Mid-Year Conference 2012–Monday

Strangely I kept waking up throughout Sunday night; not sure why but it also didn’t impact me that much. One of my roommates sometimes snores a bit, he shall be purged from this world later this week if it persists. No, I’m just kidding; but I am a very light sleeper, which is why I opted for an ensuite as opposed to a dorm room (three people versus either in a room) – leads to a lower chance of having snorers and other distractions throughout the night.




Today was a pretty fun day, waking up to get ready for the car and bus-loads of students coming to camp, welcoming them and helping them get up to speed with the pace of the conference. In short, it again was very daunting seeing the number of Commerce students in total. The numbers went up a bit this year to over 140, which is really crazy and hectic. I remember being in our faculty common room as the only 4th year, along with two of our MTSers, and we had to somehow control over 100 younger students, definitely not an easy feat. But likely everyone is mature and they all fell in line soon after being given an order. I don’t think there’s much to say about numbers that I didn’t already mention in last year’s posts. I suppose there were so many of them that I didn’t know this time round, mostly students that were at least two years younger than me. And yeah this is one of those opportunities to meet as many new people as possible. Although I would hope to speak fairly and say that it isn’t as big a deal for our grade anymore considering that we’ll be gone in the next six months and won’t really be able to actively take part in helping the younger students grow spiritually in uni. Yes, the fact that looms over us is that we’ll be expendable really soon since we’re about to graduate.

Nevertheless it was fun getting to know a lot of other new people, and especially helping the first years fit in, for surely they are the ones intimidated in coming, not knowing what MYC is like and not really knowing many other people (not that I’m in any different position to them). I suppose one thing that will still remain hard this year is trying to get to know everyone, since now for our faculty this is near impossible, getting to know 140 other people well in five days. It’s not too hard saying “hi” to everyone, but getting to know other Christians is more than just that. Still time will tell, and God will surely build and grow strong relationships from this camp, not necessarily for me, but for other students at least.




The structure of MYC wasn’t too different this year, you have the standard manuscript Bible Study (this year it was 2 Cor 1-4), the faculty seminar, two seminars on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the evening Bible talks. This year our theme is “Beyond Words” (did I mention this in the Sunday post?) where today we started thinking about what words are and how God uses words. I don’t want to bore people with all the intricate details that we learned today, there’s just so much information to take in as always. But as a quick summary, we learned from John 1 that God has used words throughout the Bible, to create, to talk to his creation, and to judge mankind. And the greatest word that God has spoken is the Word, Jesus Christ. Just lightly we already know that Jesus is the fulfilment of many promises that God spoke of in the Old Testament and so that is how Jesus can be described as the Word of God. Today we learn about Jesus through God’s words in the Bible, knowing that we don’t necessarily need to see and feel Jesus to be able to know Him and have a relationship with Him; although some of this plays into tomorrow’s seminar.


Speaking of which, I should probably sleep in order to have enough energy for my seminar, which I think is kind of ready. I suppose there are a few points I would need to change in light of what we learned today, so as to make tomorrow’s seminar flow well from the things that we learned today. Most of my personal worries at the moment are just from being able to handle all the discussion from random tangents that we might go onto. I remember that last year’s seminars had discussions that went all over the place and it was really hard to reach a conclusion to each point before moving on. Hopefully it won’t be the case for tomorrow, not sure if I could handle something like that, but it should be okay since some of the ideas raised in the talk tonight (this year our speaker is Paul Grimmond) will kind of be repeated tomorrow, so at least everyone vaguely knows the answers at this point.


First day has turned out to be quite fun, and the weather was good too; I think that’s the thing that lifts the mood of the people. We had place stricter rules on were people could go late at night and tried to reinforce the importance of everyone sleeping early and not disturbing others from sleeping, like what I’m doing by blogging at 12:45am and keeping the lights on ^^ Luckily this year everyone seems to be better behaved and most people went to sleep on time. We gave that responsibility to the grade below us because we’re starting to lose our influence; nobody likes listening to old people whinge about the young people not going to sleep haha.


Anyway I’m going to leave the post here, need to wake up and pick up a friend from the station tomorrow, as well as be prepared for my seminar. Fun days ahead this week I pray. Will add photos later.


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