Your Average Accident

The place where I work sits along the busy road known as Pennant Hills Road. It’s a fairly major road that runs through from Hornsby up ion the north, to nearly down to Parramatta and beyond out to the west. As such the road is very busy and consequently many road accidents take place on it. So today at work, my boredom has been relieved by a loud thud, which to be honest may me smile in excitement more than cringe in fear. Any excitement seems to be worth whatever the cost.

My work colleagues went outside to take a look, and then I followed suit:

Can’t even tell what car it is but the damage seems pretty serious. Once the photo is up, you’ll also see that there was fuel leaking out from under the car. The woman in the blue dress was in the carat the time. The driver was a 63 year old woman. There was also another man, the one wearing a black shirt who is standing next to the car. How do I know these things? That’s because they’re sitting right here in the office right now, trying to sort out their problems.

I know it’s a bit mean of me to blog about them while they’re still here; but clearly, nothing really happens at work so even a car accident is something to get excited over. The three people in the car weren’t injured, which is quite miraculous considering the extent of the damage. As for the other car, it wasn’t there when I came back out, but I think I caught a glimpse of it going past soon after I heard the thud. There was one blue car that had a huge dent in its rear so I suspect that might have been the car that was rammed.

According to the old woman, she simply failed to stop at the yellow light right outside my office and she slammed into the car in front. The car in front decided to stop instead of speed through the yellow light because there was a safety camera at the intersection – it basically encourages people to go through yellow lights WITHOUT speeding. So if you aren’t going to make the light, you’re better off stopping. Perhaps the people in the car weren’t aware of this safety camera, and probably didn’t see the small sign that said “Safety Camera Ahead”.

Either way, they (were) in the office trying to call up an ambulance (to make sure they were okay), police and a tow truck, which is probably outside right now somewhere. So they sat in the office while making phone calls, and making me search up numbers for them to call, which was understandable but still a bother. I seemed to have forgotten that there was a police station right near Pennant Hills train station, but thanks to the incident today, I have remembered that there is.

And so thus ends my temporary excitement for the day. Everyone is always crashing at that intersection for some reason. And as a result, nobody is a safe driver, or is safe from other drivers.


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