that you get to celebrate a “Tensei’s” birthday haha!




Had my wisdom tooth (singular) taken out. Talked to Jess the next day and she raised the observation that everyone seems to be having their teeth taking out these days; true or not? Anyway went to a family friend who was a dentist and had him perform the operation. Because it was only one tooth – and because it was a local dentist – I didn’t get knocked out, unlike most of you people, who were given the grace of sleep. I, unfortunately, was kept awake through the entire horrific sequence of events. From the first needle in the gum, to the second in the tooth, to the third, etc I lost count of the needles that I was stabbed with, the first one hurt a bit, that weird numbing pain, and a quarter of my mouth went numb. If you’ve never been awake for the operation, trust me, you don’t want to. Essentially the dentist just hacks awake at your teeth and the gum around it. And there’s the classic high-pitched whirring from some instrument which gives kids nightmares. That thing was so loud that it gave me a headache throughout the operation.


It took an hour to get one silly tooth out. Of course, my tooth resisted, by having to grow in a retarded direction, like nearly perpendicular to how the rest of teeth normally grow. Yes, it was growing sideways, and so the hole that eventuated was quite a big one. The dentist was trying to just force my tooth out; he was using a lot of force and perhaps got tired of the slow hacking process with that gum-cutter. He had a lot of problems and had to revert back to other tools before trying again.


Finally it came out, and I was lucky to get a good look of it before he chucked that annoying tooth out; other people don’t get the privilege to huh? He stitched me up and I was out by midday. The anaesthetic lasted until 4-5pm in which pain finally took over and worsened my headache. As most animals are, pain really does annoy you, it just sits there in the background constantly annoying you, and it really does mess your mood up. I wasn’t feeling sick, I was heaps annoyed because of the pain and the headache; sent me into a pretty bad mood for the rest of the night. Haha but that was night one, things would get better the next day, yes?




CBS Orientation Day (which I didn’t go to last year because I was in Hong Kong). Caught the train with Jess but saw Katie and some Baulko kids from the year below us at Pennant Hills station, how fortunate sort of. Oh I almost forget to mention. On Tuesday afternoon, while it still hurt to open my mouth for anything, be it talking or eating, Alan (our MTS) called up to ask me to be a Tour Guide for today’s Orientation; conscripted at the last second, nice. Anyway we got there and registered and met up with people we hadn’t seen for a few weeks haha. It’s funny because the last time we actually went to uni was for our final exams last year; so we haven’t stepped on uni ground for a good 3 months.


The Orientation was mostly like others except there was a talk from Carl Matthei and some interviews with older people about “Surviving as a Christian at University”, that is quite an interesting topic to address which might’ve given me a head start last year, rather than having me figure out first hand what being a Christian in university actually meant. Most of it was just sitting and listening. We moved off into faculty groups and guess which one was largest? Obviously Commerce; there’s no need to comment on the others haha! We had so many new first years, but we also nearly had the same number of second years, so our “grade” haha. I’m glad that there’s so many dedicated Christians in my age level.


During morning tea I ran off with Quentin to fix up our ID cards. Me to get a new travel concession sticker and Quentin to get a brand new ID card. He was unfortunate to not have had a haircut before today, and to not brush up on his complexion haha. Sad thing for him was how his ID photo turned out. I don’t have it of course but just to Sharon (if you read this part), if you haven’t seen it go do so. Poor Quentin was darker than…Obama in his photo. And I thought my photo was bad because I was dark, he was completely black nearly.


We hurried back and joined everyone else for more “lectures”. We eventually moved out towards lunch to conduct our tours; but before that we played a game and introduced each other. We made a huge circle in the quad because of the sheer number of people that were there. We had an intro from Alan and Emily, people in charge this year. And then we had some short interviews from older people. We played “Bang” with half the group (so two games), using it as an opportunity to learn names, a classic variation we played at church earlier this year.


The tours were rushed but we took them up and down campus. We made the first years trek the stupid stairs that supposedly “transport [us] from lower campus to upper campus”. They’re a pain and everyone who goes to UNSW must learn of it haha! Lunch was sandwiches with cordial, a nice budgeted lunch. I for one had a huge problem having lunch. In light of Tuesday’s events, today was a real test for me; it was pretty impossible for me to eat solid food, even with three quarters of my mouth intact. I had a banana and slowly got through my sandwich, with the hard hot dog bun. It was a very hard lunch time for me haha.


The afternoon session was rather short, just a few more words of encouragement about how to continue living as a Christian in this new uni environment, given also the lifestyle changes. Let’s face it, there are heaps more distractions now than back in high school. High school was simply bliss and ignorance. I went to pick up some of my textbooks after the orientation. They were so damn expensive; I haven’t bought them all and the bill comes to over $400 T.T” I’m still missing 3-4 more books, which come to another $300 or so, dang this term. My Actuarial Studies courses are horribly plagued with 3 prescribed textbooks. Impossible!


Everyone else went to get their travel concessions so I eventually caught up to them. Some of us went out to Town Hall to get Charlie Chen his present. It’s safe to talk about it now because he has obviously received it by now. It’ll be fun to look at what happened behind the scenes. We went to Myer, where Steph had the idea to get him cologne. None of us minded so we all looked hard and carefully at what was on sale. I don’t know how many different products we tested; Bec was holding like 20 or 30 so test cards with different scents on them. We spent a good hour and a bit just sniffing this and that, wondering what was suitable. Eventually we finally decided on one and we were all on our way home. It was hard to decide though, a lot of fun however.




Got called up by work to pop down to the office for “further training”. The e-mail I got from the main receptionist that works on weekdays also mentioned problems that I had. I was so freaked out from reading that, I thought I was close to getting sacked. I admit that I like how easy my job is; I really do need to value it properly. I thought I was going to get a scolding about missing this and that, I hadn’t felt like I messed up a lot that it should draw the attention of everyone. Nevertheless I walked in thinking that they won’t dare sack me, since they had told me once that it was hard to find casual weekend workers who were constantly available. I secretly felt I was safe from being sacked; just had to distance myself away from that edge.


Luckily the receptionist told me only a few things. The ordeal lasted no more than an hour, which was interrupted by phones calls once a while. I suppose today doesn’t count as adventurous but I was pretty worried after reading the e-mail on Wednesday, thinking that my job would be in jeopardy. Tooth was still slowly getting better today, being the second day.




Ronnie’s housewarming party. I was the first to show up at his place, at 11am. His apartment is rather interesting, the building I mean. The lift didn’t work when I first got there; so I went back out and called Ronnie. Apparently he had to activate the lift from his apartment so guests could use it. That’s pretty cool, so random people can’t just invade the property. But there were stairs I heard?


Ronnie put on The Dark Knight in Blu-Ray and left the apartment in my stead when he went out to pick up Anita from the station. Others arrived before he got back so I had to answer the phone and get the door. Ronnie’s apartment is pretty good, rather nostalgic of Hong Kong really. They had a lot TVs and computer monitors; fairly loaded so it seems.


