next gen ‘10 – Thursday

Day 4, sleep wasn’t too bad. Breakfast was more or less the same as usual. We played finger soccer on a table, with like a small sachet of tomato sauce, just flicking it back and forth with goals that were erected with cereal boxes; it was quite funny up until the “ball” burst. The video is up on Facebook.



Morning Session

Bryson’s talk this morning was on security and safety, that God was offering Israel safety after having to remove all the bad teachers (shepherds) and then placing a perfect shepherd (Jesus) to watch over His people. Again there was the idea of a promise being made, which is then fulfilled for us today.


Morning tea followed the same pattern as for other days, mostly the same type of stuff, plus fruit and juice as per usual.



Strand Group – Thursday

Now we were really getting into it. Seeing as it was the second last day it was time to put the hard yards in. Of course unlike last year, we didn’t start on our Bible studies until we were actually told to funnily enough. But we knew it was coming we just never bothered trying to get things done ahead of time. Nevertheless in strand groups today we all just sat by ourselves or in small groups writing up our Bible studies, putting all our knowledge together from the last 3 days. I managed to get my study done by lunchtime and I was just surprised that suddenly my Bible study writing style changed completely within just a few days. The questions I used were finally covering everything in and out of the passage. I used to forget context as well as interpretation so those were some of the major things I finally added in.


Our strand group leaders also showed us how to analyse a Bible passage on the computer, like format it in such a way that we can pick out the major points and patterns easier. It was all in splitting the sentences up and tabbing each clause under an appropriate word to show what the clause was referring to. So a list of objects would then be tabbed under one another, and that list would be tabbed under the main idea it was initially describing. It was an interesting method of doing so; I gave it a shot later that afternoon on a study I had to write for our youth group. I’ll upload it so people get an idea of what it’s meant to look like. Of course there’s no guarantee that I did it right the first time, and within 10 minutes either haha:


1 Peter 1:1-16




Our final workshop for next gen was on the subject of overseas mission. It presented some rather interesting facts that we didn’t really think about before in regards to bringing the gospel to a less fortunate country. They were talking about how there are about 16000 people groups in the world where only 6000 of them have been reached with the gospel (of course we’re the several of the 6000) and it is staggering to see just how many more people haven’t heard the gospel yet.


Apparently a lot of people in that workshop had been on some sort of mission exchange with a few Christian mission organizations; and even just by helping a less fortunate community for a few weeks, they brought back much experience to share and a greater perspective of the world to reveal. I’m not sure if I’m the type to go on mission to another part of the world but after today’s workshop I’m more open to consider it  now.


Later in the afternoon we didn’t go anywhere; rather, everyone else was “stressed’” over their Bible study, trying to get it done for tomorrow. Come to think of it, Thursday was the same as last year; everyone left their Bible studies somewhat till the last minute so their used their free time to work on it. Still others continued working on it at night and more early the next morning. I spent my afternoon working on a separate Bible study, the one that was linked up there. I hadn’t finished it that afternoon unfortunately; had to help a few people with their studies too seeing as they struggled a bit more with their passages.




Dinner was…something…not really worth mentioning again haha,oh no wait I have a photo:



Oh, that was the night we had that really dry chicken, yeah I can’t remember too well when things were.


At night Paul gave his final talk on the 1 Timothy series: issues on money and how to respect and take care of the elders. He made a distinction between Asians and non-Asians for the elder part, seeing as it’s burned deep into culture for us to have to take care and respect our elders.


We also had a presentation by people from the Rising Leaders strand, whose tasks this week didn’t involve a Bible study but pictorially describing some concepts that the Bible discusses; or rather the basic concepts of Christianity. Erica was nominated as one of three speakers; we all gave our shout-outs for her:





That effect they had for the camera in the second photo was pretty cool, being able to move the camera frame across a static frame and…yeah okay too much tech stuff there.


Also it was the final night that they passed on that weird “Vest of Epic Fail”. I’m sorry to not have taken any photos of it but by Thursday, like I was hinting at since the beginning of the week, the vest must surely be in a major need of a wash; it got passed to our MC for saying a joke on the first night which nobody got haha.


Before we went to bed, again more people were writing their Bible studies. The rest of us had a couple of good conversations with Ronnie, who prayed with us before bed time, which was really encouraging of him.


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