Mid-Year Conference 2012–Friday

And so here we are, pretty much at the end of the road, of four awesome years of having the privilege of spending five days absorbed into the Word of God and learning something that will definitely impact us for a lifetime and more. It’s not so much an emotional farewell to MYC because on one hand, there will be many more important events to follow so it’s not the most important thing in the world, and at the same time MYC truly did play a huge role in my Christian walk at this current time. I suppose then the fair attitude I should have at the moment is to respect the significance that Mid-Year Conference had for my university days but not be too attached to it.

Okay with that out of the way, Friday is pretty much a half day to wrap up everything we’ve learnt. For Bible Study. after a long 4 days of reading and re-reading 2 Cor 1-4, we learnt that Christ offers us comfort in our lives through His death on the cross and His promise to deliver us on the day of judgement – the ultimate form of comfort we can have in our lives today. We learnt that Christ is sufficient for everything in our lives and through the Spirit that he gives us, we can know and understand the gospel which is the power of God that saves us. And so we are encouraged today to proclaim Christ to all and to speak the words of God because of the way the Spirit transforms and renews our lives. I think this paragraph just now was just a quick mish-mash of all the core ideas we explored in the four chapters we looked it, but I’ll see if I can tie that into the rest of the stuff we learnt over the week, in a separate summary post. It’s just that sometimes it feels like the Bible Study isn’t as closely linked to the faculty seminars or the night talks, or the link is weaker and harder to see.


And I suppose there is nothing new to add to seminar time and the final talk, it was all just a quick summary and short thinking time as to how we may live differently based on what we’ve learnt. Again I’ll cover my personal reflection in the summary post.



A first year drew that – isn’t it impressive to see the amount of the things you can learn from the Bible as soon as you step out of high school? That is a diagram that is worth a thousand words, or more. I don’t think even I will be able to tie in all these elements into one post, but hopefully that picture will help you focus on one thing that you haven’t noticed or thought about before.


Some of us helped with cleanup after lunch, and the rest of us took photos as is the custom for the end of a camp. Sadly our grade didn’t take as many but I suppose even one is more than enough, since we don’t intend to part ways so soon – we have so many more things planned before the end of this year haha.


As we all trudged (“drove” would be the more accurate word) home, tired and in need of food and sleep, there were indeed a lot of things to think over from this camp. And as for me, being the photographer, it was a hard arduous long number of hours processing through all these photos, most of which I didn’t even take haha! But I suppose that is but another curse of being the photographer – another one is that I don’t get to be in many of the photos, since the lens is always pointing away from me. But I was happy to have been able to serve the rest of my faculty and uni, through meals, leading seminars, taking photos, and chatting with people.


One more semester to consolidate everything that I’ve invested in since the start of uni. Here are some photos to end on a bright note. A long summary post will follow in a few days.






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