Not really sure what the word actually means but from what I gather, biorhythm describes how well you are in sync with your maximum potential, given the optimal conditions. To use less technical terms, biorhythm would be how “in the groove or “in the mood” you are as you go about doing things in your daily life on a particular day, when compared to a typical good day that you have. But I think biorhythm also determines how well you sync with the rest of things in the bios, the biosphere(?); which in other words is how well you interact with people and things around you.


Good biorhythm would be when you have a good day, things go well for you, and every conversation you have is a good one; things are just going your way. Bad biorhythm would be the opposite; everything goes wrong and you can’t seem to hold a normal conversation with anyone. So as an update for my life, being cooped up at home studying my head off for an impending 4 exams over 8 days has really lowered my biorhythm, as it always does.


For me to get an understanding of it, I reckon it’s just the amount of stress that prevents me from “syncing” well with the rest of nature. When it comes to having a conversation, the stress will just be on my mind and distract me from paying attention to the person/people that I’m talking to. At the same time, it will also distract me from focusing on the other things I’m doing, like driving, and not least of all, studying. As such, when my biorhythm is low, like for the next week or two, I just won’t be good at interacting with other people. So if you end up in a conversation with me, forgive me if I’m not as bright as I would normally be.


At the same time I guess bad biorhythm really messes me over in everything I do and think. Like obviously there’ll be mixed feelings of depression and excitement, hatred and love, going all over the place; mood swings would be a simple way to put it. Low self esteem kicks in and at time things will just feel really bad. But that’s okay. Everyone should be familiar with having “bad days”, and a few will also know what it means to have a long period of “bad days”. The feeling of bad biorhythm is not something that can be shaken, nor is it something to be worried too much about; people just naturally feel bad at times.


Of course the one obvious way in which other people can tell you have bad biorhythm is when the words or actions don’t come out right. I think that’s one thing we all try to hide from other people all the time if we ever find ourselves having a bad day; but sometimes we just can’t avoid some people. Not in some negative way, I meant like youth group for me; having a bad day and going to youth group really makes me feel bad that I’m not giving the kids my all, and of course when they make stupid jokes at you it’s normally okay to laugh off on a good day, but not quite the case on a bad day. And you say to yourself: do I really have to put up with this? The answer is no; but sometimes responsibility comes at the expense of our wellbeing, in which case the answer is yes, we do have to put up things we might not want to at times.


I think one of the main causes of this is when we don’t see other people for a long period of time. So I pretty much mean like being stuck at home everyday, whatever the circumstances are, in my case this would be for exams. I know one other person who can attest to a similar thing and had really bad biorhythm in that time. But that makes sense. When you don’t see anyone face to face for a long time, you just lose touch with the outside world, and you’re kind of stuck in this small bubble, like your house or your room. You basically forget how to interact with anything else. And when you see that you can’t interact properly with the things around you, you just start feeling bad because things aren’t working out. It will happen here and there, and will probably keep happening at times.


But rather than talk just about the problems, there are solutions; not the most obvious ones, and not that ones that provide quick effective relief (like panadol), but reading Bible definitely helps. Perhaps the most serious time I had bad biorhythm was during the HSC, and reading the Bible everyday when I was too tired to study really got me through the month or two without going insane. I guess God’s Word really helps put you back in tune with “nature” and how you should be interacting with God’s creation. To any year 12s reading, cling tightly to God’s Word after term 3, you’ll really need it.


For anyone else who wants to see me in my bad biorhythm state, I invite you to, but don’t expect an answer, you won’t always get one.


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