CommQuip ‘09

Ever since uni ended this semester, us Commerce Christian haven’t really had any major events, apart from the that social last week at Steph’s house. And so comes the annual CommQuip to review what we learnt and done over the year, to better equip us for next year and to farewell and greet our leaders. Not everyone managed to get to uni on time; there was some block in the Harbour Bridge tunnel or something and that kept our music team from getting here for singspiration.


So we started at about 10:30am instead. Josh gave us a talk about standing firm, from a 2 Timothy passage and then we moved into reflecting about the things that have happened over the year. It’s a shame that I wasn’t there for part of it; Cynthia asked me to be part of a one question interview. She called me like the day before, during “the Connect” and I guess over the next 12 hours or so after that, I hadn’t really prepared anything. So I just gave an impromptu perspective of how things have changed for me over the year and such. Oh well. Sarah also gave a short speech on how she’s been serving with CBS. It’s encouraging to see other people get devoted into ministry and stuff. Hopefully I’ll have more time next year for that.


Highlight of the day was the amazing race which Jono Tam thoughtfully prepared for us. It was a pretty long race which extended to around 5pm. We started off with a small puzzle challenge, some newspaper vocabulary puzzles which stumped a lot of people. We came out second in that, about 15 minutes behind the first team; it was a good start. It was just a few “target” puzzles where we simply had to find the the 9-letter word, and then an algebra addition question, where the letters stand for a number, stuff like that,


After that the race took us from riding those two-wheeled skateboards, to finding some secret med building on campus we’ve never seen before, and then all the way to Coogee Beach, where we had to go to Woolworths to find item prices. Perhaps the most challenging part of the race was the swimming leg. In fact the teams were divided, with the swimmers as the captains, mainly because there weren’t enough swimmers, or people who brought swimmers. I was one of the few, but by the time we got to the swimming leg, I was completely exhausted, from running and such. And Jono cruelly made us swim back and forth in one of the rock pools at the beach. I swear I haven’t touched such cold water in a long time. I’m no good at swimming in the ocean. So I struggled to get 6 laps done, Paul helped me do the other four.


We had a few slip ups along the way. In fact it was just finding that stupid med building which made us lose our 2nd place, and so we ended up 4th, out of 7 teams; oh well. The race was heaps of fun, and fairly encouraging and such. The night went on and we had dinner, which was brought to us in huge metal bowls from the kitchen of some Chinese restaurant along Anzac Parade. At this time, people who were working today showed up, like the infamous Charlie Chen haha, and the other infamous Charlie Chen.


Our night session was filled with speeches to the people who were leaving us, ie graduating and such, given by the people who did one-to-one ministry with them. I wonder if I should do something like that, whether I’d have the time and the knowledge and effort for that. But yeah everyone gave their speeches, the retirees gave theirs too. There was one point where Seb came up and wrote “Gower Chung” on the board and then gave his speech in an acrostic poem format. But then Josef came up after that, subliminally read what Seb wrote on the board, and goes: “Well I think we’re all going to miss Gower…” although he wasn’t giving a speech on Gower. It was just priceless, that moment.


Further on into the night we introduced our new MTS’ who will helping with the Commerce faculty next year. Hope they do a good job. We made them sing karaoke and read out Accounting pick-up lines. Bother videos can be found on my Facebook page. Those were pretty funny. And yeah the night just slowly faded into packing up and working out car pooling. For one reason or another, Charlie got left out, but somehow at the last minute I think something was arranged, haha. Brandon drove pretty wildly on the way home, kept making Nat and Bec scream.


So that was CommQuip, it was pretty fun and encouraging at the same time. It really did wipe all the energy from me. Muscles ached the next day, darn that swimming.


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