With nothing better to do at work, I thought I might blow some time by posting up my favourite song of the moment. There hasn’t been any recent music that has sparked to my interests but this song is pretty awesome, compared to everything that’s new at the moment.


The song is “U&I” by “After School Teatime”, a virtual band from the anime series K-ON! which is set to air it’s last episode for season 2 next week. Here’s a short segment of the song that was used in episode 20, a couple of weeks ago. I waited in anticipation for the song to be released as a single since then haha; came out like a week or so ago:


If there was a moment to cry in the anime, this would be it. Our main character Yui, the one singing, writes this song for her sister Ui (creative character names yes, even the song name itself) which makes it a really pretty song, because it shows character development and the sisterly love that’s been lingering in this series since the beginning. I would prefer Mio, the black hair girl, to be singing all the songs from the anime because her voice actor can sing better than Yui’s one, but I guess this is Yui’s song so it’s right for her to sing it.


Mr Geoffrey Wong must definitely agreed with me if he bothered to do this:


Okay, back to folding stuff. Lyrics and translations are below; if you want to hear the full song, YouTube it or something.


Romaji Lyrics

Kimi ga inai to nani mo dekinai yo
Kimi no gohan ga tabetai yo
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Tobikkiri no egao de dakitsuku yo

Kimi ga inai to ayamarenai yo
Kimi no koe ga kikitai yo
Kimi no egao ga mirereba sore dake de ii nda yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru dake de itsumo yuuki moratteta
Itsu made demo issho ni itai
Kono kimochi wo tsutaetai yo

Hare no hi ni mo ame no hi mo
Kimi wa soba ni ite kureta
Me wo tojireba kimi no egao kagayaiteru

Kimi ga inai to nani mo wakaranai
Satou to shouyu wa doko da kke?
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Bikkuri saseyou to omotta no ni na

Kimi ni tsuitsui amaechau yo
Kimi ga yasashisugiru kara
Kimi ni moratte bakari de nani mo ageraretenai yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru koto wo atarimae ni omotteta
Konna hibi ga zutto zutto
Tsudzuku nda to omotteta yo

Gomen ima wa kidzuita yo
Atarimae ja nai koto ni

Mazu wa kimi ni tsutaenakucha
“Arigatou” wo

Kimi no mune ni todoku ka na? ima wa jishin nai keredo
Warawanai de douka kiite
Omoi wo uta ni kometa kara

Arittake no “arigatou”
Uta ni nosete todoketai
Kono kimochi wa zutto zutto wasurenai yo

Omoi yo   todoke

English Translations

When you’re not here, I can’t do anything.
I want to eat your cooking.
When you come back,
I’ll put my best smile on, and then I’ll hug you tight.

When you’re not here, I can’t apologize.
I want to hear the sound of your voice.
If I can see your smiling face, that’s enough for me.

Just by having you here by my side, I’ve always found the courage for anything.
I want to be together with you forever.
I want to deliver these feelings to you.

On the sunny days and on the rainy days,
You were always there for me.
When I close my eyes, I just see your smile shining brightly.

When you’re not here, I don’t know anything.
Where are the sugar and soy sauce, again?
When you came back,
I was thinking of giving you a surprise.

I always find myself depending on you,
Because you’re too sweet to me.
All you do is give and give to me, but I can’t give anything to you.

I always thought of having you by my side as something that was ordinary.
I thought that these days
Would continue on forever and ever.

I’m sorry. I’ve realized now
That it was never ordinary.

First I have to deliver those words,
“Thank you for everything.”

Will my feelings reach your heart? Right now, I don’t have much confidence,
But don’t laugh, and listen somehow,
Because I’ve put my feelings into a song.

I want to take all of my “thank you”s
And send them to you on this song.
I’ll never, ever forget these feelings as long as I live.

Come on, my feelings, go through!

*Lyrics and translations taken from http://bambooxzx.wordpress.com/ don’t really know who they belong to, but whatever; don’t really have time to translate songs myself these days.


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