The Break That Isn’t

After a whole day of (trying) to study I’ve finally gotten really bored of it so perhaps now is a good time to re-cap over everything that’s happened since the beginning of this semester, or whenever I left off blogging; which was probably right after MYC, wait that’s the same thing huh?


Okay, since this semester started, things changed a bit. My timetable was fairly close to what it was last semester, same days and about the same hours, same amount of breaks. In total I had 19 contact hours, which up to week 7 is now reducible to 12 hours. Funny how I managed to find a way to skip 7 hours a week of lectures. A quick run down of my courses this semester and my thoughts about them, now that I’m halfway through this semester:


ACTL2003: My lone Actuarial course for this semester (Stochastic Processes for Actuarial Studies) hasn’t been as strenuous as previous Actuarial courses; I was really glad to achieve a final mark of 77 for my last Actuarial course, which means I did reasonably well for my final exam last semester; thank God for that! This course is perhaps the worst course so far to date in my major. It’s not especially hard, but it sucks in terms of the lecturer, who can’t speak English well, who can’t teach, and who doesn’t help us for exam preparations (he can’t even tell us which chapters of the textbook were going to be in the exams and all). Notable things about him include his “zero”s coming out as “jello” or “jerro” since Koreans (and Japs) don’t distinguish between “L” and “R” sounds; and how he’ll always say “Are you okay with dis one?” at the end of each slide when clearly nobody was since he didn’t teach it articulately enough. To top things off, he’s also my tutor, whereas everyone else gets someone decent who can teach and speak English properly. The only good thing so far from this course is that 100% I got for the mid-sem exam, though it was only worth 10% of our final marks…and also that the average for that test was like 90%+. Yeah, me getting 100% isn’t too hard to believe but it just wasn’t a major achievement this time since the test was really really easy. Stressed over nothing on the day I had the exam >.<”


MATH2601: Higher Linear Algebra proves to be perhaps the most interesting subject this semester. The lecturer is really good at keeping us focused (not kidding here). For a female mathematician, she was amazingly articulate when she taught and was even able to crack a few jokes here and there. The lectures are enjoyable because she would often drift away from course material and just start rambling about other funny things, like about the previous lecturer of the course, and about the recent election haha! My tutor for this course is amazingly smart too, though he did mark our test papers a bit harsh. I skip one lecture from this course a week, it’s the only class I have on Thursdays.


MATH2931: Higher Linear Models also had a good lecturer, though he teaches quite fast. The class is smaller so it was easier for us to ask questions and stuff. Doubling as our tutor, he was good at relating all the theory to practical stuff we were doing in other courses, so it was easy to pay attention. He has given us a lot of assignment work, long long assignments which aren’t too fun but at least I’m actually focused enough to learn something. The statistics course I did last semester was just way too boring and I was afraid things would be the same this semester, guess not. I skip the lecture on Monday morning because it’s just way too early (9am).


COMP1911: Computing 1A is the simplest computing course available and serves as my WAM booster for this semester. This course is so dead easy I haven’t been to a single lecture since the very first one. With 7 contact hours a week alone for this course, it’s asking for an unreasonable amount of time for something so easy. So I now skip all 4 for hours of the lectures. I attend my 1 hour tute and then try and skip out on the 2 hour lab that follows by doing the lab work before it’s due. I’m ashamed that I only got 8.5/10 for my first assignment. Luckily the second assignment (which I’ve already finished) has 2 extra marks that can be used to replace marks previously lost. Now I stand another chance to get back to 100% for this course haha!


Apart from uni work, this semester has been quite busy for me. Serving in CBS is beginning to take a fairly serious toll on my energy levels. Running through things I do at uni:

1) Lead Bible Study on Monday
2) Attend CBS talk
3) Attend Core Training Strand
4) Attend Core Theology
5) Meet-up with faculty MTS

That’s a total of 5 hours each week, out of my 6 hours of break a week (now effectively 9 due to skipping all those computing lectures haha). But it definitely is still a busy schedule because this is in conjunction with all my church commitments and with other friends. And then there’s my Saturday job on top of all of that, plus tutoring 2 students weekly. Add it all up and that’s one busy week.


Leading a Bible Study at uni has been the new thing for me this semester. It’s slightly daunting since it’s a first for me in a way, leading a Bible Study with uni people that I don’t know, rather than the high school guys I’ve been leading for more than a year and a half. It’s not too bad, I’ve gotten to know my group fairly well over the semester, especially from MYC, so the only hard thing for this is that it’s just another Bible Study that I have to prepare for in addition to the one for youth group on Sunday, twice the workload. But it’s been fun serving alongside Rachel; funny though because there’s little time for communication between me and her and yet when we lead we don’t trip over each other haha. Having a co-leader is also semi-new to me since I’ve been solo-ing for a long time now, even back in the days of Soul Purpose.


This is exactly the reason why I haven’t been able to blog as such since semester started. I think I might have started to work a bit harder considering my falling WAM from last semester. So far the marks are pretty good, sitting at 80%+ for two courses and a potential 100% for the other two courses. These currently say nothing about my final mark because the final exams are worth pretty much the entire course: 75% for Actuarial, 70% for Algebra and Linear Models, and 55% for computing. Ignoring the last one, that’s 215% of my 400% of final marks right there in the final exams, more than 2 courses worth of marks are obtained within the span of 6 hours; makes you wonder what all those hours of class time are actually for? Just those 6 hours of exams?


Things have been tiring I guess, and it’s made me just a little more lazy for everything that I do, especially with all my commitments. But that’s the natural thing that happens right? With a finite amount of time set out for a certain number of activities, if you add more activities to your list without increase the amount of time that you have, you have no choice but to distribute less time to each activity on average, every activity gets a smaller slice of the “time pie”.


What this busy routine has helped me with though is learning (through pressure) how to use my time more effectively. I consider this time I’ve used for blogging as effective since I wouldn’t be able to use it for study anyhow. So at the least, there are some good things coming out of this semester. I cannot wait for the holidays to kick in, so I can enjoy some freedom from a busy week and actually go out and enjoy life with the friends I haven’t seen much over the course of this semester, or this year for that matter.


Time may wait for no man but I will definitely wait for it haha!


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