Time Out

Finally, the mid-sem break has come and I finally feel a bit more relaxed from the never-ending wave of math homework and youth group activities. Let’s take a trip back to some of the things that’s just passed and are about to come.



Well it took a long time but I finally got my camera fixed. I’ll rant a bit about this because there were a few things that I was not satisfied with. First off it took them a whole month or more to fix my camera. Are you serious? Slow much? I went in like on the Thursday just before uni started, so like the end of February. They told me that they would call me back the next Monday, ie March 1st. I thought that my camera would be ready by then, which would be amazing. But even if not surely by then they would tell me to wait another week or so? There was no word from them for a couple of weeks and I was starting to get annoyed. Initially I just thought that I needed to get my camera back before April, when church camp is; and suddenly halfway through March made me feel a bit anxious about getting it back.


So I called them; that is, I “tried” to call them. Nobody answered the phone, which was ridiculous. When I finally got through I asked them, and then they put me on hold for more than 10 minutes just to track down my camera, and ask them how long it would take to fix it; obviously they hadn’t even started by then. I called on a Wednesday, 17th March. They finally said it would take 3-4 days and that they’ll call me back once it was done. Furthermore, it would cost $86 on top of the $55 consultation fee. I already prepared myself to stomach the cost, seeing as I was stupid enough to break my camera in the first place. The fee was a bit ridiculous though if you think about it, but far better than buying a new camera.


I called them back next Tuesday. Same deal, had trouble getting through to them on the phone, had to wait 5 minutes for them to find my camera and tell me it was fixed. I told them to freaking call me didn’t I? Geez, absolutely pathetic. So I popped down to Granville on the Thursday, so last Thursday. And had to stand in line for 15 minutes to get my camera; there was ONE person in front of me. I’m starting to see just how pathetic some customer service people are. And funnily enough the man on duty was the same one I had tried to call on 3 occasions, who had put me on hold for a total of 15 minutes, and was about to waste a grand total of 30 minutes of my life. There is no need to second-guess the ethnicity of this man; make a few logical links and you’ll see how this reflects on my article about discrimination.


Anyway there was ONE man in front of me who’s SIM card was stuffed up and the man (slowly) helped him to see what the problem was. Phone calls came in over the next 15 minutes, he didn’t answer them; which explains what happened to my calls. Both of them didn’t know what to do. And at the end of 15 minutes they reached the conclusion that there was NOTHING wrong with the phone, but with the SIM card *palm face*. Finally picked up my camera and left, grumbling but accepting that it’s probably better if “these” people were left with the low demand jobs, put the inefficient people in the dead end jobs and keep the prime of the flock in the important roles, aka the “Low-Hanging Fruit Principle”.


The train ride back was scary because it was about the end of school time, and the kids that come from the west are…scary. It was an exact re-creation of the typical “hood” in America, where the black kids wander the streets with a giant stereo system pumping music; only this was on a FailRail train. Those kids ran back and forth inside the carriage, yelling, screaming, pumping R&B, acting exactly like their American hooligan counterparts. It was a scary train ride that’s all I can say.



RICE ‘10

It’s back on again this year, as if it would ever disappear. My only comment at this time about RICE is that I’m completely thumbs up at the new leaders’ meeting HQ for the first three prime meetings: Burwood Presbyterian. Yes it’s a bit far from home still, and yes it’s after a long day at uni once again but this year there shouldn’t be much fear of being killed on the streets of Redfern at 10:30 at night. Those three meetings were scary, having to walk all the way back from Moore College to Redfern station. I never came across anybody which was okay, but then again things might’ve turned out heaps differently. Burwood Presbyterian is heaps close to the station, which will definitely make getting home all that much easier!


I’m excited about this year’s RICE because I’ve gotten to know the other leaders there and because I’ve done the leading thing once already from last year.



Church Camp

We’re having church camp at the end of this mid-sem break, which coincides with the first week of holidays for the high schoolers. I’m somewhat ashamed that each our camp falls so short of other camps such as next gen or MYC, primarily because those camps are 5 days, or 4.5 to be exact, compared to our camp of 3 days, or to be precise, 1.75 days. How is a 3 day camp that short? Simple. Start on a Friday night, end at Sunday lunch.


I’m not so enthusiastic about our church camp anymore, a short camp is never fun. And you end up missing camp, not because of the tighter friendships you built up there, but because the camp is so short that it’s over before it even started. Of course long story short there are reasons why our camp can’t run for longer, such as lack of public holidays and that adults have to work. But if we take the “me” out of camp then the focus of camp now is the youth whom we are serving. Even if this camp will be dodge for me, I still have next gen, MYC and NTE coming up to re-kindle my flame. But as for the youth, this camp is relatively important for them.


It seems I’ll have to redouble my efforts for this camp to make it as enjoyable as possible for the youth; being a youth leader is hard work, especially when it requires picking up the slack from other people. But we all know I was never the fan of picking up slack back in the days of Soul Purpose; didn’t change the fact that I had to do it. However, in saying so about how difficult a task seems to be, I really would need the encouragement to continue serving faithfully and whole-heartedly.




I think I’ll leave it here for now. Heaps of work to do over this mid-sem break, that is, catching up with all the work I’ve slacked off from. A lot of *face palm*ing to do in regards to a few upcoming things and then there’s some Starcraft II to be had. Last night I watched Police Story again, such an epic movie; honestly beats all of Jackie Chan’s Western movies.


Before I go, I think I’ll leave my song for the moment. This is from a guy group called “BEAST”, from whom I’ll have to download more of their stuff. This is track 4 from their new mini album “Shock of the New Era”, called “Take Care of my Girlfriend (Say No)”. It sounds half like Jason Derulo’s Watcha Say, and something else. Help me figure out what that something else is 😛



One thought on “Time Out

  1. – High schoolers/youths are scary. They scream and talk at the tops of their voice with aboslutely no consideration to the other passengers on the carraige.

    – Church camp certainly does feel like it’s getting shorter and shorter each year. I used to really enjoy them, but now…yeah :/. Not that I find it boring now, but is this suggesting something?

    – Beast’s new mini album is surprisingly epic :). Much more likeable than their debut album, I think.

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