Semester 2, 2011 (Preview)

I couldn’t think of a better title, the timetable below is pretty self-explanatory:


[2011s2] Jason Tam

Wait, what am I on about? The timetable above is NOT self-explanatory, which is why I’ve also provided a Q&A. But before that, let me point out some straightforward facts and implications.

  1. I’ll finally have one day off (Monday) a week, instead of my packed 5 days a week this semester.
  2. CBS is heavily impacted in that I will not be able to attend ANY of the “required” weekly events, aside from Bible Study.
  3. I have 18 hours in total, and am not sure how many hours (if there are any) are skippable.
  4. Yes, “skippable” is a word. I don’t care if there’s a red squiggly line under it.


Q1. Was this really the best timetable you could come up with?

Sadly yes. This is pretty much the most optimal timetable (for me) that I could make. A reason for this is that all my courses are small, so there aren’t many (or any) classes to choose from. All 12 hours of lectures you see above were already set; there was no possible way to move them. As for the remaining 6 hours of tutorials/labs, some only had two choices, others had more but many of those clashed with a lecture time of another course.


Q2. Could you have done other courses instead?

I could. But because my peers are also doing these courses, I did not want to disadvantage myself by doing courses that I didn’t have contacts in; that would just be plain stupid. Having said that, there was one math course which completely clashed with my actuarial course, but the times for that math course were never fixed so I can’t really enrol in that one still.


Q3. What about Monday?

Even if I did decide to come in on Monday, and it;d be really hard to bring myself to do such a thing considering how this semester is playing out, I can only have a maximum of two tutorials there. So coming in on Monday for a maximum of two hours of class, I would rather put those two hours elsewhere and get Mondays off. The only serious trade off is that I cannot attend the CBS meeting, and since I have Monday off, I don’t think I’ll come in on Monday just for that meeting.


Q4. Why are you doing 5 courses?

Two of them are worth 3 Units of Credit each, and so I still have a total of 24 Units of Credit for next semester. I have 18 hours of class because these are science courses, and not just commerce (otherwise I would get a carefree 12 hours a week). If I do not do these courses now, it will disadvantage me (for the reasons listed in Q2) and it will probably stuff up my degree in one way or another.


Q5. What are your plans for CBS next semester?

Seeing as my timetable is completely anti-CBS (semester 1 of last year was the same actually), I am most likely going to wisely step down from my leadership roles there. The only thing I can really help with (or at least attend) is just a Bible Study weekly. I can still lead one if need be, but considering that I won’t be able to attend any other CBS activity, it would probably be wise for me not to lead a Bible Study next semester. We will have to see what my MTSer has to say. But with about 4 hours of break a week, I should still be able to attend a Bible Study group.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with my weekly routine, I cannot attend Core Theology on Tuesday nights because it clashes with my youth group leaders’ meeting. Somehow, my timetable managed to cater for my Tuesday night meeting once again (thank God). I think it will be wise for me to take a step back from CBS activities (only because the circumstances have made it so), so that I can get more time and energy to focus on church activities. My focus and energy has been greatly divided this semester between many things, and it’s felt like I haven’t done anything to as good a degree as I would like. I already mentioned about me being given more responsibilities at church, and so I should be wise about my responsibilities and give more time to that. Plus, uni studies have just plummeted because of all these weekly activities happening. Consequently, church will be my primary focus for next semester.


There won’t be many lectures I can skip, I anticipate. But the only ones worth skipping would be the ones that take place at critical time slots throughout the week, namely anything that happens at 1pm. There is a chance I will get Thursday 1pm free, and that will save my “The Bible Talks” hour.


Q6. Is there anything we can do for you?

If you’re a CBS person reading this, do pray for me. It really does make me feel bad that I pretty much can’t go to any CBS event without killing myself over my studies and my energy (5 days seriously is painful), but I hope I can still be an encouragement to people in my faculty. I think I’ll still be involved in any faculty planning stuff (unofficially though) and I’ll be happy to offer my opinions and advice if they’re needed. I’ll be keeping tabs on how our faculty is going but I probably won’t be taking any upfront roles.


For church people, you are more than welcome to judge me more harshly next semester as a leader since I should have more energy (due to my free Monday) and my somewhat undivided attention for just church activities (since CBS won’t be on my mind as much next semester – but I’ll still be thinking about it of course). It’s not good to not be able to do campus ministry, but in any circumstance that God throws at you, it really comes down to how well you deal with the situation. And so for myself, I would rather get something done right, than to be able to do everything there is.


Still have more questions? Shoot me an e-mail or something.


One thought on “Semester 2, 2011 (Preview)

  1. You’re not superman. You’re not meant to be, so don’t expect yourself to be able to do EVERYTHING and do them all as well as you would have had you more than 24 hours in a day. And if someone expects you to do that, one word for them – “Whatever”.

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