next gen ‘10 – Friday

Last day. Our snorer funnily kept shifting his sleeping patterns so at times he was snoring lightly and other times he was snoring heavily. I still slept fairly decently. I think I’ll just quickly get through Friday without any subheadings.


Skip breakfast; morning session we had our final talk on Jeremiah which reminded us how generous God is and how the “story” ends with us having this promise which finds its fulfilment in Jesus and is something we can look forward to today.


Athena was nominated to do the Bible reading today, which was pretty awesome for her:



Couldn’t get a good shot of her, so I just aimed at the projector. She read over her passage last night, which was when she was asked to do it; she read it pretty well as should be expected of our weekly Bible reading girl.


In strand groups we went over everyone’s Bible studies. I was so dead during that time that I was falling asleep while everyone else presented their studies. I tried to stay awake to not show disrespect but it was really hard. We took a strand group photo at the end:




At lunch we quickly grabbed some sandwiches and Sam had to leave. The ride in the car was really bad because having three guys in the back seat (particularly having troublemakers like Matthew) made the journey rather uncomfortable (severely uncomfortable to the point that I was getting cramps in my legs); I was glad when I got home.



I guess to go over and think through all the things that happened at next gen during the week; I myself have seen the need to step up more at church, to be a more proactive leader and to take this ministry thing more seriously because there is a dire need for leaders. At the same time there’s also that inner desire to put to use what you know and be as useful as you can with the tools that you have. I suppose it’d be stupid to be gathering up all these skills and all this knowledge and not using it, as was the case pre-Soul Purpose (which was for the reason why I joined the leader team back then),


Heaps more work to do in the weeks ahead for youth group and for personal growth. Apart from sustaining the activity at church, we all still need to sustain ourselves in our own walk in Christ, so that means regular (even if short) Bible readings and maybe extra books (bought a few more from Koorong yesterday haha!)


I’ll try to blog a bit more, particularly on more Christian topics. Until then, thank you for reading!


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