CBS Commerce BBQ Night

As a continuation of events from Thursday afternoon, we left Kelvin’s party halfway through (I guess) to make it all the way over to Lindfield, to Steph Chung’s house, where she was happily opening her place to us for a BBQ dinner. We accompanied Eric all the way to Chatswood and then changed trains to Lindfield. The social was meant to start at 5pm but by the time we got there, not everyone had arrived. Most certainly Ronnie hadn’t (not that he ever does haha!)


Steph’s dog, Coby, is rather cute, and funny. I rang Steph’s doorbell and her dog went full crazy barking and such. For the people that were there, we helped set up the rest of the things for the evening. Most of the girls, Jess, Mandy, Angelina, helped with food preparation (as they should!), while Bec, Chalrie, Jono and Chloe helped make water balloons. Bec and Chloe were completely new to these instruments of mayhem and had heaps of trouble, and failures at filling up water balloons; not to mention they were crammed into like a small toilet with only one small tap, the other one had hot water, which is instant “gg” for filling water balloons.


The rest of us helped around a bit, but talked mostly. More people arrived and eventually we helped set up the small barbeque thingy, lighting it up, and moving tables and chairs. After a while we went over to the pool to muck around. Didn’t bring any swimmers, didn’t recall seeing the word “pool” in the Facebook message that we got but I’ve gone into a pool with just the clothes on my back before. It’s not very comfortable afterwards T.T” Some of the girls went in, while our water balloon team returned with just one bucketful of them. Then we realized there was a hose outdoor, which was so much easier to use to fill up more balloons T.T” waste of effort.


The girls took advantage of the balloons we made and started chucking them at us. Being Asian, me, Jono and Charlie sought to not only avoid getting wet, but rather to catch the balloons, to conserve the total stockpile we made, and then return fire. We, the guys, were more accurate in throwing but the girls were a bit more tactical. Eventually they all went into the pool and fired from there, but then there was no point in throwing them back because they were already wet, which just defeats the purpose. Primary targets at times were Charlie, Andy and Ronnie. Although was smart enough to stay at a safe distance, Charlie was happy to stand and tank any barrage, while Andy walked around carefree and got hit a couple of times haha!


We eventually moved the barbeque back behind the house next to the pool because the sky threatened to pour, though it didn’t. This provided a safe zone for us, just huddle around the fire since it was clearly off limits to water bombardment. Things started getting a bit more dangerous, with point-blank shots, them throwing at a close distance, us running up and just dunking the balloons on their heads; and even capitalizing on the hose and just spraying them with it. Of course we had access to the tap directly so we mucked around with it whenever they were trying to use it.


Eventually we moved onto bigger weapons of damage, such as filling up a large bucket with water; looked just like what happened at our year 12 picnic last year. At the end Andy capitalised on it and dunked Steph with it after she came out of the pool and dried herself up; cruel. Although the water was really meant for Ronnie, perhaps to make up for our failed attempt at karaoke last time.


Afterwards we began cooking dinner on that small barbeque we lit earlier. Everyone grabbed a pitch-fork tong thingy and skewered some hot pot food on it, then roasted them over the coal flames. There was a bit of pushing and shoving since the surface was little and there were quite a number of people trying to sit around it. It became tedious and slow to cook our food over such a small flame so some people changed and just ate food that was already cooked. Others preferred to camp around and just chat and stuff while waiting. Most of our conversations around the barbeque were centered along making Chinese jokes, and mucking around between Cantonese and Mandarin, huh?


Later that night, after like two more hours of cooking, most people parked themselves in front of the TV to watch those Thursday night programs; they’re sort of funny, and random. Don’t really know why I never had time to watch shows like “Beauty and the Geek”, etc. Oh well. And even later during the night we moved over to play Mahjong, because we didn’t want to watch Australian TV. And there Ronnie came and brought his “trash talk” to the table. Just like at MYC it was just playfully dissing everyone else in Chinese, but keeping it as friendly as possible (or as one wishes). Highlight of the night was Yeno? who said he didn’t really know how to play. Andy had just asked what was the minimum farn (which we always keep at 3), and immediately after that Yeno adds a chow of a suit different to a pung he already had, ie chicken hand. And we were like: “What did we just say?"!” He’s like “yeah I don’t know how to play”. We told him he could still win although it’d be heaps harder. Later on the game he draws and goes “so I can’t finish right?” He reveals his hand, it was completely, and to our amazement he had this:


Pung of East Wind (1 farn for being East, 1 farn for East round)
Self draw


Instant 3 farn, what the hell?! The rest of us got so mad at him, chicken hand and he still won with something as lame as that oh mi gosh! Ronnie counted as 4 farn, being generous enough to count chicken hands as 1 farn; I personally think you don’t deserve even 1 farn for finishing. But anyway yeah that was a really shocking round. Another game Ronnie had 12 completed tiles like after his 5th go so it was a really dangerous game after that. He already had his 3 farn and could’ve finished with any set of eyes. He did say repeatedly that he was being greedy; but I was cautious nonetheless. Eventually I was fortunate enough to catch up; I was aiming for 2 pungs of dragons plus mini-flush for a 5 farn hand. I was waiting on the White Dragon which I swore I would never discard, for fear Ronnie needed it. I was right, and at the very end when it was a stalemate me and Ronnie revealed to see that we were both holding the same thing. And Yeno opens his hand to show us the other 2. Poor Ronnie for sitting there the entire game waiting for that one tile, but I was close too, not to winning, but to actually paying up.


It was about 11pm by then, and everyone got together to play Taboo; first years against second years. Well it was really first years versus anyone older; that’s how many of us there are in CBS Commerce. It was good playing with 20+ people, a nice fun game. A nice loud game rather; I hope we didn’t wake Steph’s parents up and such. Cody the dog was wandering around our circle as we were playing. Funny though because Cody stayed completely away from Bec the entire night, even though she was trying so hard to be nice to the dog and such. Cody just wouldn’t go near her which was rather funny. Even at one point where someone made a good play, I don’t know, whether it was from a guess of a description, we all started clapping and I guess that noise must’ve freaked Cody who started barking madly at that point, awww. Just as a random fact that I was told tonight, last time when Nat actually came to Steph’s house (I wasn’t there which was why I was only told tonight), she made Cody pee, somehow…which is just…yeah…


We played two rounds of Taboo, the older people won, only by 2 points the first time, and 1 the second. We weren’t that far behind, whatever! We left at like 12:30am, Brandon drove me, Jess, Jono, Bec and Cherie home; a rather long drive, going through backstreets to get us all home safely; good on you Brandon! And I guess next up is Commquip next Tuesday; a swimming leg of the race they’re going to have…oh dearz…


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