[RICE Revolution] How to Get to UNSW Science Theatre

First off you will need to get to Central station; either by train or by bus. Once there, head down to the bus bay on Eddy Ave stand C. Wait for either the 393 or 395 bus. Note that you will need purchase MyBus2 tickets which can be done at the newsagency right outside Central station Eddy Ave exit, it’s right next to the Easy Way there.

Once you’ve boarded the bus, get off at UNSW. Be on the lookout for a large UNSW sign. The entrance looks like this:

SAM_1319 (960x540)

From the entrance head up along the wide path lined with lamps, known as the main walkway. Your goal is the first large red building on the right (the Red Centre), it is actually further away than it looks:

SAM_1320 (960x540)

SAM_1321 (960x540)

Once you get to the Red Centre as in the above photo, turn to your left:

SAM_1322 (960x540)

This is the Science Theatre. Welcome to RICE Revolution!


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