Ben brought mahjong, including a portable table; I so need to get myself one of those. His mahjong tiles were inside a…picnic basket. A lot of people were expecting to find food in it but found mahjong tiles instead, that was funny. Some of us played mahjong, others played with Ronnie’s board games; anything groupy was fine. We had lunch at about 1pm, everyone pooled food and snacks together and we had a decent lunch together. Poor Ronnie had to run out and drive several rounds to pick up people who were arriving at different times and then to get some chicken because Mandy faced traffic and failed in bringing Coles roast chicken.


The afternoon was long, we chatted and played more games. Some of the discussion went on to what games to play for another CBS day for O-Week next Tuesday; yes the fun hasn’t stopped yet. So we played a few games to see how they went; anything that was group building was good. We tried doing that activity where you sit back to back with someone else, link arms and then try to stand up. We tried it with 4 people; the girls failed repeatedly at standing up but us guys succeeded in one shot – that just shows the synergy that us guys have with one another.


I can’t remember what else we did. Oh, we played blind poker (sort of) where everyone holds a card on your forehead, so you can see everyone else’s card except your own. And then you’re trying to not get the lowest card, a bit of deceiving here and there but it was pretty funny at times when people traded away their really high cards for lower ones.


People started leaving as it got closer to night, the few of us stayed were juggling between my suggestion of The Princess Bride, and Mandy’s Italian movie Life is Beautiful. In fact let’s have a vote here, which do you prefer: The Princess Bride or Life is Beautiful. I shall make a poll on my blog here soon. Me and Mandy kept arguing, but she was more persistent, and whinny so I just gave in, out of courtesy. Adrian and Ken were playing some weird Lord of the Rings chess, and Brandon was just bored out of his mind; he wanted to watch Battlestar Galactica, which had near zero support haha!


At night we went out to Ikea to have dinner, because there’s heaps cheap food there. We had chicken schnitzel with chips, or pasta, for like $4 which was pretty good. Doesn’t fill you over the top but the price certainly makes it worth it. Ronnie bought some glassware as we walked through the rest of the store, and we then went to Coles to buy ice blocks. There wasn’t much food at Ikea at night, the restaurant was nearly out of food; but then we actually went there at like 8:30pm so that was sort of expected. And there was no desserts, how fail.


Went home after that. Jess drove me back to her house. While I waited for my dad I went inside and watched Family Outing along with Marcus; it’s fairly funny, I might not mind picking it up if I hadn’t made my commitments to anime already, otherwise I’ll have too many things to download haha. Oh and last thing, my camera broke today. I think I know why but it’s a fairly stupid reason. The touch screen cracked so now I can’t use it. Damn I hope warranty covers this; but even so it’s going to be a pain to get it fixed. But still I’d hate to blow another $350 to buy a new one; argh so frustrated from breaking my camera today.




That’s today. I had work. It was long. I am tired. Badminton tired me out more. Me and Tim were nearly evenly matched, he beat me 21-19 for two games and the last one went to 22-20. Teased Claudia about being a weird NSG girl, but then again they’re all weird haha! And now it’s Sunday and I really need to sleep because of youth group in the morning. What a long and adventurous week, sort of. Ah, my beautiful camera. But on a brighter note I think my tooth had nearly healed up. The stitches are sort of coming out because I keep playing around with my tongue. I need to get them out on Monday next week.

MLM Buffet

On Sunday night we went out to Shangrila, or however you spell that hotel, to have a buffet dinner. I don’t think there was any special occasion to have a buffet; we probably just went for fun. So we all met up at Yvonne’s place beforehand, and then carpooled our way to the city.


In short, the food was rather nice; the only thing that was hard to stomach was the choking price of $35 per person, but that was only for the first 10 people; we had 15, so 5 had to pay the full price of $68?! Most definitely not worth the variety of food that they had. And I’m sure it would’ve been very difficult to eat up that value in food. It was hard enough doing that at Andy’s sushi buffet dinner party.


I’m still trying to work out a good strategy to maximise the amount of food one can eat throughout the night; to maximise the amount value to compensate the sunk cost of the buffet. Of course that’s just Asian thinking really; but you feel a lot of fail when you get full quickly and can’t eat enough to increase the value. I’ve worked out that, like a marathon, you can’t rush it all and hope to achieve the most from that; it won’t work. It’s got to be patient and slow eating, such that digestion helps generate more room in your stomach, and you also won’t “feel” full as much either.


But that’s just my two cents. There was some okay seafood: prawns, crabs and oysters. The prawns and crabs weren’t that great, the meat wasn’t very tasty; but the oysters were pretty good. There was sushi, potato salad. That was the cold food. Hot food included some weird Indian rice, vegetables, more crab, sirloin beef (which wasn’t that great either) and various other Asian-like meat dishes, and some curry. There wasn’t much variety unfortunately and it didn’t take long before managing to try every single dish being offered.


Dessert was heaps better; there was so much variety there; lots of chocolate, dark chocolate mousse, black forest cake, lemon-mango stuff, more chocolate, and fondue. Damn what type of stupid spelling is “fondue”, had spell check verify this for me. Guess I take back my scoff at Nat when she spelled it this way; I seriously would’ve thought just “du” rather than “due”. But anyway that was about the food there was. The chocolate fountain was pretty awesome, sort of.


Highlights of the night included camera battles between Jason Yap and Marrilyn, who each brought their professional cameras. Well I’m so sorry that I only intend to buy a cheap camera; I guess it won’t suit as a photographer for media and such, but oh well, I’ll just have to make do with it, once I actually buy the camera that is. Other than that, our main entertainment was supplied by Nat (as usual); who as expected was just *palm face* or *giggle* throughout the entire night. First with her enthusiasm and trouble at cracking the shell of the crabs, with just a fork, up until being a complete hog with the fondue; always going back for more strawberries. She had at least 10 strawberries, over 6 sticks, all covered in chocolate, etc. She just wouldn’t stop, and didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so. *palm face*


There was also fireworks at about 9pm, we had a pretty good view of them. They were probably for Australian Idol right? Doesn’t matter who wins; they’re both losers in the end, ever since the second season when they let Casey Donovan win because she shook…Bob Carr’s hand? That premier guy yeah? They were short and rather ordinary I guess. And just randomly adding, there was this Chinese guy on the table next to us who just spammed oysters, he grabbed like a dozen of them in one go; and he kept going back to grab that many. That was just uber greedy of him, uber Asian of him really. But people from our group eventually; not for themselves but to share with everyone else. I had 7 the entire night; grabbed 4 the first and second time, donated one to Nat.


After all the food, I was at my “regular” critical level again; but not as bad as last time, there wasn’t ice cream to end it all. But I was still rather sensitive to sudden movements and yeah it was a bit hard to walk and stuff. We all went back to Yvonne’s place where we watched Transformers, more shenanigans from Nat with her slightly immature and fake cheers for “Optimus Prime” and the “Decepticons” zzzz. We left at about midnight; didn’t finish the movie and just for the record, I still have not seen the entire movie in one sitting yet. No my money!!!

CBS Commerce BBQ Night

As a continuation of events from Thursday afternoon, we left Kelvin’s party halfway through (I guess) to make it all the way over to Lindfield, to Steph Chung’s house, where she was happily opening her place to us for a BBQ dinner. We accompanied Eric all the way to Chatswood and then changed trains to Lindfield. The social was meant to start at 5pm but by the time we got there, not everyone had arrived. Most certainly Ronnie hadn’t (not that he ever does haha!)


