Semester 1 Overview

At long last semester 1 is over. Even so, it’s taken a few days before I could actually settle down into the holidays. This has been my busiest semester at university to date; and to no surprise at all. This is second year after all, it’s expected that the work load and the effort needed should increase. But rather than prepare myself for it, I instead decided to explore my freedom of being in university; that is, picking up more things to do.


One of the obvious things that made this semester hard was paid work. Even though my Saturday job is only on that one day of the week, it somehow manages to completely pull apart my day. 8 hours of continuous work is somewhat quite tiring even though, I admit, I don’t actively work the full 8 hours. After work comes an hour of badminton; and at the end of all that, I’m just completely exhausted and can’t get any work done. So my entire Saturday becomes unproductive, except whatever uni work I manage to get done at work, which sometimes is a good enough compensation.


And as I had originally wanted, my Saturday job is not the only form of paid work that I have. Of course, I’m talking about tutoring. But within my harsh schedule each week, I wonder if it’s possible for me to go beyond teaching two year 11 students for a total of two and a half hours each week. And that comes with its own preparation time, which sadly I have not invested much on. But yeah, this was what I wanted, to tutor (and teach maths); and all in all I am getting what I need, aka money. Income has been very comfortable as a result of these two factors.


I would never have believed that this semester would see me utilising my free hours for something productive, but not study-wise. Of the five free hours I had during my week at university, one of them is devoted to high school friends while the other four have been put into helping out and participating in CBS activities. All of those hours have been productive in their respective ways and I’m happy for that. My only concern about those hours I spend for CBS is that it may require more effort in the future. Thinking short term, there would be a fair chance that my services will be needed for more CBS activities. It’s certainly not that I don’t want to serve God on my university campus; but when juxtaposed with all the other duties and commitments that I have, the toll begins to build up.


Youth group has been an ongoing thing since the start of last year and the effort for that slowly begins to pick up. Our church will constantly require more and more effort as it continues to grow; and being put as leaders in this position of service, we’re going to need to put more and more effort as the church grows, so that the church can be built up. Not such a scary thing, it’s something we all want of course. We know that it’s good. And yet again this adds to the toll of having so many things going on at once.


And finally can I now talk about university work. The work load had indeed picked up. This will definitely be my worst semester, mark-wise. There is a chance I’ll actually fail some of my courses, which is a very disturbing thought considering where I’ve come from, a place where 100% is a mark that is far from impossible to achieve, and failure is not an option. I can at least prepare myself for next semester, since all of these things that have happened this semester only began this semester. Hopefully six months is enough time to break into my new routine.


But at the everything, I would say this has been a very busy semester; very productive and challenging at the same time. It certainly does foreshadow what may be coming up next semester. Having been through everything now, I hopefully will be more prepared next semester.


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