Mid-Year Conference 2012–Sunday

And so begins my last year’s experience at UNSW’s MYC before I graduate. The major difference so far that I can speak about is that my week begins on a Sunday, as opposed to the standard Monday as in the previous three years. Pre-MYC is a small “event” that takes place on the day before the week of MYC, simply as an extra day for those who come to prepare themselves for the week ahead, and for them to plan how to serve the rest of the faculty and campus; this includes things such as preparing the folders of material to give out the next day (that is, tomorrow) and to help with decorations and organising how to usher people to park their cars and direct them where they need to go.

There were a few things on today that were encouraging; however I was only able to get there at night and subsequently missed these things. So sadly I cannot report back on the seminars that took place today. I suppose in short today was a day to plan and prepare. In planning for decorations, we made a small Commerce poster, which Quentin funnily “graced” with his strange drawings:




Okay but aside from all these things I suppose this is a good chance for me to reflect on the previous years of MYC and what I want to achieve out of this year. The past three years have certainly been very encouraging, through the things that I learnt about God, Jesus and the Bible, the fellowship I’ve had with all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on campus, and all the opportunities to serve and see people grow. Being my final year, these goals have certainly not changed, but what I want to get out of MYC perhaps is a little more than in all my previous years, purely because this will be my last chance to learn from an opportunity such as this, and to spend time with fellow students (only that this time I’ll be the older one hanging out with all the young’uns).


This will be the last time I get to learn alongside the people in my grade, and to get to know the younger students better. It’s not so as much as the stuff I will learn as much as it is the fellowship I’ll be having that’s important to me for this year. Some people in our grade (myself included) will be leading parts of the seminar over the week, so one downside that has sort of “spoilt” my week is that I’ve seen parts of what we’re learning over the week, and not only so but also having gone through the material and developed answers for them. So essentially we’ve done about a fifth (if not more) of the content here at MYC. But that can’t be helped if we are called to serve our faculty – means less fun for ourselves. I’m sure I’ll have more fun helping other students struggle through the interesting issues that we’ll be dealing with over the week.


Something else that will be on my mind over the week is trying to be a good role model for the younger students; which is even more vital this year since we’re pretty much the oldest grade in our faculty now – not too surprised since Commerce as a degree does have a reasonably high turnover rate. So for us as the “elders” we need to set good examples and do the “right” thing most to all of the time. This means making sure everyone sleeps early so that they have enough energy for the rest of the week. Looking back now on previous years, I do understand why we as first years want to stay up late to have fun and stuff. And it pains me now to turn back on such a wonderful idea and succumb to my age and say that it’s a better idea to sleep early. Many times have I slept late at camps (and MYC) which resulted in the remaining days being a real struggle due to low energy levels. It didn’t take away my fun but it did impact how much stuff I could take in. And though even this is the year where time for relationships is really vital, our grade will still be sleeping early because we strongly believe that what we can learn and take away to use for the rest of our lives will be of much greater worth than the short time for relationships this week – surely God will give us more opportunities in the days, weeks, months and years to come.


Yes I’m starting think in such a nostalgic sad sort of way, but I think this is a good attitude to adopt for the week that is to come, in order to pass on good values to the younger generations, that they may learn how to value what is good and so use their time wisely not just for their friends, but also for God. Anyway I won’t spoil too much for those who are coming tomorrow (should anyone read this post between now and Monday).


This truly will be an epic final year of MYC for me.


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