Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Thursday

Fourth day now and things start to become a blur because of having learnt so much over the last three days and not having enough time to sit down and let it process through our minds. The cup noodles ran out on Thursday so my breakfast was relatively small. Not a good thing considering that I really needed the energy for this day.



Today’s seminar brought us towards the end of the Bible. So after looking at the book of Acts we went through some of the epistles of Paul as he wrote about how he lived with the Holy Spirit and how he encouraged others to do the same. Living by the Spirit commences at the point when we put our faith in Jesus Christ. There was a bit of confusion as to when one actually receives the Holy Spirit from God, since we already argued that people need the Holy Spirit in order to understand the Word of God and believe. But there were other passages which were talking about the Holy Spirit coming onto people after they believed.


Regardless of the actual timing, one can be certain that they have the Holy Spirit as long as they believe in the Words of God. Living by the Spirit then requires us to rely on its “power” to abstain from the sinful desires of the world and hence pursue godly things. Staying away from temptations is something that aids us in our lives, but Paul also wrote about using he Spirit to help aid others; that is, to share the Word of God with others. So through the Spirit we are to live godly lives, as well as to teach others how to live godly lives. And in addition to something I’ve learnt from some time ago, we also need to teach others how to teach if that makes sense. We expect those that we’re teaching to also be able to spread the Word of God.



In our free time, our entire faculty rehearsed our act for the night session. After much discussion we decided to do a medley of three songs: Nothing on You (whoever that’s by?), I Want It That Way, and Viva La Vida. We tweaked the lyrics here and there and nominated a few people to be our lead singers. I probably should’ve opted for this role, to save myself from having to dance. We picked a fair-sized crew to be our “dancers” and backup singers. We didn’t really have any choreography so we sort of just tried to stick to some consistent actions and let it be that way.


We had a couple of good dancers in our faculty so they took aside a few more people to do some proper dancing for the Backstreet Boys segment of our performance. As for everyone else, they became a mosh pit. We obviously couldn’t fit everyone on stage, It would collapse under the weight of 90 commerce students. There weren’t too many people in the main auditorium at the time we were rehearsing but everyone could hear us playing music. We had a pretty good band going on, featuring Ren on drums. Peter directed all of us but most of us still had to come up with ideas as to what was actually going to happen.


Our little surprise was make Josef represent Jesus in the first song and then sort of point our fingers at him at the chorus line: “Nothing on you, ‘Jesus’!” We had two people do some break dancing for the Bakstreet Boys segment which had the crowd cheering. And I reckon that they didn’t know what we doing with that mosh pit for Viva La Vida. Basically, we had half the faculty (who were seated at the time) to run up below the stage and start jumping. Sadly when we were actually performing it, all the dancers on stage were jumping as well, even though the stage wasn’t made for jumping. I’m just glad that the stage didn’t collapse because we were all jumping in time and all haha! We put on a pretty awesome act. Video is on Facebook.


Night Session

Carl’s fourth talk was from 1 Corinthians 12-14, pretty much the whole three chapters. He dealt with how Paul wanted the Corinthians to desire these spiritual gifts that come with the Holy Spirit, perhaps a lesser extent with the healing powers and such. But strangely Paul stressed about gifts of tongues and prophecy. Of course when we see tongues some of us will shudder a bit more because of how strange the entire thing is. But Paul referred to prophecy in terms of just proclaiming the Word of God, since there is nothing else to predict in the future. Everything we have is already in the Bible.


The whole point of having these gifts, though, is not to help yourself (which is what tongues sort of does since no-one else really understands it), but rather to use them to build up the church; “edify” being the verb used in the Bible. It’s quite interesting to be reminded that service to God and for God results in serving others, rather than having God or others serve us. Keeping a sense of “other-person-centeredness” helps us work out what the right attitude towards “gifts” should be, that’s it’s something we desire in order that we may serve God and others with. Having said that, gifts therefore shouldn’t really be a thing to desire in order to make yourself better or so that you can gain in some way.


I conclude this post at a good 6 weeks after MYC was over; but I do remember well enough the events that took place on Thursday night. I’ll continue on in the Friday post.


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