SMAC End of Year BBQ

I am well aware of the fact that it’s not quite the end of the year yet, but every year our church has their barbeque at about this time. Close enough I suppose, being at the start of December. With our new move to Cherrybrook, and our inability to use Aunty Betty’s house; we chose to use Edward Bennett Park, which was sort of behind the school. Thumbs down at everyone because they all left right after church to go to the BBQ site, while I was stuck packing all the tech equipment; far out. I can see how hard Quentin’s job is and how much I do commend his efforts over the year; oh well.


I didn’t help with the cooking, but instead took the initiative to plan a game; which was just my excuse for a water balloon fight. So I spent all the time before lunch filling up water balloons; it’s annoying doing them on my own, especially when there’s two bucketfuls needed. And then there was only one tap, which was in the toilets. Would’ve helped heaps if there was another one like in the middle of the park, the other one was in the girl’s toilets obviously.


Some of the younger girls already started up trouble after lunch. They brought large balloons and proceeded to fill those up and started splashing other people. And within minutes there was an all-out war, guys against girls. And the guys kept coming into the toilets to refill their cups and bottles, disturbing my “investment”. And it was an investment, because their naive “splashing” was very short-lived; but my large collection of water balloons would call for a very long over-killing siege haha!


It was good to see everyone shout and laugh and “playfully” “attack” each other. Nobody got hurt which was good, and hopefully there was no intention of such. After witnessing how wild it can get from that social at Steph’s house a few weeks back, I was afraid our youth group kids would be just as wild as us. Other people took on a quieter activity and just sat and talked, just the older girls. The older guys were playing rugby, or whatever.


I guess the game was a bit fail because it was really hard to get everyone’s attention, especially since they were all going so wild as it was. A few people were completely soaked already. Maybe I need to become more assertive to stop them going overboard? Anyway I didn’t have much of a game, made them play a relay race where you have to hold a water balloon under your chin and walk to some predetermined point, and then pass the water balloon onto the next person, but without using your hands. That was quite a funny challenge; there was a lot of teamwork going on, which was the main goal, and everyone just had a lot of laughs. Mission accomplished. Only Phoebe had the accident of squishing the water balloon under her chin, resulting in…yeah, that’s the whole point. But she was already drenched so it probably doesn’t matter.


After the game, the rest of my water balloons disappeared within 5 minutes as the kids just all grabbed a handful and bombarded each other as kids do. Fast forward a bit and I eventually got dunked, twice even, because I let my guard down and Calvin took the initiative to go against his leader. Whatever. As much as I wanted to retaliate, I can see now that there was no point and that me getting dunked was for their amusement; that’s fair, if they have fun then I’ve served my purpose haha!


Everyone was exhausted after that so there wasn’t much commotion afterwards, ever since the water balloon stock ran out and we were like down to 2 or 3 of them. We started playing on the swings, obviously we were all too old for them, but even at our weight we still couldn’t break it. I know that I can go high enough such that I’d actually free fall for a bit. Think about it, if you swing up real high, then the horizontal distance of the swing from the bar above becomes less, after you pass the 90-degree point. At which you will actually fall down because of gravity. That’s how high I would dare to go. Andre was behind pushing me and I swear several times he threatened to push me off; I hadn’t planned a safety fall at the time and am glad that I didn’t fall off.


The barbeque was fun; too wild but fun nonetheless. And this being my fourth post for today, in order to catch up, will therefore end abruptly without reason except that I am getting tired from spam blogging so much today. As for me now, I have to research on a camera to buy with my “hard-earned” receptionist money, in time for NTE and my birthday!


One thought on “SMAC End of Year BBQ

  1. Buy the same camera as me! :DDD

    BBQ was fun; we were smart and stayed out of harms way :P.

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