Steph’s dog, Coby, is rather cute, and funny. I rang Steph’s doorbell and her dog went full crazy barking and such. For the people that were there, we helped set up the rest of the things for the evening. Most of the girls, Jess, Mandy, Angelina, helped with food preparation (as they should!), while Bec, Chalrie, Jono and Chloe helped make water balloons. Bec and Chloe were completely new to these instruments of mayhem and had heaps of trouble, and failures at filling up water balloons; not to mention they were crammed into like a small toilet with only one small tap, the other one had hot water, which is instant “gg” for filling water balloons.


The rest of us helped around a bit, but talked mostly. More people arrived and eventually we helped set up the small barbeque thingy, lighting it up, and moving tables and chairs. After a while we went over to the pool to muck around. Didn’t bring any swimmers, didn’t recall seeing the word “pool” in the Facebook message that we got but I’ve gone into a pool with just the clothes on my back before. It’s not very comfortable afterwards T.T” Some of the girls went in, while our water balloon team returned with just one bucketful of them. Then we realized there was a hose outdoor, which was so much easier to use to fill up more balloons T.T” waste of effort.


The girls took advantage of the balloons we made and started chucking them at us. Being Asian, me, Jono and Charlie sought to not only avoid getting wet, but rather to catch the balloons, to conserve the total stockpile we made, and then return fire. We, the guys, were more accurate in throwing but the girls were a bit more tactical. Eventually they all went into the pool and fired from there, but then there was no point in throwing them back because they were already wet, which just defeats the purpose. Primary targets at times were Charlie, Andy and Ronnie. Although was smart enough to stay at a safe distance, Charlie was happy to stand and tank any barrage, while Andy walked around carefree and got hit a couple of times haha!


We eventually moved the barbeque back behind the house next to the pool because the sky threatened to pour, though it didn’t. This provided a safe zone for us, just huddle around the fire since it was clearly off limits to water bombardment. Things started getting a bit more dangerous, with point-blank shots, them throwing at a close distance, us running up and just dunking the balloons on their heads; and even capitalizing on the hose and just spraying them with it. Of course we had access to the tap directly so we mucked around with it whenever they were trying to use it.


Eventually we moved onto bigger weapons of damage, such as filling up a large bucket with water; looked just like what happened at our year 12 picnic last year. At the end Andy capitalised on it and dunked Steph with it after she came out of the pool and dried herself up; cruel. Although the water was really meant for Ronnie, perhaps to make up for our failed attempt at karaoke last time.


Afterwards we began cooking dinner on that small barbeque we lit earlier. Everyone grabbed a pitch-fork tong thingy and skewered some hot pot food on it, then roasted them over the coal flames. There was a bit of pushing and shoving since the surface was little and there were quite a number of people trying to sit around it. It became tedious and slow to cook our food over such a small flame so some people changed and just ate food that was already cooked. Others preferred to camp around and just chat and stuff while waiting. Most of our conversations around the barbeque were centered along making Chinese jokes, and mucking around between Cantonese and Mandarin, huh?


Later that night, after like two more hours of cooking, most people parked themselves in front of the TV to watch those Thursday night programs; they’re sort of funny, and random. Don’t really know why I never had time to watch shows like “Beauty and the Geek”, etc. Oh well. And even later during the night we moved over to play Mahjong, because we didn’t want to watch Australian TV. And there Ronnie came and brought his “trash talk” to the table. Just like at MYC it was just playfully dissing everyone else in Chinese, but keeping it as friendly as possible (or as one wishes). Highlight of the night was Yeno? who said he didn’t really know how to play. Andy had just asked what was the minimum farn (which we always keep at 3), and immediately after that Yeno adds a chow of a suit different to a pung he already had, ie chicken hand. And we were like: “What did we just say?"!” He’s like “yeah I don’t know how to play”. We told him he could still win although it’d be heaps harder. Later on the game he draws and goes “so I can’t finish right?” He reveals his hand, it was completely, and to our amazement he had this:


Pung of East Wind (1 farn for being East, 1 farn for East round)
Self draw


Instant 3 farn, what the hell?! The rest of us got so mad at him, chicken hand and he still won with something as lame as that oh mi gosh! Ronnie counted as 4 farn, being generous enough to count chicken hands as 1 farn; I personally think you don’t deserve even 1 farn for finishing. But anyway yeah that was a really shocking round. Another game Ronnie had 12 completed tiles like after his 5th go so it was a really dangerous game after that. He already had his 3 farn and could’ve finished with any set of eyes. He did say repeatedly that he was being greedy; but I was cautious nonetheless. Eventually I was fortunate enough to catch up; I was aiming for 2 pungs of dragons plus mini-flush for a 5 farn hand. I was waiting on the White Dragon which I swore I would never discard, for fear Ronnie needed it. I was right, and at the very end when it was a stalemate me and Ronnie revealed to see that we were both holding the same thing. And Yeno opens his hand to show us the other 2. Poor Ronnie for sitting there the entire game waiting for that one tile, but I was close too, not to winning, but to actually paying up.


It was about 11pm by then, and everyone got together to play Taboo; first years against second years. Well it was really first years versus anyone older; that’s how many of us there are in CBS Commerce. It was good playing with 20+ people, a nice fun game. A nice loud game rather; I hope we didn’t wake Steph’s parents up and such. Cody the dog was wandering around our circle as we were playing. Funny though because Cody stayed completely away from Bec the entire night, even though she was trying so hard to be nice to the dog and such. Cody just wouldn’t go near her which was rather funny. Even at one point where someone made a good play, I don’t know, whether it was from a guess of a description, we all started clapping and I guess that noise must’ve freaked Cody who started barking madly at that point, awww. Just as a random fact that I was told tonight, last time when Nat actually came to Steph’s house (I wasn’t there which was why I was only told tonight), she made Cody pee, somehow…which is just…yeah…


We played two rounds of Taboo, the older people won, only by 2 points the first time, and 1 the second. We weren’t that far behind, whatever! We left at like 12:30am, Brandon drove me, Jess, Jono, Bec and Cherie home; a rather long drive, going through backstreets to get us all home safely; good on you Brandon! And I guess next up is Commquip next Tuesday; a swimming leg of the race they’re going to have…oh dearz…

Five Day Weekend

Well, thanks to Labour Day, this week has provided me and many other people a five day weekend, which is pretty cool; it’s almost like another mid-sem break. No uni from Friday all the way to Wednesday. I took this as an opportunity to have some fun and obviously catch up with other people DESPITE the fact that the smarter thing to do would’ve been to catch up on work that I’ve left behind because of all those exams in the past three weeks. Oh well; that’s what happens when you’d rather have fun now.



On Friday I went out with my high school group; most of us came, only a few decided not to turn up; half our group was free that day while the other half was free after lunch time. At first it was me, Matt, Tim, Chris and Jono who met up and headed off to North Sydney in the morning to Ryo’s Noodles, which has the best ramen in Sydney, or so Tim and Chris say. So we went to verify that fact; took a train to St Leonard’s and walked the rest of the way; it did talk a while to walk but obviously not long enough for Matt to finish chewing his long bread roll he got at Woolworths prior to lunch.


