Yitian’s Belated 19th

Well Yitian had planned a party, but I guess it had to wait until exams were over. First time we went over to his house. It’s not that big, but the TV made up for that. Most of us came; surprise visitors include Joseph and Andrew. We played CoD4: MW2 the entire day really. Yitian said we would play sport or something but either he was being lazy or it was too hot to play. So in the end it was just a regular social for our group, because we just parked ourselves in front of the TV.


There was a lot of yelling as usual. Everyone got into a rather competitive mood, which is mostly the reason why everyone was shouting, yelling out threats and taunting one another. Yes even I was aggressive; it’s hard to not get aggravated by someone else’s taunts, or rather it’s just easier to give in to them. But apart form me most of the shouting was done by Matthew, followed by Kelvin. Of course we are familiar with Kelvin’s rants; but then Matthew more often than not goes over the top. His new taunts for the time being included: “Lick it!” and “Afghan children!” Just as an extra piece of information, the Afghan children line actually started the night before at Mahjong at Ken;s place.


By the way Kelvin, when you texted us the money we owed you for the present, me and Matt purposely timed our text messages; of course we both disagreed with your “bank offer” and were simply trying to persuade you to reconsider, which at the end you did. We had pizza for lunch; Andy luckily drove here, as did Julian, so we had cars to go out and pick up the pizza. Have we ever had anything else for lunch as a group other than pizza? The arvo went on just as the morning had; and that was about it for the day. You’d wish it had been more interesting to blog about, but I don’t think I can manage more than 3 paragraphs. Oh well. More posts to put up.


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