NTE Mission ‘09 – Saturday

Day 4; with Brandon as an addition to our forces, we had stronger numbers again. Josef snored quietly this night and though I was awake most of the night, it was still better than the other nights.


Tonight would be our Carols’ Night, the thing we were advertising so hard the past few days through door knocking and in the Mandarin Centre. In the morning we spent more time door knocking. I don’t think there were many people doing it today. I paired up with Bec Vo and Jess paired up Brandon and the four of us got dropped off *by Jess) in our designated block. Surprisingly there were a lot of people at home on the Saturday. What was even more surprising was that more people agreed to come to our thing, which was a great encouragement. Can’t remember if they actually did come or not, but oh well. I can’t remember anything especially exciting happening during door-knocking; oh, perhaps that time when me and Bec ventured into a park because we saw kids there, and we spoke to the parents there; gave them a leaflet and gave them Colin’s DVD and we were set. The last guy we spoke to was a church go-er of St Barnabas, a church nearby to us. He said that Macquarie people were doing mission there too; that’s nice.


By the afternoon, we had to pop down to Chatswood Station, where Steph had us perform a short Christmas skit that she had directed. We spent some of Friday rehearsing and then the early hours of Saturday afternoon touching up on our act.


SAM_0160_Converted  SAM_0162_Converted

SAM_0163_Converted  SAM_0170_Converted

A slight giggle at the bottom left picture, which is Bec struggling to “nail” Warren on a cross, he was standing on a chair.


At about 4:30pm we hopped down to the station, where the manager let us in through the staff doors; he gave us all bottles of water, which was really generous and then we waited at the side for our time to perform. There were other acts before us. There was even a Hillsong group to the side who were performing later. It was nice of them to lend us a microphone to aid in our performance; shame we didn’t really stick around to see what their act was. We had to rush back to church.


[Check Facebook for the video; I couldn’t embed it here.]


At night we were in a slight rush to get everything prepared for the Carols’ Night. We had the regular adults of the church do their thing, bringing food and helping with cooking and such. The rest of us helped with ushering. Chris gave a talk that night; he uses a lot of expression which is good. He talked about presents at Christmas, and which ones are considered to be important and such. We had Leo, from the church help with translations into Mandarin. The little kids also gave a short performance, which was really funny because they did a dance to a Christmas songs; it was pretty good for their standards I reckon. But only the girls were dancing (and singing) while the guys just stood there; that was funny.


SAM_0183_Converted  SAM_0190_Converted


At the moment still waiting on one funny picture that Rach needs to upload, you’ll see. For the rest of the night we just mingled around, talking to people, eating the food; and after supper we helped with ushering people out, giving them stuff to take home, ie. the gospel in a small book. Chris had problems with the kids because they all wanted to play with him. And of course we then have the child protection issues; but that’s where all our “training” in those child protection courses come in. So iffy; I’ll just leave one picture of that here.



It was another long day. We played around afterwards; the hat game. It was a fairly awesome round. A few people kept chucking in Angelina’s nicknames, like Leg and Brangelina, that was just “lolx”. For the charades round, seeing (I forget who) try and do a Pikachu was funny. At the end of a long night out team won 😛 but a single point. We thought we had lost because Josef was tanking each round really well. MVP goes to Angelina, who managed to score 10 points in one go.


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