Daydream Syndrome

The title doesn’t really relate much to what I want to write here, by I like this song:



Anyway, thought I’d make one last update before uni starts again. I guess me whole holidays have been like a daydream; in a blink those 4 months have gone by and most of us are now back to the fast-paced lifestyle that is our tertiary education. It’s not a bad thing; it gives us something to work towards yet again, our so-called “future”. Like many others, I wished the holidays continued endlessly. I did a lot of stuff these holidays; I was productive in some sense. But again I hunger for more breaks, but that’s probably because these holidays were quite busy for me. That again is a good thing, because it keeps me from being completely idle; it is much better to be working than to be sitting still doing nothing and rotting away.


This semester is going to be more challenging than the last, yet again. 5 days a week is not a pretty thing. I haven’t faced such a cruel timetable since my very first semester back in first year. It really doesn’t help when you don’t have a day to rest: five days of uni, one day of work, and another day of church. I don’t really wonder how much I’ll suffer this semester; I know it’s going to be stressful most of the time, but it won’t be something that I won’t be able to manage, that’s for sure. My textbook costs have been limited to an odd $120 for this semester, just a single Actuarial Studies textbook. I had imagined this course to be more cost-demanding in the later years but it appears the staff are fairly light on costs. Oh, there is this $150-230 course pack for another course which I can obtain online, so I’m not going to buy that one.


I haven’t gotten enough sleep these past few weeks. Since the week of the Commerce Retreat, I’ve been trying to recover my energy but that hasn’t worked out so well. Having to double your efforts to cover for other people has really stunted my recovery. As such I’m not looking forward to uni tomorrow, apart from to see faces that I haven’t seen for weeks or months. Don’t really know why I’ve been so tired these days, but hopefully the start of uni will give me a change of pace that’ll be helpful, rather than make me more tired than I already am.


The last thing on my mind before I retire to bed is just my priorities in life now, uni life that is. In the past few months, having picked up so many commitments to Christian-related activities (“ministries” if you will), it feels like these commitment now rank higher than my university studies. Well at the moment I don’t see it actually happening but I get the feeling that once uni starts, I’ll do what I can to stay on top of my studies by any spare time I get on top of that will immediately be spent on my ministries. I mean, it’s a good feeling, being to put God first, even above my studies, but at the same time it feels like I may have crossed the boundaries for optimally dividing time between my duties and my Christian duties; even as Christians we can’t just entirely neglect our studies. I know I’m not going to do that, but having thought about it, I seem to be prepared to sacrifice my studies for emergencies relating to my ministries if the situation ever arises. I hope that never happens.


But until then, let’s see how this first week plays out. So many 21st birthday parties coming up; suddenly, money is no longer the only cost we incur to go to these once-off events, time becomes an issue too.


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