The restaurant (soon to be reviewed by Chris – I’ll add to my blogroll) was a tad small and had limited seating capacity, it also didn’t look very fancy but then that’s fair if you consider such a place to have good food; it should not be easy or quick to replicate. The prices went a bit higher than what we originally anticipated but the food definitely was good. It does come at the top for the best ramen but not by that much. The restaurant was out of the way and the quantity per serving wasn’t all that exciting. What made the ramen good was the soup and the noodles. The soup was nice and rich with flavour and rather thick, like proper soup, not like water. And then the noodles seemed to have been made more delicately, and didn’t seem to have come from a packet or something, like other restaurants haha!


After lunch we went back to the city and met up with the rest of our group and we all went to net cafe; we haven’t gamed together in a long time and we’ve all turned to different types of gaming yeah. We played DotA and I would still say that I still stand second to none in my group. Regardless of what they may all say, to identify the exact skill of a player cannot be done solely by seeing the teamwork. Being an all-round player for any game is being able to play every role as well as each other. We played UT and also CoD4, CoD is pretty fun I wish I could practice more at first person shooters but at the moment my laptop can’t handle the newer games and I’m still waiting on a new desktop once Windows 7 comes out.


We gamed for a good 3 hours, played a lot of games; it was okay although we were all seated in different places. It was 5pm then and we couldn’t decide what to do then. It was too early for dinner and yet it didn’t seem right to go for 3 hours of karaoke, 1 hour seemed too little as well. But fate helped us decide when we found that Big Echo was full at the time so we went for dinner. Went to the Japanese restaurant across the street, where we were joined by Diana and Arthur o.0” First time we actually went out for dinner together as a group haha.


Afterwards we weren’t satisfied for the day so we added another hour of karaoke with that; Big Echo was full again even after dinner so we went back all the way to K-Squared. Too much karaoke in the past 4 weeks T.T” And it’s all too repetitive as well: Love Story, Viva La Vida, and a bunch of Linkin Park voice-wrecker songs. It was still fun but for one hour we really had to be time efficient between 8 people. The night ended with a huge storm just as we got on the train; somewhat glad we left the city before the storm got worse at night. It was quite a fun day; very long, very expensive T.T” but fun.



Saturday & Sunday

The weekend was just as long; stuff day in and day out. On Saturday we had our church meeting at Kenny’s house. Met the entire day and afternoon to reflect, go over plans and such. Quite a lot to organise, lots of things to fix up and stuff but generally our meetings are a waste of time in that we achieve so little in so much time; very inefficient T.T” But I guess sometimes that’s bound to happen, we just have to put up with it.


Later that night we had our Mid-Autumn festival. I didn’t actually stay for all of it; just for dinner and then had Quentin drive me back home. Feel utterly pathetic still not having my Ps while he’s had them for more than half a year now T.T” How pathetic indeed *sigh*


On Sunday we still had youth group and had to come up with a game the night before; so that was last night out. We had a Trivia activity with all these bogus questions from Jess; they were all fairly random like “Name the four Wiggles” and “Which two words have no other rhyming words?” and even “Who was the first person to go out into space?” It’s those sort of o.0” questions which you would consider quite random. “But I know the answer to the,” says Jess. Weird.


Had to plan a few things in the afternoon for Monday and I guess somehow the night just wasted away and once again I got no work done.




Today I went out with Sharon and Erica to watch “Up”. I think Sharon was the one who raised the idea; but then I had to drag the nearest guy, Ken, into this because it’s kind of suss having just the three of us wandering around Towers yes? Not to stranger, no, who cares what they think. It was just in case people I knew saw us. Of course Ken was sort of out of place in terms of age but then if you consider us as a church group then it’s okay haha!


Finally took advantage of the Monday Student deal offer, $7 tickets wow! They are awesome I’m glad I watched a movie today because of the value haha. One problem we had today was that Ken didn’t have his car, and me and Erica can’t drive. Which meant that the only driver available was Sharon; thanks Shaz you make a good chauffeur haha! So she had to come round and pick each of us up and then drive us to Towers; we had plenty of time but the cinemas were pretty packed today considering it was a public holiday.


Felt a bit sad that everyone who walked into the movie was a kid; whereas you have us grownups, oldies, whatever, walking in and watching it haha. I think we laughed just as much as the kids too. It was a pretty good movie; it wasn’t all laughter at every point; it had a few grown up elements in it too, like all Pixar films, which was good. We had lunch afterwards. I chose not to conform to having burritos but I guess I’ll probably try one next time T.T”


We walked around afterwards and went clothes shopping; guys follow girls >.<” Does it always come to that? It was alright I guess, except for that bit when Erica was trying to make me try on high heel shoes. I reluctantly gave in, just to not be a spoil sport, had trouble fitting my fat male feet into them so I did eventually give up. I guess that’s why they have a girl and guy section in most shoe stores because there’s a difference in the shape of the feet? I don’t know. We walked around for a good hour as Erica went hunting a for a good dress to the formal; visited a lot of stores. It was an interesting afternoon, just to cut it there without saying anything more. Sharon drove us home before that huge storm came which blew the power for a while.


And there you have my long weekend, well there is one more day tomorrow but I swear I really have to use it for work otherwise I am going to have wasted it (for a good cause – the word is “spent” then), but I have no regrets having fun with my friends; just really need to get back to work T.T”

Mid-Sem Break (or lack thereof)

Well it was the mid-sem break again last week; thought it would be the same deal as last semester you know? Relax, go out and have fun, have a chill from uni work for the week. But I guess this time round it was different. From doing all those extra things this semester I’ve finally begun to fall behind on quite a lot of work, and hence my mid-sem break was devoted to trying to catch up on work, and trying to go ahead like I did last semester. It was a bit of a dismal failure because after the week I was and still am behind in work; and well I guess I’ll just have to somehow pull through from this point on. Nevertheless I did have fun on several occasions – probably should’ve traded a few of those in so that I could’ve gotten more of my work done.


Wednesday – Soccer

On Wednesday Jacky finally managed to organise a practice session for our indoor team along with some of his other NSB friends. We met up at Eastwood at like 10am?!?! Quite early if you ask me; in fact not many people did come that early so the four of us who were there were just mucking around really. Eventually as the day dragged on, more people showed up and we finally had a small game going on and stuff. Shame half the field was being reconstructed, so we didn’t have the full field, nor the two goals.


Several times throughout the day, there was this small dog – have no idea who it belongs to – but anyway it kind of jumped into the middle of our warm-ups, penalty shootouts and stuff. It was quite annoying, because it was barking in very excited way and chasing the ball ferociously. It would race for the all, jump all over it, slobber all over it, etc. I felt a bit sorry for Jacky because it was his ball, and new at that fact. But we did use the dog in our practice; just keeping the ball away from it. It was quite funny playing piggy in the middle with the dog, although at times we didn’t pay much care in the dog and kicked the ball at it a few times – didn’t discourage the dog from chasing the ball I don’t know why. A couple of times we were afraid that we might kick the dog instead because it was always so close to the ball, and hence gave rise to the risk of kicking the ball into the dog. It was still funny though.


