Semester 2 Exam 4: MATH125

Last one. Wednesday was really rough for me, stressing heaps hard for this one final exam which I hadn’t much for prior to Wednesday. I tried to get as much done on that one day; probably the most I’ve ever studied, including the HSC. Maybe this was because it was the first time I had to “cram”. Usually my study patterns were nice and consistent, there has never been a day in the past where I studied for the whole day; at most half the day.


I was lucky to even be awake and alert for the exam. Luckily most of the past papers were 3 hours long, I was getting really tired of that. Our paper today was only 2 hours. They recently changed the course structure so that the exams were shorter and it’s simply much easier for us. 4 Questions: 2 on calculus and 2 on algebra, a fair balance. I had most of the questions done with 30 minutes to go back onto the ones I missed; I was in relatively good shape. I felt good afterwards too, up until I started to Yitian and other people. I think I’ll still do well. More of my satisfaction came from the fact that I didn’t have the do any more uni work until next year; which means I couldn’t really care much about how I went haha. I’ll find out at the end of the year when the marks come out. But hopefully things turned out okay.


Saw Sophia (with a bunch of guys) at Central station; they were just standing there aimlessly, they couldn’t decide between going to eat or going home. Their loitering kept them from catching the train, so we just left without them. There was more Cityrail fail this afternoon again! The express didn’t leave Central until like 15 minutes after it was meant to leave. Some crap about a door not closing or something; geez. As such the train arrived much later at Epping and yeah it just simply slowed everything down. Far out, a lot of hate goes out towards Cityrail right now. Hopefully these holidays will be kind enough such that I won’t have to rely on their unreliable service haha!


One thought on “Semester 2 Exam 4: MATH125

  1. Yes, hurry up and get your P’s!

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