Mid-Year Conference 2010 – Friday

Following on from Thursday, I suppose many of us were determined to enjoy the last night with one another, so in summary, we stayed up all night long. Initially we were all divided in various parts of the campsite, playing games in different rooms with different faculties. Eventually by 12am we had all congregated into a single room. It was completely freezing at the time, but we came across a small group who were playing Ninja Destruction in front of the main hall. They were playing silently, as the name of the game would suggest; also because everyone else was trying to sleep.


Keeping our voices down was definitely a problem considering there were a good 30+ of us in a fair-sized room, playing different games of Mafia. We played many rounds of Mafia until about 2am where most people had retired to their rooms. For the few that remained (there were still a good dozen of us), continuing to play Mafia was definitely out of the question. Instead we changed games to something completely different. We moved all the chairs and tables out of the way, and then we switched the lights off. Me and Matt came up with variations to Murder in the Dark; we had a single torch which the person who was in would slightly cover up with their hands, everyone else just ran around the room silently, trying not to bump into furniture, or each other. It was a most thrilling game because people were squealing here and there when the person who was in would ninja out of the dark; fine I admit, it was just me squealing.


After about half an hour of that we changed to playing the Mother Hen game with the torch-bearer again as the chicken assassin, that game lasted another good half hour. Somehow we got bored of playing in the dark after that; and at 3am, there was still quite some time to kill. We played Ninja Destruction for about another half hour after that, trying very hard to keep our voices down. We were exceptionally glad this year that our speakers’ rooms were not directly next to us, like last year, and so we wouldn’t get scolded at too badly if we happened to wake up whoever was in the room next to us (turned out to be Jess, who said she didn’t hear anything).


Eventually by 5am we were all pretty much exhausted so we all just lazed all over the room on the floor, some people tried to sleep, others just chatted. That hour was fairly blurry because I was tired as well, and nothing really happened for a while. By 5:30am, some people decided to play Mahjong, I had more than enough of it since 7 hours ago. In 2-3 hours we still couldn’t finish 4 rounds, we didn’t even finish the last hand of the 3rd round, just gave up haha! By 6am some of us tried to watch the sunrise but it wasn’t that impressive. By 7am we retired from the room, to have a shower and get ready for breakfast.


Rest of the Day

My apologies for blogging in such length again, seems I’ve lost my style since not blogging for a good month. I vaguely remember breakfast, our morning seminar and Bible study and then Carl’s last talk, right before lunch. I was extremely tired right after breakfast. Last year I barely got through the seminar and then I simply blacked out during Bible study. Clearly I’m not good with doing all-nighters, but I reckon the only reason I was “this” tired on Friday, and on Friday last year, was because of the lack of sleep that built up over the previous 4 days, 6 this year if I remember correctly because of more stuff happening before MYC this year. What I am proud of is that I didn’t black out at all today, it was indeed a miracle, but I was clearly out of it.


Funnily, by lunch time I had a little more energy to be able to handle complex problems such as sorting out how to divide everyone between cars and drivers for the trip back. Managed to squeeze Quentin into Elon’s car, for fear that his mum would’ve been disappointed had we left him to catch the train by himself. On the way back from MYC we all took a break at the Richmond McDonald’s to grab some food. We settled ourselves outside on the small patch of grass just in the parking lot and a Google Maps van drove past, slowly. Natural reaction? Everyone jumped up and started waving at it, with that hope that they would be seen on Google Maps or Earth. But obviously, you can’t expect that to happen, or can you?


View Larger Map


Of course not, don’t be ridiculous.


On the way back Brandon played the Pokemon theme song an uncountable number of times, along with some Backstreet Boys. Can’t remember the time in which we finally got back home, some time fairly early in the afternoon. I remember I immediately went to bed as soon as I got home. Must’ve blacked out in my sleep because mum was shouting when I finally woke up, at like 8-9pm? Obviously I needed to catch up on my sleep. And more so because I had work the very next day.


Photos of MYC are on my Facebook, more photos on other people’s accounts; it’s kind of intimidating to whip out my camera when a lot of other people have SLRs T.T” I’ll blog up a summary post on MYC soon, probably works better because I’ve had many weeks to reflect upon it all.


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