Other than that, the guys who were doing construction near us had to cover the field with fertiliser so we had to clear off for a couple of minutes. We didn’t want to walk away too far, so we took our spots just outside of the field; but unfortunately not all of us were far away enough and unfortunately were swept in a mist of airborne fertiliser – smelt bad obviously, but to be catch in a mist of it is just horrible.


It was interesting playing with these people. They were competitive and downgrading in their language, but in an encouraging way; I guess that’s hard to describe, it’s a guy thing. But the atmosphere was good, everyone had some good laughs and soccer went generally well; we played until perhaps 1-2pm, where we all went to Cafe de Macau to have lunch. I tried to convince them not to go, but they weren’t comfortable with eating anywhere else…sigh.


Thursday – CBS Social

Charlie helped us organise another CBS Commerce social the next day; it was a really packed day as well and perhaps my main worry for the day was money. But then I didn’t stay for the entire social, had stupid tutoring to get back to at night so yeah. The morning started off with us meeting at Central Station, which already proved to be troublesome as some people slept in, missed the train and thus held everyone up haha. Charlie made heaps of phone calls to find out where the missing people were.


Eventually when it hit some time after 11am we all moved off to go to the fish markets. My first time going there ever; and I haven’t caught the tram in ages. I guess we were all really lively and social at the time so when we boarded the tram we were all very talkative and stuff; the typical social environment you’d expect. Some of the other passengers weren’t very appreciative of our noise levels, started yelling at us to be quiet and to show respect for other people. I wonder why people like them tick me off. Yeah I guess we were being noisy, but in the stead of what? Silence? And honestly, we weren’t bothering the person complaining, nor disturbing them in anyway that involved noise; unless we disrupted her thoughts – although if one cannot tolerate the noise of youth then one’s thoughts aren’t really that important.


The fish markets was swarmed by both people and sea gulls. I love the smell of fish, and yes I know there was a lot of seafood everywhere. We were to have lunch here; I guess that was Charlie’s plans. Me, Ronnie, Andy, Angelina, Charlie and Justin ordered a seafood platter for 4 – Ronnie said it was so massive that 4 people couldn’t possibly finish it; he was right. But for $69.90 it was quite massive and had everything: battered fish, prawns, octopus, oysters, chips, etc. We ordered extra raw oysters as well; those are pretty nice with lemon juice! Nat’s table (or just Nat really) was complaining about the seagulls attacking them and their food – those cheeky birds. There were watching all of us very carefully; but then our table never got attacked once. They only tried to get Andy once as he was bringing the food back to the table.


After lunch we walked all the way back to Big Echo to go karaoke. Ellen joined us at that point because she slept in, and Lin-Lee ditched us to go elsewhere. We had a huge group for karaoke, around the mid twenties, so we got two huge rooms. Interesting to see how many other people were Asian enough to sing Chinese songs. Me, Ellen and someone else did a few Jap songs, out of the dismal number they have in their database. And finally, no-one could do Korean haha! Although this video sort of says otherwise:

Halfway through karaoke, some people started playing Crabbs(?) because there was a lot of dice lying in one of our rooms; so a few people decided to start gambling on it, using jugs of ice haha! Not that bad of a challenge yeah. At the end of our 3-hour session Andy had a ploy to put a jug of ice down Ronnie’s back side. This was the result:

I had to leave right after that due to work; but afterwards everyone went off to dinner at Pepper Lunch (dinner?) and then later to Steph’s house. But nonetheless it was already a long day, and an expensive one at the point haha!


So that brings about a close to my mid-sem break. I know it was only two days but yeah that’s probably more than enough to create more procrastination in me for the other days.

RICEfever ‘09

Oh man the day is finally here! Either for me waiting an entire year to come back to RICE, or just those few months in preparing in advance for it, or even all those years of waiting to become a leader at this event. The day was finally here! Just as some background information, I got conscripted into the Tech team; I didn’t really want to be in it as much as I wanted to be in Admin but it was still heaps of fun. However, Admin does have its down side, which is that we have to arrive early to set up all the equipment, and leave late packing up the equipment.


So for Saturday, 15th August, I had to wake up at about 5:30am, which isn’t too bad. Although Andy’s party from the previous night was still washing around inside my stomach. Hence I had a light breakfast. Someone else in my team gave me a lift, along with Sarah, who was in Games. She didn’t have to come early, just that she needed a lift. We got to the Downes Pavilion at 7am; had a bit of trouble finding close parking spots, The place was completely bare; a pure green field and a completely empty warehouse.




I was really excited already because I knew that within 5 hours, all of that emptiness was going to be turned into a mesmerising place where the gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached to hundreds of high school youth. I was also in awe of how a large event of RICE was set up; you’d think it be hard, but today’s set up seemed relatively light, well, on our end anyway.


Few people were on site when we arrived, mostly Logistic people. First thing to set up were the tents we were going to place in the pavilion. They would act as the more peaceful stalls away from the games and stuff. It was mostly just DIY assembling work. We opened boxes of unassembled tents, marquees or whatever, and just pieced it together like jig-saw.




Eventually Admin arrived as well as the rest of our Tech team, and we disappeared to go set up the stage equipment. Of course RICE doesn’t own any sort of high-tech equipment, it’s too expensive. So we hired out our favourite company who brought their truck in at about 7:30-ish. We had to move some stuff out of the way in order to get the truck closer to where the stage was. The truck was rather heavy when loaded with the stuff, so we had to lay down boards for the truck to drive across the grass:



Yeah ignore me and my weird laughing. Eventually we set up the stage, had the microphones and cables running into the huge sound system – I still don’t really know how to use one haha. There were so many cables everywhere, so many microphone stands and all. I never actually realised that we would need like two microphones for each instrument, and maybe like six alone for the drums haha!


The morning dragged on for a really long time, And when you think about it, we were setting up from 7am to 12pm; that’s five hours already! And then RICEfever actually ran for four hours until 4pm haha. By 8am other teams had arrived and began setting up more things on the grass and inside the pavilion.





As the day drove on more of the field was taken up by rides and games; RICEfever was looking so awesome before it even started. I wonder why us leaders even had an extra hour to spare to have our pre-event motivation through singing and a small talk haha; at least it got us pumped up for 12pm. Unfortunately my energy levels were dropping a bit by 10am so I went and got a coffee from a stand inside the pavilion. I didn’t like the new regulations of Sydney Showgrounds, where we had to get all our food and drinks from them. Lunch for everyone was $6.00 for a sausage sizzle, are you serious?!


Here’s another video before we started. I think this is Ushering who were rehearsing their dance which they were going to perform at random locations and at random times:



By the time it hit 11am, youth started coming. Sort of glad that they didn’t show up earlier because we didn’t ready to go just yet. Some games were still being set up and for us tech, we were being manned up with cameras. Me and Ben got handy cams while Andy had a larger camera to do interviews with. We were also given a number of tapes to record with. Eventually 12pm came round and we were all set. All the leaders gathered just behind the entrance and a huge number of kids had arrived. Luckily whoever was in charge at the front had set up huge balls for the kids to play around, some pre-event entertainment. Smart!


We had a loud countdown, as loud as the years when we used to go to RICE and the kids charged through in a stampede; it was a bit scary but also enthralling, seeing all those kids pumped up for RICE. And everything was on. Lines immediately stacked for the rides and other games; and us tech people began running around the place, filming anything and everything. Playgerise and New Empire were here too; I don’t remember who was who, but they had started performing; the day went off to an epic start.


