MLM Guy’s Night In

Well last Tuesday (12th November) we took a break from our regular Bible studies and had a night in at Ken’s place. I say “guy’s night in” because in the end only guys turned up…and Nat. It was pretty “lol” for her, being the only girl there. Anyway we had dinner first. Ken made Japanese beef curry, which was pretty good; managed to feed a number of mouths. I would’ve liked to eat his turtle haha, nah just kidding; can’t remember the last time I saw a live turtle up close, nor a dead one in case anyone was wondering.


Afterwards we simply gamed the night away. I brought my Wii and so some people were playing Wii sports. The rest of us played Mahjong. Highlights/clowns of the night include Nat (as per usual) and Billy. Nat and her funny Mahjong antics, and Billy and his overly competitive nature, in all the Wii sports: tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing. Would be funny to see how he would’ve gone at golf. Some of the videos can be found on my facebook.


As the night went on, most people left; only me, Jacky, Nat and Ken (cos it’s his place obviously) stayed and played Brawl till midnight. More “lawl”s there. I haven’t played Brawl in ages, still pretty rusty, don’t know why I got bored of the game at home; can’t even beat level 9 CPUs yet; oh well. I still need to finish Fire Emblem.


Hmm I thought I could blog more about the night; it was long, it was fun, it was random; and perhaps too many funny moments which you can’t really put into words. But yeah maybe they’ll be more of this in the holidays since there isn’t anything better to do now.


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