NTE Mission ‘09 – Sunday

Well it’s the last day, and we’ve just about run out of stuff to do. So today we just had the regular Sunday church preparations; some people to do music in the Chinese service, and pretty much the rest into Sunday School. I got scripted into this, though I knew it was going to be a rough experience; I’m surprised I held it together for Sunday School. I mean, I did pick youth ministry for a reason; children ministry is just *shudders*.


There aren’t any photos of me doing anything “funny”, there’s just this:



That was from singing. We split off from the years 3-6 people, there weren’t many of then. First off with the younger kids we made them open Christmas presents which we had pre-made, thanks to Janice. We had big presents which had squat in them and little presents with something more valuable. Wasn’t quite sure what the illustration was exactly, but perhaps maybe like bigger isn’t always better. Frankly the kids at their age knew this concept, which was quite fascinating. Next we made them memorise a Bible verse, from Romans 6: 23 (I think) – something about Jesus being God’s gift to us. “But the gift of God is…” ah I forget. Anyway the first part of the verse was the opposite of that, which was talking about punishment and death, we omitted that on purpose and made them learn only the second half.


For the rest of the morning we made them do some craft work – making candy canes out of pipe cleaners; that was quite a neat idea which was easy to set up and clean up. Made them colour stuff in to decorate a bag for Christmas and presto, that’s Sunday school fer ya! Only thing that was bad was this one girl who wasn’t very cooperative, who didn’t want to do anything. And I was stuck helping her and I was like “Dot dot dot…” I had absolutely no idea what to do with her. Tried to make her write down the memory verse as best as I could; urgh, it was just fail for me there. Others tried but didn’t get too far. It’s not the kid’s fault, it’s just the way that kids are.


After everything was over we all went down to the park to have a picnic lunch; there was quite a lot of food, as should be expected from Chinese people. After lunch we took photos in the park and them had some reflection and sharing as a whole group.






Most epic guy jump photo there; we had so many failures and this was about the best we could get. It was the last shot that the girls were willing to stand there watching for. If you notice carefully, I accidentally stacked Chris mid-air, which explains his pose; and also implies his latter face plant; it happened, it was quite funny.


We went back to church in the afternoon to help serve food for a Chinese School graduation assembly. The rest of us just chatted and rested from a tiring week’s work. One strange thing we all noticed was that the Chinese school at the church was catering for a lot of “halfies”, and at that, halfies of a lot of “combinations”. We knew because we met the parents and such, and none of them were Asian at all; which I guess is a bit different from what I grew up in. This was Mandarin School by the way, if it makes any difference.


People started leaving in the afternoon, some of us stayed till night to have dinner together. No photos there, but we shared dumplings and other Shanghai food at a restaurant in Chatswood. And that was the five days of NTE mission. Coming up next will be a summary and reflection post on what the experience has been for me, and what I’ve learnt and gained from it all.


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