Kelvin’s B’day Party ‘09

Without hesitation, Kevin set his party this year to be karaoke; nearly no surprises there. And he added a big guest list to top things off. Venue of choice: Big Echo. The only small twist he initiated was to K for an over-the-top duration of 6 hours, cut down initially from…8 hours was it? It wasn’t an idea that most of us supported but I guess it’s hard for us to say “no” at the same time.


Some of us met earlier on Thursday to have lunch at a “seedy” place that “only Eric and Diana” knew. Turns out this place was simply Ramen-Kan, lolx? It’s far from seedy, it’s a good place; obviously because I’ve eaten there on several occasions already. We had 45 minutes to eat, that’s probably enough time to properly savour the ramen and such. It must be savoured haha, otherwise you aren’t going to appreciate the wonders of ramen haha!


Kelvin power-walked us to Big Echo in time to meet up with more people. And the initial 20 or so of us went in. Kelvin was trying to secure for us a $12 for 6 hours deal; though he did explicitly say in the beginning that this might not be possible. I’m not sure how confident he was at the beginning of securing this deal but eventually as the date neared, he was less and less confident. And ultimately we came to the worst case scenario (there were only two really) and were left to pay $12 for the normal 3 hours.


41 guests were invited in total; I didn’t count to see how many came. Most of them were from high school, others from uni. And since we were all Asians (nearly), we all pretty much knew each other. Not much to describe in K; it’s probably just the regulars like all other times. Brandon picked all our songs; no-one really had any preference for certain songs but funnily enough everyone was against certain songs. We had to skip a huge bunch of songs which Brandon queued up; some of them were okay but a majority of people weren’t so fond of them.


As for me, I was just looking for new songs; they finally have “again” by YUI, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening. It’s not that great a song but since it is relatively new, and popular, it is worth singing; not that I got a chance to; stupid non-fobs T.T” And then of course there was “Gee’”; keep my mouth shut on that for now. No Big Bang songs, rather disappointed; don’t really know the lyrics anyway so there wasn’t really any point. A few people were reluctant to sing…why would you when you paid money to come in? Jess, Viv, Sophia and Joseph. Well Joseph I guess we know by now; but at least it is possible to force him to sing. Had to be more gentle with the other gusts (obviously) but we weren’t able to pressure them enough to sing.


Kelvin had a competition later on in the afternoon, after the first 3 hours, just to spice the occasion up; but I didn’t stay long enough for that, sorry man. I opted to catch the train to our CBS social at the same time that Charlie, Mandy, Jess and Jono were leaving. Only Brandon would then be left. Other reason was that I would be forced to pay another $12 which I was reluctant from doing, since I would’ve already spent $11.80 for lunch (which I still owe Kelvin at the moment), $15 for his present, $12 for the first 3 hours of karaoke, and then later $15 for BBQ at Steph Chung’s place. That’s already a lot of money gone, without having spent another $12 for another 3 hours of karaoke. Wasn’t even sure that I’d stay the full duration anyway.


We took time out to give Kelvin his presents. There were rather amazing gifts, but to no great surprise from the amount of funds we actually had for it haha! But yep, I’m he’ll be heaps happier with those gifts. May he continue good memories of all his friends in the years to come. Happy belated birthday Kelvin!


One thought on “Kelvin’s B’day Party ‘09

  1. Haha it seems we are both suckers for k-pop nows xDDD 6 hours isn’t that long actually…

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