YouTubers These Days…

Upon reflecting on my emotional post recently, I actually continued to see how people responded to that red-haired, whose video I linked to in my last post. Not many people were entirely supportive of him. They understood his views and tried to sympathize with him, good; but many of them reckoned that he should calm down and not release his frustration over the Internet in such a way. And that makes sense, as much as you are letting people now just how badly something is affecting you, you’re actually not making much sense or logical arguments if you’re just shouting and saying “how bad it hurts”. And as such, I think I blogged about this before, maybe, that emotion does cloud logical thinking (or was that my Facebook quiz?)


Anyway, this is why with maturity comes the ability to compose yourself and that is why we see politicians try (more successfully than us) to argue their opinions with a clear calm voice and not rise up in a ball of fire saying how much they dislike the other party’s ideas. Today’s subject who is suitable as an example is ItsKingsleyBitch. This guy is our age and has only just started up releasing a series of videos just last month, or so. The content of his videos is simply about him expressing his hate towards things that annoy him in his daily life. That’s not too bad, a lot of things annoy us daily; what isn’t so cool is that he has to let the whole world know about what he hates (apart from just a few of his friends); that is to say, he’s overreacting about just how annoying some things are; and then of course his manner of flaming them is not respectable either.


He’s not big at the moment but then of course he only just started up. Here’s a video from about a week or so ago at the time of writing:



Rule number one, and by far the most important rule of all: Don’t swear


It is quite stupid to say something derogative about the person/people you are annoyed at, and of course by that stage it’s not just annoyance anymore; it becomes you hating the other party. Swearing is by far one of the lowest forms of communication because it shows you have a small vocabulary that is unable to comprehend what it is that’s exactly annoying you. And in the end, one can expect that you get annoyed only because you “feel” annoyed, but don’t know exactly why you are. It just goes to show then that you’re not thinking about why you’re feeling that way towards something and you’re simply letting your emotions and instinct guide you, rather than your head.


I find it quite hypocritical of this guy when he responds back to derogative statements addressed to him by saying that they don’t make sense; and yet he himself will direct his own swearing at the things that annoy him. He understands just how little a point is made when people swear at him and call him derogative things, but he can’t seem to make the link that he’s doing exactly the same thing towards other people? That is what I call “stupid”, and no I’m not “flaming” him in the way that he does to others, I’ve backed up my statements with reasons of why he’s stupid; it’s a justified claim that I’m making.


On that note, one cannot really express hate in such a way unless they’ve justified themselves first; he also agrees on this point. But in the above video, for example, all he does is rat upon the mistakes that one person makes. I think over all the videos he’s made so far, he hopefully would have worked out by now that everyone in this world makes mistakes, on a frequent daily basis. And yes, one person’s mistakes leads to the inconvenience of others, it’s something that wrong (definitely) but it’s something that should be accepted and understood because everyone does make mistakes. Again in the same way I’m surprised he never justified his position before he ratted on the mistakes of other people. I can guarantee with certainty that he is just as err able as the “McDonald’s Midget” that he uncaringly slandered. I wonder if he, or anyone, would have the guts to make a video about themselves and how many mistakes they make? You would definitely have much content to talk about as a result.


There is no need to swear and no need to stress just how badly someone has affected you, especially when you yourself have done exactly the same types of things. You’re not being fair in that case if you only hate others for their mistakes but not your own. The more fair attitude would just to not hate at all, if you can put up with yourself for making silly errors day in and day out then you be able to do so with everyone else; that is what tolerance is. Being so emotional about it like him reflects how immature you are; if you aren’t able to cope with someone giving you the wrong item at McDonald’s, how are you going to deal with something more serious such as getting into a car accident, having to go to hospital, and then the doctor makes a mistake in the surgery, messing up your leg as a result? If you aren’t ready for something as simple as miscommunication then you are not ready for all the troubles that life has to offer.


Of course, about YouTube in general, none of us are forced to watch people’s videos if we don’t like them. We have the option to click away if we don’t like what we see or hear (otherwise YouTube would be very unpopular if it forced us to watch certain things). So, yes, we don’t have to watch him babble on his immaturity; but in regards to the people who watch, who don’t like it, and subsequently post “hateful” comments in response, it’s quite naive of him to expect only positive feedback from people who watch. People who don’t like the video still have the option to watch it. There’s a thumbs down button on the page for a reason; people have the choice to say that they don’t like it. And of course, when it comes to feedback, logically argued reasons for why the video was bad should be given, rather than the same mindless slander that he exerts. Negative comments that contain constructive feedback are probably better than positive comments that go: “THAT WAS TEH FUNNY” In the same way, if his videos annoy anyone, and they have the option to not watch it, then he has the same freedom as us to avoid the things that annoy him. So if he doesn’t like what’s on the radio then the most obvious thing he can do is simply not listen to it; I’m somewhat surprised he didn’t think of that. You’re not forced to put up with things that annoy you and so it’s wiser to avoid those things in the first place, rather than try and be a hero and put up with it and then babble later on about how bad it was. That’s just common sense.


This is my two cents on the matter, in hope that people don’t actually give in to stupidity and follow someone’s meaningless rambling; and understand where “respect” truly comes from.


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