Some highlights of the day included a huge water tank where youth had the chance to dunk their leaders by throwing projectiles at at target on a board. It was funny seeing the leaders get full soaked in water. However, most kids were rather inaccurate in their throwing, which kind of annoyed me because I kept filming all these fail shots; so some leaders standing by just slammed their hands on the targets just to get the victim leader wet haha! Leaders to look out for included Ronnie and Jono Tam. At the end of RICE we got to see Steve Chong get dunked. Our core tech leader was a bit annoyed at me for missing out when Sam Mak got dunked but I made up for it and got a rather epic view of the entire ordeal, beginning to end.


Next memorable, we had live Pacman! It was such a funny game. The guys set up a nice labyrinth, some large coloured sheets as ghosts, and a pacman head to wear around the front and back of the body. The objective was for pacman to gather tennis balls that were scattered on the ground in the maze, and the ghosts to tag him/her. It was pretty epic, and heaps fun doing PoV shots of the game. I tried my best to not get in anyone’s way and luckily no-one ran into me. I was fearful that somehow I’d drop the camera if someone collided into me haha.


There was binocular soccer, a very interesting idea; I didn’t get many shots of it for some reason, I don’t know why but it surely went well. Other groups set up human tetris, finally! They did it quite sparingly as well. They had thin foam sheets and tried their best not to break them, to preserve them throughout the entire day. That went pretty well; most of the holes were easy so the smaller kids had nearly not trouble with it haha!


Well if you weren’t there to enjoy the event, pity. It was a really fun day. I myself was felt a bit dismayed that I didn’t get the chance to enjoy the event, but on the contrary, I had a job to do, which was to film as much as I could of the event. This was where our 2-hour photography/filmography came into play; putting to practice all the things we had learnt. I didn’t really much attention to what we learnt, only that if what I caught looked good, then it should be fine.


So I went around the entire day with a handy cam. It was very tiring I can tell you. Maybe I’m just weak haha. But it was quite fun being able to just wave the camera around, see who responds with a wave, see who responds by looking away in shyness. I also learnt that having a camera means I have a VIP backstage ticket, which lets me get as close to excitement as much as I want, even if it means actually getting in the way of other people. Of course I tried not to do it but then the trade-off was that I didn’t get a good enough view of whatever was going on. I’m still in experienced as a camera man, maybe I’ll be more “aggressive” next time.


One of the most challenging moments during the day, as said before, was filming the pacman game. Again I just didn’t want to get in the way or people and luckily I didn’t. I was also meant to take a few shots from the rides, but then that would’ve meant cutting in, and I am so not waiting in the line like a kid when I could be filming other things elsewhere T.T” Well I didn’t feel I had the privilege of pushing in haha.


At the end of the event I rushed to the entrance and took some shots of the youth leaving; them seemed pretty tired, which is a good thing. Then I rushed back and helped with pack up. Well for Fever I didn’t help much because I had to rush off for badminton, and early because of lame trackwork T.T” Thank you CityRail. One good thing was that on my way back I ran into a bunch of Caucasian guys and girls who were all wearing the RICEfever armband. Sat down next to them on the bus and had a really good and encouraging conversation with a guy called Colby from St John’s Asquith. It was good chatting to him about school and how the Christian environment is like there. I guess I found it encouraging to hear that they were having some troubles there,, not in that way; but like it good to see that they were holding up against oppression and perhaps how fortunate other high schools are. Anyway we eventually parted but I certainly enjoyed that conversation. I later found out they belonged to Andrew’s church, and he joked with me about how he brought all those Caucasian youth to a supposed “Asian” event haha.


So much to do for Rally. Here we go!

Semester Break Weekend 2

Well okay nothing happened this weekend, but stuff certainly did happen a few days after it:


Monday – Crossfire Leaders’ Meeting

Kenny asked us to go to his house on the Monday to plan for our youth group. He figured that it would be better to use like half a day to plan something like in Soul Purpose rather than try and meet up some time during the week or prior to youth group, in order to plan for that week. We spent quite a while there, part of the time watching him and his sister’s kids play; so many children =.=”


Apart from planning for our series on Jonah, we also started on making a big paper mache fish. I have done this level of craftwork for a really long time, and it’s been a while since I last soaked my fingers in icky glue. We used a cardboard box and some wire mesh to make the outline of the fish and then we just slobbed on newspaper to make the surface; we only spent a bit of time on it but already the fish was taken form really nicely. Kenny made glue by mixing water with…starch? Cheap method but he said that’s how they did it back in Malaysia.


Also there was this stray cat the entire afternoon, who hung around us. At first when I arrived I noticed some blob on top of Kenny’s car; I thought it was like two birds because the mass was too large for a single bird. But then when we all arrived and went down to the garage; someone noticed that a cat was inside Kenny’s car, someone even asked the typical question: “Oh, Kenny, when did you get a cat?” I never realised the thing on top of Kenny’s car back then was in fact the cat. Kenny opened the door and the cat solemnly came back out. But after that it hung around us as we made a paper mache fish; Jess L lured the cat over by meowing at it, and the cat meowed back haha! It then sort of walked around us as we made paper mache. At one point it wanted to see what was inside the pot which held the glue, and we had to stop it from drinking it. Not sure what the cat wanted but it kept following us until we decided to let the fish dry and went back inside the house. The cat wanted to come in too; but we didn’t let it so it ran off elsewhere I think. Jess said something about the cat not having a microchip; and so then it won’t have an owner? o.0” I don’t know, but it was like Kenny had a chance at that point to own that cat haha!


We had dinner there at a really small table, where Kenny made us share deep stuff about our lives. I know that something we should be able to do as Christians; but I for one wasn’t entirely comfortable with sharing personal stuff about myself with those people. I don’t know why; I mean I’ve known them for quite a while, I guess perhaps I never really got to get close to them so it is uncomfortable to tell them personal stuff. My fear was they’d laugh at me for being a weak pussy, and sure enough they did, sort of. I don’t trust them any less though, I just know that I can’t go to them with my problems because they just can’t be trusted with them. It’s just setting a personal boundary away from other people, it’s not like super bad but yeah, setting your basic limits I guess; had to happen at some point.


Tuesday – Chris’ 18th

Oh man I got home at like 9pm thank God any later and I’d be too tired. I slept as early as I could on Monday but had to wake up early for Tuesday to get down to the city. Ah I haven’t had to wake up this early since uni haha; and that’s still heaps far away sort of. Jono called me and managed to meet up in the right car in the train. Chris and Tim then found us like in the same carriage by chance haha and the four of us travelled to the city. Matthew was going to be late because 1) He misread the date and thought the party was on Thursday, and 2) He misread the times and thought to catch the train at 9:30am when in fact we were to meet up down at Town Hall at that time.


We all met up at Town Hall as planned; good on Chris since he had like 3 days to plan this up and get it running. Only Matthew was going to be late so we just moved off. Chris took us to Star City Casino; my first time at that place; it’s mediocre, nothing that posh or special. We spent a while getting our member cards; man they are kick ass! Discount food at the food bar and also 3 free drinks each day, from like those coffee vending machines; now that is cool haha!


