next gen ‘10 – Wednesday

Last night wasn’t so great. Our culprit snorer was quiet the first night form my perspective but I finally understood what Jacky and Matthew were on about. And I guess I do agree with their claims; had a really bad night and woke up feeling really groggy. To add insult to injury, this was breakfast:



I’m serious. Well apart from cereal and apricots and coffee/tea, this was it. No scrambled eggs, nothing. Just that one piece of bread; I couldn’t even get a second slice T.T” Apparently the oven was broken so we were waiting on hash browns, which eventually did come around. Anyway, take particular not at the butter to the left of my toast. I opened it and this was what it appeared as. “Hey, pretty pattern there.” Umm, no? How about the fact that the butter was of an inappropriate portion, all other “sachets” (what’s the right term) of butter were filled much more, but mine was like a reject product. I thought it was funny just seeing the odd product that shouldn’t be.



Morning Session

By now the routine is getting repetitive so I’ll only blog up new things that didn’t happen the days before. The morning talk was on how God was beginning to reveal His plan to Israel in how to save mankind, not so much the nation itself at the time; they we so “gg”ed. But God, despite His hate, was still willing to show love and find a way to redeem mankind. Again the one-word answer to this is “Jesus”. So far all these passages from Jeremiah were revealing more and more aspects and characteristics of God; they’re always good reminders to us about how God felt and feels. And also to teach us how we should be acting towards God in the present.



Strand Group – Wednesday

We pushed on and each session this week we decided to start off with a game that we could play at youth group; I forget the games specifically, but they were similar to ones we had seen before; mostly ones that deal with getting the group to know each other, otherwise known as “name games”. We were finally getting to the end of analysing out passage and finishing off the theory work on how the Bible works on the whole. Most of the exercises were on how we interpreted parts of the Bible and how we would find their relevance to Jesus and all; there was a lot of stuff to be learned and I found that it personally helped me in my understanding of the structure of the Bible and how everything pieces together.



Our workshop was on youth groups in general; we chatted about the elements that are important in youth groups as well as strategies to use for groups small and large. It’s interesting how across NSW a lot of youth groups are relatively small; I used to think our youth group was small, but there are those which are smaller. And regardless of the size of the youth group, we still need to be doing the same thing – teaching the gospel faithfully and being good role models as leaders. Small groups and large groups have their strengths and weaknesses too as we learned; so the size of the youth group doesn’t really matter as much, but we should still be trying to grow our groups and making sure that we are able to cater for newcomers and the growing group on the whole. A couple of interesting things to think about as I consider about our own youth group.


In the afternoon we finally had our church outing. A slight fail when Ben Wong called up and got left behind again T.T” but then we couldn’t cater for him because we were the last car to leave, it had space for 1 more, but Ben wanted to bring Geoff along and we ended up ditching the two of them haha. It was like a church thing anyway. Kind of sad that it was an unproductive afternoon; we dawdled around too long deciding what to do and where to go, and then buying coffee (mocha 3). We went back to the same park as we went last year, and played around for about half an hour before heading back. Took a few photos; wasted afternoon >.<” We could’ve done so much more.



Night Session

Dinner wasn’t that great; it was chicken marinated in some weird sauces, some were chilli others were…never mind, they were both weird-tasting. Both types of chicken were too dry and it was really hard to eat. We had the same peas and corn like every other night.


An extra thing about tonight was that “Vest of Epic Fail” that’s being handed down throughout the week. Each “winner” has had to wear it all the time, including in the shower, which is just weird. So come Wednesday, you can sort of start guessing the “condition” of the vest after being worn by 2 people, and perhaps what it will become by Friday. Anyway, back to the talk. Paul went on tonight about holding onto the truth of the Bible, that it is always under threat because there are false teachers and people who preach the wrong message and stuff; I suppose you can go to the extreme of cults and certain denominations of “Christianity”. The only piece of truth there is is God’s Word the Bible and care must be taken in interpreting it. Sometimes people interpret it wrong, which is why teaching the Bible correctly is so vital in Christian ministry. Teach the wrong thing and heaps of people are misled. He went on to ways we are teaching the Bible to others, handing it down as our theme of the week depicts. Just simply living our lives as Christians and being a model to others is a good way to preach it; others see and learn about God and what God wants from us, very practical and the most basic and important way to teach others.


Wednesday night was still filled with more discussion on Tuesday’ night’s topic, but the most pressing issue tonight was uni offers. I remember last year when this was the case for us; we were all so nervous. This year the year 12s were more laid back and didn’t worry as much; but they were still all the more overjoyed when they got into what they wanted. Good for them. Nobody was desperate enough to pick their timetable like us; but they’ll learn for next year haha! Timetabling is such an urgent thing to do, thank God that there was wireless Internet at next gen.


One thought on “next gen ‘10 – Wednesday

  1. Lol, timetables :). They’re definitely urgent stuff.

    Next Gen sounds pretty awesome. Too bad I had to miss out on it :(. Especially when the talks are so interesting.

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