I Can Almost Taste It Once Again

The holidays are nearly here! There is of course nothing better that soothes the soul of the student than the pending arrival of holidays. And after 14 years of education, you get used to the fact that there is this big hurdle called “final exams” right before holidays hit. In fact, you’re so used to it that you can actually get sick and tired of it (if you aren’t already).


Nonetheless exams are here again; some people had their first (or even second) today. My first exam starts tomorrow, Saturday. Wacked up I know, but I suppose we’ll just have to accept that. It’s funny, ever since I’ve started uni, my marks have slowly deteriorated over the semesters. Each semester the workload gets bigger and bigger and the content is more and more difficult. Why I think that’s funny is because this semester, my marks are have strangely picked up.


I haven’t counted them in full but I do know at the least that for two of my subjects, I’m sitting on a clean 100%. Miraculous and unbelievable, I know (I think I’m only on 99% for one of my subjects). There were factors that led to my academic position at this very moment. I’m sitting on about 75% or more for my other two subjects. So I’m actually heading into my exam tomorrow with a fair amount of confidence given where I am now.


The thing that makes my marks worth less than the way I described above is the fact that their scaling isn’t very high.


Actuarial Studies: Being the hardest course (or is meant to be the hardest course), I am in disbelief that I could be sitting on 100% for THIS particular course. Having said that, I’ve only earned 25% of my final mark; in other words I’m sitting at 25/25 of what I’ve done so far. It’s great but not as awesome as the 100% would imply. The final exam of course is then worth 75% of my final mark. Still, it goes to say that I only need to earn another 25% from my final exam to pass the course. That’s equivalent to getting 25/75 = 33% of the final exam right. This course is really dud because of the lecturer, a fob Korean. He couldn’t teach, couldn’t explain, couldn’t even do the tutorial problems right, he practically sucked in every way you could imagine. With that, he set us the easiest mid-sem test and assignment ever; and so I ended getting 100% in both assessment tasks. The average was over 90% for both the test and the assignment. That just goes to show how messed up this “prestigious” course is.


Computing 1A: This is my WAM booster for this semester. I’m not sure if I’ve already blogged on my subjects at the beginning of semester, I probably have, but again I’m going to say that this was the easiest course I’ve ever done; mainly because I’ve already learnt this stuff before in my spare time. I’m sitting at 99%+ for this course (missing the odd mark I think from an assignment) without ever attending lectures and just Facebook-ing during tutorials. The final is worth 65%; but I intend to get the whole final exam right as well. I’d really love to see triple digits as my final mark haha. Plus I remember some of you placing a wager that I can’t get 100% in this course. Well, we will see…


Algebra + Linear Models: For my other two math courses, I’m only sitting on a distinction (sorry about the “only” but I do have high expectations). But I have to admit both courses were really fun to go through. Both lecturers were very articulate, very intelligent and very helpful and such. It’s a shame that I’m not doing amazingly well given their ability to teach. The class average is at the distinction level; so my marks look a bit grim here because I’m sitting at the average mark.


If you made it to this paragraph, thank you. I know my blog posts haven’t been interesting to read recently but I promise that once my mind clears up after exams I’ll have heaps of good stuff to properly rant over. But just to give you a heads up on what my first proper post will be about, take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4v9tfSCaHg. It’s so horrible that I’m not even going to embed it here. Best of luck to all of you with exams, and of course the year 12s with the HSC.


One thought on “I Can Almost Taste It Once Again

  1. lol 2003 has been a bit of a joke. I didn’t even attend most of the lectures after week 7… I ended up using the recorded lectures that Sherris put up on UNSW TV.

    as for 1911, iirc, last year, they capped the final score at 99. Much to the anger of 1917 people, who were capped at 97.

    anyway, good luck tomorrow!

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