There weren’t many people when we got there, obviously; who comes and gambles at such an early time in the morning? Jono showed us to the 1c slot machines where we just spent a couple of dollars gambling and just having fun. Kelvin was a pre-emptive on experimenting and bet his whole dollar on one turn and lost it in mere seconds haha! Jono showed us how to use our dollar to get a bunch of goes and he then made like $3 profit; what the?! My first dollar didn’t go too well and I lost it after a few minutes. Slot machines aren’t that fun, it’s more mechanical, just press the button and see if money comes out. The only thrill is when you actually win something, but most of the time you’re doomed to losing your earnings within a few minutes.


My second dollar lasted a but longer and I had fun for a good 10 minutes, winning a bit and losing a bit. Eventually my luck gave out and that was my dollar again. Tim was lucky enough to make $7 in one go and pulled out. But the addiction of gambling kicked in and he kept going until his total earnings had dropped to like $4, or was it less? Chris wanted to play real blackjack, where the buy in was $10; we stood around waiting but no-one at those tables actually left so that was no good. Eventually Chris blew it on some other game in one go. But I reckon that losing money isn’t all too bad as long as you had a thrill earning some and then losing it, my two dollars was worth the thrill I got out of it haha! I don’t regret losing it.


Afterwards we had lunch and then moved off for laser tag. Again my first time at laser tag. Well we played pool before that; maybe I should continue playing pool at uni, I made a couple of fluke shots but my partner Jono made a lot of bad shots which let Kelvin and Matthew win, by technicality. Man I managed to knock one of their balls and the black ball close together and near one of the corner holes; they were screwed from finishing and yet Jono managed to noob shot it and it nudged the black bal into the hole T.T”


Laser tag was really fun; shame it costs so much and only lasts such a short time. Chris shouted us laser tag which was really nice of him! He was trying for some 2 for 1 deal, but I overheard at the counter that the offer is only for school holidays, what a jip! And so Chris could only shout us one game. That’s still okay. The place wasn’t that great as Matthew said; I’m sure there must’ve been a better laser tag place. The play field was too small and wasn’t dark enough haha. Unfortunately we played an FFA game with a bunch of random white kids. They were kids; they should be in school geez! All of us did rather well, we were all grouped from third place onwards, with two people like at the bottom of the board, out of about 15 people? Some uber small kid came first in score; I remember him, stupid midget came and blasted me and then ran off. There was no way to get him before he got me; he’s so small it’s unpredictable. Why the hell would I be aiming at crouch level of our group to hit this midget kid? That’s why he won, none of us expected a short thing to come out of nowhere, so we didn’t have enough time to readjust our aim. My accuracy was fairly good; snapped a lot of people, those damn white kids who would noobishly camp in those holes; I outplayed a lot of them haha, they just walked away, bleh!


We were full sweating after the game and then proceeded to train back to Chris’ house. Back there we played Guitar Hero World. My first time at that too T.T” Now I can say I’ve played Guitar Hero. It’s not that hard obviously since I play DDR, just need more time to coordinate my hands, never had to use my pinky before that’s why. Other people played Poker. Oh we bought Buzz for Chris, I’ll go to that later. We swapped after an hour or so, when Andy and Brandon showed up. I moved off to Poker and cleaned up Kelvin and his bluffs; Matthew also is a pretty bad BS artist haha, it’s clear when his hand matches the flop well and you know not to play on. Kelvin is a bit more trickier with his psychological spurring. But it wasn’t a complete bluff for him, I just had the better hand funnily enough. Haha I love shutting people up; but I fairly don’t rub it in afterwards.


We bought pizza as usual. Thank God we had Brandon’s car to pick up pizzas. It was a really cold night since it had just rained and it’d be hell trying to walk through the streets the way we were dressed haha! I honestly didn’t see the logic in getting 9 pizzas for 9 people; well the nine who were able to eat, minus Andy. Honestly not everyone can stomach a pizza, I did 6-7 slices, can’t remember now. I know some can more than 8 slices but on average everyone does less than one. So now Chris has a lot of pizza left over for breakfast and lunch, etc. Oh well. I was a 2 for 1 deal on Tuesday so yeah!


We played a bit longer into the night and then left before it got too late. A nice long day, really tiring especially for me because…



Wednesday – Mahjong

Why did I organise Mahjong at 10am in the morning?! I guess Chris’ party thing only popped up after I set down the Mahjong date and time; and my mum preferred the day time. I groggily woke up at 9:30am, knowing that I had half an hour to set myself up with breakfast and regular hygiene processes before my guests came. Again I invited Sharon, Matthew and Jacky for Mahjong; I guess they warmed up to the last time we met at my house where my mum unexpectedly let them stay for dinner and we ended up playing Mahjong on that Sunday night till 10pm.


Sharon was the first to come; she brought her table and set with her (thank you!). Again I am surprised that she’s willing to come and play with people that she didn’t know all too well, guys at that fact. But oh well I’m Mahjong gave her a really strong motivation huh? The guys were running a bit late so we had time to set the table up and the set. Matthew drove his way here, which explains a lot haha! And Jacky walked over. We got started at about 10:30am.


Luckily Sharon’s family set up a system to count money with those weird chips that come with every set; it was a fairly balanced system and for once made point-scoring actually worth it. I think I learned heaps today; I think I’ve learned to play heaps better and there’s no point going out with small 3-farn hands anymore, they earn you jack squat! I felt like I benefited heaps today. Sharon on the other hand we could all see had the worst day out of all of us. She ended up last in terms of money; which is rather strange because she’s meant to be the most experienced out of all of us; bad luck I suppose. She kept feeding me and Matt and the only times she managed to compensate her losses were through like a 7-farn and 8-farn hand plus a desperate 3-farn all-pung hand.


Funniest moment of the day was Matthew trying to get something else other than 3-farn all-pung hand (which he did every single round and was getting rather lame because he kept sort of leeching small amounts of cash off us). Anyway he was trying for a flush; we knew what he needed and obviously we all refrained from giving it to him. But he was oh so confident in drawing the tile himself, which seemed very unlikely because the wall was nearly gone and the game was going to end in a stalemate. Jacky boldly made the statement: “If Matthew manages to self-draw then I’m Mickey Mouse.” And today Jacky is now known as Mickey Mouse, that’s just how “WTH?!” the moment was, and truly was funny; as funny as his reaction as well.


I thought having Sharon there would help keep Matt from bursting with energy and trashing my house, but her presence didn’t have a big impact. Not until his mum came over to pick him up, and my mum invited her to come in and have a chat, that Matthew started behaving: “Oh mum is here. Must be a good little boy now…” Well guys, I think we’ve found the solution to Matthew spazzing out and everyone’s party, thinking especially to the night before at Chris’ party.


Our mum’s chatted for a really long time so we played for like another hour past 5pm; her mum was spilling goss about Matthew, mine was spilling goss about me, and we all just sat there in the living room eavesdropping; so embarrassing :S. The day ended with Mathew coming first with the most money (how did that happen, honestly?), then me coming very close behind; then Jacky with a loss compared to the beginning, and poor Sharon dead last with a huge loss but not out for the count haha! Poor girl got passively frustrated every time she’d hit out and then suddenly owed money to someone else; for instance that one time where I was calling a flush, she kept discarding my suit and the first two times she was really lucky; yet on the third she luck broke and she owed me for 7-farn. Matthew had the biggest hand at the Mickey Mouse round, at 9-farn after counting the flower and the self-draw.


