Summer Job

I didn’t really plan to get a job this summer, but somehow something did come to fill in the void that is the summer break for this year. Part of me is glad that I have a source of income, sort of. The other part of me wishes I could just relax and play games all day; though my parents probably like that much.


Anyway, got a call on Tuesday to say that I was being offered casual work as a receptionist for a real estate company. I won’t say who exactly, or where, for fear that someone will trip me up haha. Oh but I don’t know, it might be boring without some fun but then again who knows. Anyway, to make things more rushed, they asked me to start working this Saturday and that I needed to have my orientation within the next few days.


So sure enough, the next day I popped down to their office in Wahroonga, they wanted me to work there on Saturday. Met up with the normal receptionist there and had her go through the tasks that I needed to do. Stuff included answering the phone, taking messages and redirecting calls to certain agents, printing stuff and making sure that the brochures and pamphlets were always stocked and such. I guess with so many tasks I would be kept busy during my 8-hour shift; yes from 9am to 5pm, a long day. Bad thing is that I don’t get a lunch break, I’m not really allowed to leave the office at all, especially if I’m the only one there, on account of the other agents being at open houses and such.


Biggest fear at the moment is the phone calls, I don’t really have much of a clue as to what sort of requests I’d be getting, whether it’s simply just transferring the call or leaving a message for someone else, or some other thing which I won’t know how to respond. I might get a question such as “Is [this] house open today?” In which I can quickly look at the website and the “open houses’” list to answer the question. But if it’s something I’m entirely new to then I fear trouble will ensure. Oh well they say Saturday is a really quiet day and perhaps it might be even more boring than I anticipate, maybe I won’t get many calls and I can just Facebook the entire day haha!


Anyway after that orientation, someone from the Thornleigh office called up (to their office, while I was there), telling them to tell me to go back down to the Thornleigh office for yet another orientation. So after lunch I made my way back down there, and found that I am to work there this Saturday instead; excellent, a much easier place to get to. luckily this office was more “noob-friendly” and the receptionist there had a notebook which had instructions written down telling me what to do and how to do them; hopefully they’ll be enough. Same hours as usual. Getting there early will be a pain, leaving late will be a pain. But other than that I’m fairly excited and scared at the same time about work tomorrow. Have no idea what will happen, probably just have to take whatever comes my way. At least the other staff are really friendly, they’re not serious at all unless they’re talking to a client, I like that atmosphere.


The pay is $150 for the entire day, that equates to $18.75 per hour, including that supposed lunch break hour which I don’t get. Still have to sort a few things out with the bank, get my TFN form filled in and other tid-bits. It’s just casual employment, they just need someone for the weekends during the holidays, so I doubt I’ll have to work every Saturday which is good. Oh well, let’s see how tomorrow goes then…


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