SMASH! Committee

At long last I am finally part of an anime convention’s team; but at a very untimely moment.


After 2 applications to SMASH! they rejected my application to be karaoke coordinator (in light of what happened at Animania two years ago) and have appointed me as Online Media Coordinator; pretty nifty title yeah?


Anyway it will be my job to monitor all the Internet sites that SMASH! uses; I have them all favourited now:


Hmm, now that I look at them I suppose it shouldn’t be too rough looking after 5 different things. My job is just to monitor them and add new posts and entries when new info becomes available. Part of social side of my job is to stalk down people who post or comment on any of these sites, just to be friendly and show that we want to interact with the community. I suppose I can do that.


But part of the untimely thing I was talking about is that I’ve seemingly picked up too many commitments for this semester, particularly at church. So this could prove to be a rough semester yet again with all these things I have to do. But on the flip side it will be a good test of my ability to juggle many things at the same time. Also, just being part of any project team will simply teach me how events are actually run; the only other event I’ll be a part of is RICE.


But having said all that I’m probably not much of an anime person these days; not a die hard fan but I’ll still keep up to date with a couple of interesting series (not always mainstream and not always liked by many others). I can say for sure, though, that I will be never on the same line as any other normal anime fan here in Sydney. The sheer slowness they exhibit(ed) makes me *thumbs down* at whatever judgement and passion they have for anime – being like 2-3 years slow is seriously nothing to get excited about. If you are a true fan of anything, you should like it in the context from whence it came; which would be the country Japan and the time period “2 – 3 years ago”


I’ll end it on this: it just never surprises me at how lame Naruto fans are here in Sydney. Just the other night on Bored Aussie I came across some guy who was like: “Omg Itachi dies?!?!” Yep, tough crowd…


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