Man what another long day, but heaps of fun; I know me and Matt got heaps out of it. Don’t feel bad Sharon, we still respect you as our Sempai! haha! Maybe Mahjong again in the mid-sem break; I’ll see.


And that brings us to the end of three days worth of constant fun; and I was so dead tired afterwards. Stuff still happened on Thursday and Friday. I’ll go onto Friday next; Thursday was a miscellaneous fun day so yeah.

End of Mid-Sem Break

Well the end of the mid-semester break is finally here, but I’ve enjoyed my week sort of. It’s been fairly productive and tiring, just typing up notes for accounting and microeconomics. Also went ahead in some homework, but not by too much. Other than that I gamed for a fair bit; which is probably why I’ve been sleeping late every night and hence also why with me blogging on today at 10:30pm is not a good idea >.<”


Still had some church duties today, quite another busy day today. Kenny called me out to speak to the year 11s and 12s from our youth group with tips regarding staying healthy as a Christian for HSC; I had some strong tips prepared and when Jess interviewed me she never really asked me for those Christ-related tips  So ultimately I never did anything there, oh well. We had toasted croissants from Coles, stuffed with cheese and ham, quite a nice breakfast thingy haha. Not many young-uns came either which was too bad; wouldn’t be much point in sharing with only a few people anyway. Donna and her friend (bah I forgot her name) came cosplaying. They were going for some private cosplay picnic thing in the city; whatever, not interested, and hopefully if I manage to get on the coordinating team for SMASH, things’ll get interesting (ie karaoke judge, and screw over those who screwed me over last year at Animania!)


We saw Sharon walk past several times during the morning, she looked oddly older and frankly more “teacher-like”. Like honestly, she had the image of a kindergarten teacher if you lookat her from behind, obviously her face looks too young for a teacher hehe ^^ That’s a good thing, Sharon! Yeah okay no more random things for the morning.


In the afternoon, the packing up for after SMAC took ages, not sure what was going on. There was some food which was good (I’ll have to somewhat live off this stuff as my lu nch every Sunday since I have Crossfire leader meetings soon thereafter). Quentin made some nice mini cupcakes; it’s okay Shaz if he followed a recipe from a box, it was still good xD And after a long long time, after everyone had left; when it was like 1:30pm, only then did we get Kenny to start our leaders meeting; we were meant to start at 1 T.T” It was then we realized that the meetings were beginning to fall apart, since Jess had to leave at 1:45pm for her QMA assignment. Obviously we really need to work out when we can meet, and make it productive; gonna be some hard work huh? And more from my part since Kenny knows I’m ahead so he’s gonna expect a bit more from me >.<” well I had that coming huh?


In the afternoon (okay Sharon here’s the full story), our group was planning to have a get-together at my house; we tried to organise one for Tuesday but that died after much hardwork from my part; I got so frustrated when things didn’t work out. So we tried to reconcile by having one at my house. I was already nervous at having more people come over to my house; never know what t he parents would feel. But today had a strangely good turn out, one I never expected; and it fills me with bliss at seeing the way today turned out. Anyway Matthew and other friends, from primary school were going to play basketball at Penno High; they have rally nice courts, I wouldn’t mind going there for Bball in the future. But of course I’m fairly noob at Bball so I made a fool out of myself in front of Jacky, Matt and Jeremy. The plan was they would come over to my house afterwards, along with anyone else who wanted to come. Well that plan failed and no-one else wanted to come so in the end it was just Matthew and Jacky. Jeremy had to go off elsewhere so it was only two.


Now to entertain them, there’s not much you can do with three people. I only had tow Wii remotes left after Friday so that was not a good idea ; and yeah I’m out of options there. One other bizarre idea was Mahjong, but where would I get my fourth player? I originally intended like 5-6 people to come and never thought about what we would do; so by  last night I thought that Mahjong was the best option. The only other Mahjong-crazed person I know who lived around was Sharon, and funny as it is to say, I never thought she’d at first consider coming to my house for Mahjong, and th en later the fact that she did actually come. I don’t know, I always thought she was inclined to come to my house (she did dog my 18th last year =.=”) but I suppose this time round, she does know Jacky and Matthew (from MLM and next gen respectively) so it should’ve been easier for her to handle. Sharon is the second girl to have come to my house; honour that well Shaz!


Anyway we walked back from Penno High after Bball and coincidentally Sharon got to my place about the same time as when we walked all t he way back.  Jacky and Matt were intent in playing Magic (again!) so we watched them play for half an hour. Jacky’s cousin keeps giving him new cards; and they’re all hacked, over-powered and such. That’s another reason why I quit the game, the developers have lost their creativity.


By 4:30pm we started playing Mahjong; first time I’ve used that new set of mine properly which was cool ^^ Might as well break into it before I bring it to church camp; gosh I am so scared that some parent is going to lop my head for bringing it, we’re not gambling with it geez! I’m crap at Mahjong too but playing more  means I keep getting better which is good; learnt a bit more tonight. Actually I only intended everyone to stay till 5:30pm; but then mum came and offered everyone to stay for dinner, which was something I never expected her to do, and so they all stayed for dinner and we kept playing till 7:30pm.


Had dinner then. Mum harassed Matthew about medicine. She kept going on about how hard it is to get a proper job once you graduate because of all the competition and stuff; just to sum her half hour speech haha! But yeah it actually sounded quite bad I reckon, so  if Matt does drop medicine I’m gonna feel really bad about it haha!  Haven’t ever had friends over for dinner before either, so it was nice to have these guys over haha!


We kept playing till 9:30pm, man what a long day, Mahjong really do es kill time VERY QUICKLY! In fact I didn’t get any work done today, I was planning on getting more notes written up, but oh well; friends come first xD In summary Sharon kicked us all hard…just too pro T.T”  she won about 9 times, most of them legit (hear me out first Shaz!) since for some games Mat just fed her like crazy, and one time I missed a beautiful flush because I was tired and wasn’t paying attention, bah! My beautiful 7 fan hand! And yeah.  The rest of us won 3 times each, sort of. That’s how badly we got owned by Shaz. Matthew was funny because he was always last to finish his wall, every single time. And you could see that he was becoming more and more high as the night went on, such as flicking tiles at us, then singing random songs; mostly “What About Me?” by Shannon Noll, and then also occasionally losing one tile from his hand, so he couldn’t finish for a few rounds haha! Jacky kept a fairly decent pace throughout the night but always seemed to hold the key winning tile, which most of the time went to Shaz; looks like he owes her a lot of money.


But yes it was a really fun night, I was really glad for the four of us ^^ a fairly happy and enjoyable night and good way to end our mid-sem break. Well it’s back to work now, that is, until church camp this  Friday! RICE meeting tomorrow night at Moore College, really excited, albeit the fact I’ll have a 7am to 11pm day tomorrow outside of the house…that’s a 16 hour day T.T” Going to be really dead tomorrow unless I sleep now, which is what I shall do. Thank you for reading. Love your friends!