No Way…

Today must be the most whacked up day I’ve ever had at work over the last year. And no it had nothing to do with the fact that I had a bunch of weird phone calls about old gun shops being situated behind where I worked; and not even from those strange Koreans coming in and asking whether it was okay for two sisters and their two separate families to share one apartment. It wasn’t even from the 100+ pages of paper and ink I “borrowed” to print out my stack of uni notes and past exam papers. All of that was nothing compared to what happened later that afternoon.


Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic about it, I wasn’t going to die or anything, but it’s just one of those experiences you don’t expect to face but you don’t rule out it’s possibility. Here’s the story: in our rentals department several agents have retired since I began working last year (no I didn’t have anything to do with it). Another agent had just recently left, a couple of weeks ago and was replaced by someone new. I hadn’t met that person yet, all I knew was that his name was David. I saw his name on the employees list next to me. When someone from another office asked for his number I read out his full name and gave out his mobile number. His name just went through my mind, it didn’t register with me that it was someone I knew.


I was in the middle of a Starcraft II video: and at about 3:40pm, David came in. I looked at him and I thought: “No way…” I was speechless because I never ran such a scenario through my head, so I didn’t know how to react. He gave me the same face too, “Hey, I know you…you’re…Jason?” Without revealing too much information, but just enough for certain readers, it was Davo, from Baulko.


And now you’re also probably saying: “No way…” as well. But in all serious, there is probably “such a way”. I just think the whole strangeness of the ordeal was that here I was in the workplace with a person I used to see on the school playground. And to make things all the stranger, he was not someone I was close to; we had our encounters and I suppose you couldn’t really call us friends. Which is why seeing him again in the workplace made things all the more awkward. It’s like we’re meant to be good friends now because we’ve shared some sort of history together; as opposed to treating him like someone I’ve never met before, like with all my other work colleagues.


I’ve seen these scenarios before in dramas and all, on TV, in movie plots; I just never would’ve believed I’d have to go through it as well; I had absolutely no idea how to deal with it. We had a good conversation after that, about what we’ve been up to since high school. It was good to find out more about him, about things post year 10 and post-HSC; and I’m more pleased that he’s more mature and less threatening than what I perceived of him back in high school. White kid >> Asian kid, always.


And now, while he sits in the cubicle next to me, I have these reminiscent thoughts about progressing in life. Here’s someone who knows what they want to do and is tangibly doing something to achieve what they want. While the rest of us uni-goers probably haven’t given a thought about what we want to do post-uni (because it’s still a couple of years away) or even what we want to do IN uni. I find it strange how fate (or God really) messes with the plot in my life, introducing not just “random” characters into my life, but “previous” characters that I’ve come across. It really does go to show that everyone you meet can play some sort of significant role in your life.


I’ll learn to deal with this as it comes. But this is hardly the time to be growing up, when there are final exams just around the corner…


One thought on “No Way…

  1. ♪ No way, losing my way-ay!

    Besides that, nothing thoughtful to contribute. Hope Uni isn’t being too rough on you.

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