MLM Buffet

On Sunday night we went out to Shangrila, or however you spell that hotel, to have a buffet dinner. I don’t think there was any special occasion to have a buffet; we probably just went for fun. So we all met up at Yvonne’s place beforehand, and then carpooled our way to the city.


In short, the food was rather nice; the only thing that was hard to stomach was the choking price of $35 per person, but that was only for the first 10 people; we had 15, so 5 had to pay the full price of $68?! Most definitely not worth the variety of food that they had. And I’m sure it would’ve been very difficult to eat up that value in food. It was hard enough doing that at Andy’s sushi buffet dinner party.


I’m still trying to work out a good strategy to maximise the amount of food one can eat throughout the night; to maximise the amount value to compensate the sunk cost of the buffet. Of course that’s just Asian thinking really; but you feel a lot of fail when you get full quickly and can’t eat enough to increase the value. I’ve worked out that, like a marathon, you can’t rush it all and hope to achieve the most from that; it won’t work. It’s got to be patient and slow eating, such that digestion helps generate more room in your stomach, and you also won’t “feel” full as much either.


But that’s just my two cents. There was some okay seafood: prawns, crabs and oysters. The prawns and crabs weren’t that great, the meat wasn’t very tasty; but the oysters were pretty good. There was sushi, potato salad. That was the cold food. Hot food included some weird Indian rice, vegetables, more crab, sirloin beef (which wasn’t that great either) and various other Asian-like meat dishes, and some curry. There wasn’t much variety unfortunately and it didn’t take long before managing to try every single dish being offered.


Dessert was heaps better; there was so much variety there; lots of chocolate, dark chocolate mousse, black forest cake, lemon-mango stuff, more chocolate, and fondue. Damn what type of stupid spelling is “fondue”, had spell check verify this for me. Guess I take back my scoff at Nat when she spelled it this way; I seriously would’ve thought just “du” rather than “due”. But anyway that was about the food there was. The chocolate fountain was pretty awesome, sort of.


Highlights of the night included camera battles between Jason Yap and Marrilyn, who each brought their professional cameras. Well I’m so sorry that I only intend to buy a cheap camera; I guess it won’t suit as a photographer for media and such, but oh well, I’ll just have to make do with it, once I actually buy the camera that is. Other than that, our main entertainment was supplied by Nat (as usual); who as expected was just *palm face* or *giggle* throughout the entire night. First with her enthusiasm and trouble at cracking the shell of the crabs, with just a fork, up until being a complete hog with the fondue; always going back for more strawberries. She had at least 10 strawberries, over 6 sticks, all covered in chocolate, etc. She just wouldn’t stop, and didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so. *palm face*


There was also fireworks at about 9pm, we had a pretty good view of them. They were probably for Australian Idol right? Doesn’t matter who wins; they’re both losers in the end, ever since the second season when they let Casey Donovan win because she shook…Bob Carr’s hand? That premier guy yeah? They were short and rather ordinary I guess. And just randomly adding, there was this Chinese guy on the table next to us who just spammed oysters, he grabbed like a dozen of them in one go; and he kept going back to grab that many. That was just uber greedy of him, uber Asian of him really. But people from our group eventually; not for themselves but to share with everyone else. I had 7 the entire night; grabbed 4 the first and second time, donated one to Nat.


After all the food, I was at my “regular” critical level again; but not as bad as last time, there wasn’t ice cream to end it all. But I was still rather sensitive to sudden movements and yeah it was a bit hard to walk and stuff. We all went back to Yvonne’s place where we watched Transformers, more shenanigans from Nat with her slightly immature and fake cheers for “Optimus Prime” and the “Decepticons” zzzz. We left at about midnight; didn’t finish the movie and just for the record, I still have not seen the entire movie in one sitting yet. No my money!!!


One thought on “MLM Buffet

  1. The place sounds familiar, I think I’ve been there before? Well, I’ve seen a chocolate fountain at a buffet :P. If there was heaps of dessert to accompany it, then yes, I’ve been there. I swear I blogged about it somewhere on my old blog…but then again, you don’t need to know.

    Le sigh. You guys got to have fun and all while I was sitting at home cramming and then trying to sleep in the stupid heat. Life just isn’t fair.

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